Fox Medicine

While stranded in a Chicago area hotel due to snow this week, I looked out my window quickly as I passed by and was thrilled to see a fox trotting around in the snow outside my window.  A minute later, a second larger fox joined it and they slowly made their way out of view.  We were in a suburban area with a lot of warehouse space, and I didn’t see forest around.  It felt magical, and I immediately sensed they came to me for a reason.

I also recalled that the one time I did an animal guide meditation, it was fox I saw there.  At the time, I did not feel sure if it was fox or a mix of fox/coyote, and it still may have been both.

At any rate, I looked into fox medicine to see what the Universe was trying to let me know.  I was surprised (or not?) to see how many things I have in common with fox.  What I learned…


“Fox medicine involves adaptability, cunning, observation, integration, and swiftness of thought and action. These traits may also include quick decisiveness, and sure-footedness in the physical world.

The Fox’s ability to meld into one’s surroundings and be unnoticed is a powerful gift when one is observing the activities of others. This allows it to be the protector of the family unit. If danger arises, Fox is johnny-on-the-spot. Great Spirit has honored Fox with the duty of keeping the family together and safe. Fox accomplishes this through the ability to observe undetected, without making others self-conscious. Fox is always concerned with the safety of family members and is an excellent talisman for those who travel.

If Fox has chosen to share its medicine with you, it is a sign that you are to become like the wind, which is unseen yet is about to weave into and through any location or situation. You would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time. Use your cunning nature in a positive way; keep silent about who and what and why you are observing.

The fox also has a highly developed sense of smell, and you may be very aware of smells, odors, and their subtle differences. Aroma therapy would be a beneficial study for anyone with fox medicine. You are also alert to unpleasant situations and/or danger because something just “doesn’t smell right”. The study of aromatherapy may be just the thing for you.

Sexually the sense of smell is one of their strongest stimulants which has a big impact on the intensity of arousal for people with fox medicine. Sexual energy is part of the kundalini energy force within our bodies and is our most creative energy. An individual to whom fox comes has a great capacity for sexual expression.

With Fox medicine you know instantly what will happen next. After observing for a while, you will become aware of a certain predictability in given situations and be able to quickly make your move. Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through its understanding of camouflage.

Fox has long been thought of as a nuisance to farmers however the fox is actually a great asset to farmers as the fox consumes a great number of bugs and especially mice and other rodents. Foxes are mostly carnivores (meat-eaters). Most foxes hunt alone. They are nocturnal; they hunt mostly at night. Fox eats small amounts frequently throughout the day which is significant for those with fox as a totem.

The fox has knowledge of underground things hidden from human eyes, and this is shared with the dreamer, telling the dreamer of roots and herbs that are healing and curing; fox shares the powers of swiftness and cleverness as well as gentleness. In this gentleness, there is strength and courage, as indicated by one of the songs of the Fox Society; “I am a Fox. I am supposed to die. If there is anything difficult, if there is anything dangerous, that is mine to do.”

Fox is considered to be persistent, yet is gentler and less aggressive than the wolf. Fox teaches us about feminine magic, but this does not imply that it is a totem for women. Rather, both men and women who have the fox as a totem are being told to stay in touch with the feminine side of their personality and character.

If fox shows up in your life it is a sign that you are to be aware of the actions of the world around you. The world is shape shifting and growing into new patterns all the time. Use the art of camouflage and keep cunningly silent about who and what you are observing. After observing for a while you will become aware of certain patterns of predictability in situations and you will know what to do. Fox’s medicine of camouflage teaches Oneness with all.”

Fox Symbolism

The symbolic meanings associated with the fox are:

  • Physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness
  • Cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning
  • Ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky situations
  • Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

Fox spirit animals and responsiveness

When the fox appears in you life as spirit animal, it encourages action and quick, swift moves. You may be called to take action in a way that shows your adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles and resistance.

