Star Stuff: Sun in Aquarius

Today the Sun changes costumes, flinging off Capricorn’s grey cashmere sweater and slipping into a batik caftan and denim overalls in honor of Aquarius season. (And maybe topping it off with a mad scientist’s lab coat…) El Sol will beam through the Water Bearer’s zone until February 19, bringing out the adorable oddballs in us all. Quirky, eccentric and innovative is the new normal now so break out those freak flags and fly them high!


When the Sun moves into the mentally active and social sign of Aquarius, it’s time to come back out and reconnect with the world. We’ve been buckling down to work the past month with the Sun in antisocial Capricorn, but now is the time for making new friends and sharing bright ideas.

With Sun in Aquarius, it’s time to think outside the box and break away from outworn rules.  Humanitarian efforts are encouraged. You and everyone else is operating in a less individual way during this late winter time frame and participates more fully in a mode of group mind. The realization is dawning with greater forcefulness that we could easily pull apart at the seams as a society if we don’t pull together.,

Aquarius governs community, technology and humanitarian ventures. Work collaboratively to make the world a better place—both online and in real time. If you have computer equipment and digital devices to upgrade, start shopping around. Just heed the warning label: Mercury will be in a signal-scrambling retrograde until January 25 (NEXT Monday) so it’s wise to wait until then to bring those techie toys home.

For the next four weeks, we have advancement and progress in our hearts.

We want to get off the beaten path, leaving behind old and outdated ways of thinking and doing, throwing off personal and social conditioning – those restrictions, limitations and inhibitions that may once have felt safe, but now feel constraining.

Our idealism runs strong, but we can have some fixed ideas about how we want to accomplish these ideals – although we are open to new ideas in theory, in practice we may actually be quite stubborn. Finally, we are also definitely more aware of the impact each individual has on the whole of society.

Here’s how to make the most of life during Sun in Aquarius:

What to do: Fight for the underdog! Humanitarian Aquarius is ruled by rebel planet Uranus, so when the Sun is in Aquarius we are encouraged to rebel against social injustices and help fight for the rights of those less fortunate. Use your great big heart, problem-solving ideas and effective communication skills to help someone now!

What to say: The question is what NOT to say. Aquarius loves to think and talk, and quite often you can’t get them to shut up once they start. Enjoy all the stimulating conversations you’ll have during this time, but be aware of talking to the point of exhausting your audience.

Where to go: Space! OK, well, if you can’t hop a rocket to the cosmos while the Sun is in Aquarius, you can at least go somewhere else high-tech — even if it’s just that futuristic gadget store at the mall. Whatever you do, keep it quirky — is there a Stars Wars convention in town?

What to wear: Aquarius is all about expressing their originality, so use this time to do the same. Put streaks in your hair or wear something wild — it’ll be just another conversation starter.

What to buy: Books and gadgets. Aquarians are knowledge seekers, inventors and intellectual explorers. If you’ve been wanting to study up on something complex —  like the space-time continuum or the meaning of life — do it now by the light of the inquisitive Aquarian Sun.

What to watch out for: Being a smarty pants! Over time, intellectual Aquarians acquire a very large knowledge base, but it can also result in an unattractive know-it-all-attitude. We’re all full of brilliant ideas while the Sun is in Aquarius, so be sure to listen to others’ ideas, too!

What to look forward to: Making new friends and having a good time. Aquarians are very social and tend to belong on teams and in groups where they can enjoy spending time with friends. Take advantage of this Aquarian energy to enlarge your social circle now!


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