Full Moon in Leo: 1/23/16


LEO Full Moon, you crown us with the deepest truth we can acquire. You call to us to own our Queendom or Kingdom and take reign of our interior realms.

From Kelly Rosano:

“Mercury will couple with Pluto at the time of the Full Moon and on January 29. This energy is intense and penetrating. Watch out for mental obsession. Worry is focusing on what you do not want. Wherever your mind goes energy follows. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not…

The waters could get rough… It could be challenging at times. Some people may be aggressive. Take good care of you. Mars is the planet of action and desire. He is in Scorpio. Mars is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) …Watch out for losing your temper. Conversations can erupt into disagreements. This energy can make you irritable.

Channel your energy into physical activity. If you notice your anger rising, count to ten. This is temporary. The Moon harmonizes with Saturn later that day and then Uranus.

Do something new and creative. Build up your strength. Practice patience. Meditate.”


From the AstroTwins:

There’s a full moon in Leo on Saturday, turning the passion pot up to a rolling boil. Although Venus in Capricorn can bring a modicum of modesty, this lunation leaves a lot hanging out. If you’ve got #LoveGoals, let them be known! There’s no sense in playing coy when the full moon in Leo is lingering overhead. And yes, there will be drama. With every emotion heightened to a fever pitch, we’ll have to keep the soap opera tendencies down to a respectable level. Feelings could easily be confused with facts this weekend, and no one will be in the mood to back down from his or her righteous stance.

It doesn’t help matters much that Mercury is in retrograde for its final full week. Steer clear of hot-button topics unless you can address them from an open-minded, solution-oriented perspective. Life could feel like a nonstop talent show under this full moon. Heck, take it to Cirque du Soleil extremes if you so desire! Untamed self-expression is fully sanctioned this weekend. Err on the side of TMI rather than receding into the wallpaper. Turn Saturday night into a costume party and have fun with fashion. People may point and stare, but that’s half the joy of being a trendsetter. Ready to be royal? If that rightful place on the throne has been earned, step up and wear the crown.


From Divine Harmony:

“With Retrograde Mercury involved in all of this- deep and intense communications are in the works. It’s also a great time for deep penetrating insight into our past– childhood, past lives, depths of the psyche, etc…

Of course power/control dynamics can arise with this formation as well- as can violence and overt or covert manipulation. We all have to be willing to look beyond the surface to get to the Truth of matters– within and without- right now.

This all ties into the Full Moon in Leo as the T-square is a major feature in the chart- even if it does not aspect the Full Moon.

Combining this T-square with the Full Moon T-square with the Sun and Mars- and we have a feisty, fiery lunation bringing Light to all that is not being looked in in pretty significant ways.

Of course to really do this we have to be willing to see what we don’t want to see about ourselves, others and the world around us…

To question these things we have to be willing to pull up the foundation upon which we have built certain aspects of our lives- which is not a ‘fun’ experience (and which is the main reason why many people avoid going to therapy- as they are afraid to discover what they have been repressing and they are afraid of turning their lives upside down).

Yet the only way forward is to first deal with the past.  And the astrology right now is all about digging up the past (personally and collectively) so we can deal with it, take responsibility for it and change the trajectory we are on.”




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