Being inspired by a fox totem, you can work at developing the sharpness of your mental skills: Analytical intelligence, power of deduction, observation can come into play more powerfully in how you deal with daily matters or bigger projects.

The spirit of the fox may also imply that you are sharpening your physical alertness and responsiveness.

“Fox is the keeper of the power of invisibility and camouflage, of knowing how to move between the light and the dark, from this world to other realms of existence. Its ability to remain in plain sight and yet unseen, is its greatest power however: No other creature is able to blend in with its surroundings quite as well as Fox can.

Fox people I have worked with do say that they feel their best around twilight or dusk and right before daybreak. These are the in between times when the doorways to other realms are most easily opened. Many Fox people find that they can meditate most easily or receive important guidance at these times. The short time between between consciousness and sleep is also especially important to Fox people. It is during that space right before one drifts off to sleep that dreams can be most easily incubated for the Fox person or they may want to explore astral projection at that time. Many Fox people have also said that they hear their own Guides and Angels most clearly in those moments, there is a special sense of peace and comfort that the person can learn how to remain ahold of even when waking into the light of a new day through conscious intent and desire. These are also excellent times for the Fox person to connect with their own personal Fox totem, to ask for its assistance in any area of life.

Fox people often have very thick hair and Hair acts as an antenna for psychic and intuitive information. I have known a number of Fox people who prefer to wear their hair very long, both as a shield to hide behind when needed and because they feel it does indeed help them to connect with the unseen realms. It is important that Fox people, no matter whether they wear their hair long or short, to take especially good care of their hair. When feeling clouded or confused, give your hair an extra wash or at least rinse it in cool water and allow to air dry. This can help to clear any murkiness out of your energy field so that clear communications with your Guides may be resumed. Caring for your hair symbolizes caring for your connections with the higher realms as well. For those Fox people who feel they do not have an intuitive bone in their body, wearing their hair a bit longer than it is now, if short, can help open up those connections with the unseen. Believe it or not, for those with longer hair a trim can work wonders as it reflects ridding one’s self of frayed or damaged connections, much like one might repair a damaged cable. Eating foods that help to insure healthy hair and scalp will also benefit Fox people health wise overall. Often Fox people need larger amounts of B vitamins and folic acid, yet also use common sense when adding any supplement to one’s diet! Large intakes of any supplement can do more harm than good, so start off by eating more foods rich in these nutrients, monitor what changes occur and then if needed, add a good B complex supplement. Calcium also seems to be high on the list of requirements for Fox people as well.

For many Fox people, it is helpful for them to study the placement of Neptune by sign, house and aspect in their natal charts. Many Fox people have Neptune prominent in their charts, especially rising and further study of Neptune can give the Fox person greater understanding as to their mission and purpose in life though the entire chart, as always, must also be taken into consideration. Fox people may also find that this triggers an even greater enhancement of their own intuitive and psychic abilities, as well as learning how to properly harness that energy. ”



the astrotwins on this week…


week starting 2/21/16

It’s cleanup time! And we’re talking literally here, like when the kindergarten teacher sings that “put your toys away” ditty. This Monday, February 22 the full moon in neat freak Virgo blows the whistle on our sloppy habits. Full moons complete a six-month cycle begun by the corresponding NEW moon. Since this one wraps up a September 13 solar eclipse, it will be especially motivating. And maybe downright obsessive-compulsive in moments. Ah, well. Virgo is a sign that lives for structure, order and routine! And with these moonbeams overhead we’ll happily and furiously start picking up after ourselves. But don’t get it twisted: A Virgo full moon is hardly boring. It’s more like a serenity prayer—it works if you work it. Don the proverbial rubber gloves and go at those messy areas of life. Think of how much easier you’ll breathe when you’ve decluttered your desk, annihilated the dust bunnies, paid all your bills and cleaned out your Inbox. Right? Since Virgo is the analyst, follow the prompt and get your taxes done early. Crunching numbers into a realistic budget can also bring peace of mind. As the saying goes, as without, so within.

There’s another house to get in order under this full moon: your body (AKA your soul’s address here on Earth). Put down the digital devices and tune in to your systems. As you scan yourself from head to toe, where are you feeling achy, tight or out of alignment? Earth sign Virgo loves natural healing and healthy digestion, so before you pop an Advil for that headache, reach for an 8oz glass of fresh water. Flood your body with tons of fresh H2O all week—dehydration is often the hidden culprit behind our minor pangs. A mug of warm water with lemon can help bring the body to a healthy, alkaline state. And don’t forget that eating vitamin-rich, digestible food can be a form of “medicine.” Gut health is the key to overall health, as it governs your mental health and a strong immune system. We love this informative piece ( by Virgo wellness warrior Kris Carr. Popping probiotics can help your gut a ton, as well. And see what happens if you cut out the refined sugar and white flours and pump up the dark leafy greens and lean proteins.

Move your body often. If you can’t make it to the gym, what CAN you do? Get up for hourly stretches or walks around the block. More physical activity can do wonders for the sedentary desk jockeys among us! Instead of the bottomless refills at the coffeepot, try antioxidant rich matcha for your afternoon jolt ( Holistic treatments like massage and acupuncture can also realign your systems. Of course, there is a time and a place for legit MDs too, and the Virgo full moon also reminds us that early detection is the best way to nip what ails us in the bud. Get those routine checkups on the calendar if only to quell the rumblings of your inner hypochondriac.

On Sunday, February 28 the brilliant Sun makes an exact connection to ethereal Neptune—a bizarre mashup that takes place once annually. This year (and until 2026) they’ll pair up in dreamy Pisces, the sign that governs our soul urges. But the effect is a bit like shining a light into fog. For a few days on either side of Sunday, it will be hard to see anything except what’s directly in front of us. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We often spend so much time worrying about the future that we miss the richness of the present moment. Take a weekend break from future-tripping or plotting your ten-year life strategy. (A relief after Monday’s Virgo full moon!) Instead of wondering, “What am I supposed to do with my entire life?” figure out, “What would inspire me NEXT?” Turn inward for answers instead of looking for external gratification. The sixth sense (or third eye) will be especially activated with psychic Neptune being lit by the Sun. But some digging will be required, too. Journal, meditate, listen to music in the dark. The Sun-Neptune merger wants us scuba diving into the depths of our souls to find hidden treasures—and maybe do a little tidying up while we’re at it, which DOES work well in the after effects of Monday’s moonbeams. Ah, the beauty of balance.

Full Moon in Virgo…



Grandmother Moon in all her Fullness comes glowing forth on February 22nd at the axis of Virgo the Virgin and Pisces the Dreamer. She brings illumination and heralds a sweet surrender to what is, the perfection in the imperfection. A shift in perception…

From Sarah Varcas
“Occurring as Jupiter retrogrades across the solar eclipse degree from 13th September 2015, this Moon illuminates in fullness events of the past five months, their complex tapestry woven through our lives in ways that may have been hidden up to now.

Life, in all its often hectic confusion, can sometimes feel like a million individual plates we must keep spinning simultaneously or risk unbounded chaos, when in fact its disparate parts are simply many faces of the One that animates our being.

We are one life, all of us. What happens outside and around us occurs also within and through us. The notion that things happen to us and we must respond is a distorted reflection of being. Instead it is we who happen to life – in all our glory – creating the world as we go.

We may feel great resistance to the message of this Moon, for she places vast responsibility at our feet which could feel like blame if we’re not careful. Her light illuminates our role in every moment of our lives: the creative power we bring to every breath and each event.

She sees no victims, no fate, not a single moment of bad luck or good fortune, only ourselves as whirlwinds of light and dark, energy and entropy, action and reaction, movement and rest.

She reminds us we are shaped from the very stuff of stars, formed from the building blocks of the universe, born of infinity and eternity, boundless presence and sacred source.

She asks that we let go the tiny mind which traps us in me and you, good and bad, unlucky and favored, and the myriad ways we reduce the vast spectacle of infinitude into a manageable equation to quell our fear.

This is a challenging Moon, but also a comforting one. Which face we encounter will depend largely upon our focus.

If we allow our minds and hearts to be absorbed in thoughts and feelings of loss, regret, disappointment, recrimination or blame then we may struggle now, sensing that life is so far beyond our control that any effort to continue on is lost in the chaos of life out of balance.

If, however, we open our hearts to the cooling rain or warming sun, the subtle movement of the seasons who, in following their own nature remind us how to follow ours, we will find support from Mother Earth herself.

For as she hurtles through the void without hesitation or hubris she is our greatest source of strength, playing her vital role in conscious evolution whilst willing us to do the same.

Any stresses of this Moon will be greatly eased by the recollection that we are all children of the universe, born of this one, bounteous planetary mother who meets our every need. All identities and personas, alliances and oppositions melt to nothing in the face of this knowing.

This beautiful Moon reminds us that in essence and beyond it all, we are simply a force of nature like the tides and the wind, hot larva and the burning sun.

But in all things, the human instinct is to tame and control, exploit and oppress. We do this to ourselves and each other, fearing our raw power, overwhelming emotions, lust, rage, love and fear.

We objectify first, disconnecting from our collective heritage, and then judge, shape and control, be it our own feelings, other people or Mother Nature. Nothing is safe from use and abuse when we withdraw our own energy from it, perceiving it as other than ourselves.

This Virgo Full Moon urges reversal of this trend, to look first within and then without, to see how we have divided and disenfranchised so many expressions of sacred source.

These are challenging times and we must find new and innovative ways to navigate its often choppy waters. But they are also times of rebirth and renewal, deep wisdom, transformational insight and life potentised anew.

This Moon comes to remind us we are never alone, never cast out from the divine source of all things everywhere. We merely believe ourselves to be, in one mighty misperception which is rigorously challenged by the light of this Virgo Moon.”



From Kelley Rosano
Stay out of negative thinking. Instead, ask, ‘What supports my balance?’

Do not project out into the future. You are not there yet. You can scare yourself with the ‘What if’s.’ Stay present. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. Your power and effectiveness are in the now.

Virgo is the powerful and effective human being. You were born perfect. You were born from Love. Your perfection lies within your imperfection. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. You are loved. All Are One.”



From Molly Hall
“Virgo and Pisces are signs of devotion and magic, all along the spectrum from the worldly to the otherworldly.

What’s outstanding here is that at 4 degrees, the luminaries are intoxicated — and enchanted — by Neptune (in Pisces).  Neptune relates to the imagination, and to the phenomenon of breaking through our own frames of perception to something beyond.

 The dreams of Neptune, or our own authentic eternal selves, have to make it past the gatekeepers within (beliefs).

With this Full Moon, the Neptune lift and high makes it possible to see from that lofty plane.  If there’s a catharsis at the lunar peak, it could be a dissolving of beliefs that keep you from taking practical actions to change your life.

The Full Moon is in Virgo, who is often depicted as an earth goddess, and maiden of the harvest…we’re invited to manifest with sure-footedness, from a real grounded awareness.

Virgo is a sign of presence, and one that observes the smallest details. A great expansion happens now from being here now — in your body, where you are. A great renewal comes from letting go of what keeps you from settling in, and knowing the power of presence.

What strikes to the nervous system cause you to escape from being present? This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying.

You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.”

Get in the Pisces groove…


Get in the Pisces Groove

A solar eclipse in Pisces is about two weeks away. For now, with the Sun having just entered Pisces, we can get ourselves in the right space for what’s coming. Pisces is the sign of the Dreamer, the Artist, and the Mystic.  And Mystics want no outside intervention coming between themselves and a divine experience.  This month face the sky with your Mystic self.  Clear from your mind how astronomers have named the stars or astrologers have interpreted the planets.  Simply enter the night and see if there is a twinkling light—a star or planet–that catches your notice.  Settle your mind and ask:  “Do you have a message for me?”

The answer may come in words.  Or it may not.  It may come as a feeling, a sensation, a new conviction.  It may come immediately or hours later.  Your work is simply to be receptive and reverent.  Thank the sky by agreeing to bring this message into your world—through a new decision or action, a changed perspective, an inspiration you share with another.  You may even want to name your star and commune with it throughout the month.

Working this way requires a special dreamy kind of clarity.  Your conscious mind may be suspicious. It might diminish your reverence by accusing you of just pretending. The very phrase “just pretending” reveals how our culture typically views Pisces perception. As children, before we heard this phrase, we were wiser. We knew that we had this special ability. We knew how to listen to  stars, how to flow through our day like a mermaid, and how to get help from the fairies when we needed it most.  This is the month to remember all that.

Full Moon in Virgo: 2/22


This full moon provides an opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments and your disciplined commitments. If you are faced with situations that test your choices, remember to be true to yourself and to put your own self-care first.

Beware of the temptation to hold on to something that is not right just because you have put a lot of energy and time and possibly even money into it. The freedom you will have in letting go and the energy you will have to put into a new choice and commitment will far outweigh any past investment.

On February 18, the Sun entered Pisces, the final sign of the yearly zodiac cycle, and we are now rushing to a prompt Full Moon in Virgo on Monday.  Full Moon always encourages us to find balance in opposites.  Pisces holds our wide-opened, surrendered spiritual energy of total merging and unity, while Virgo brings to the light our focused, mental practicality on the physical plane.  Can you bring all the gifts of Spirit down through the body and out into the world?  Full Moon is always so expansive and bright!  Here, it’s an invitation to surrender limiting Virgo daily habits, mental loops, and criticizing judgments, and let Pisces’ gifts of imagination, intuition and relationship to the great mysterious, feminine void flow through you and reorient your perspective.  It’s been months since our last contact with the water element (November/Scorpio), and our souls are thirsty for nourishment and a dive into the intangible, emotional realms of Pisces before the rebirth of fiery Aries energy at Equinox a short month away.

Neptune and Pisces are definitely the guides of this Moon.  Expect an undertow of the lyrical, dreamy and intangible pulling you toward your inner, divine nature.  Your soul may feel a deep thirst to partake of the poetic, artistic and imaginary worlds.  Dreams are strengthened in Pisces.  What surfaces for the next month as we traverse the degrees of Pisces is our compassionate, selfless nature willing to serve.  Neptune, in its own sign Pisces, is conjunct the Sun ~ so much watery, emotional energy.  Surrender is the secret password here.  Ceres, asteroid ruler of the nourishing gifts of the Earth, is also with Neptune and the Sun accentuating our desires to live in balance with our planetary mother and to honor the rituals and cycles of birth and death, fertility and barrenness.

Virgo Full Moon is the counterbalance to Piscean emotional fluidity.  Virgo is earthy, practical and adaptable, mentally analytical and conscientiously attuned to detail.  Virgo brings modesty, devotion, skillfulness, and discriminating precision with high standards to all she manifests.  We can all use some of that in our lives.  Call on Virgo to take stock, get those lists made, desks organized, projects completed – on time, in budget, double-checked and accounted for.

Virgo rules other vital areas – our health and dietary habits especially digestion, our relationship to pets and small animals, an inclination for study.  Let this Moon help you acknowledge the needs of the body and bring to awareness self-defeating habits.

Mercury is the Virgo Moon ruler. Mercury travels with Pallas Athena both at 11º Aquarius, so the flavor is one of high frequency mental capacity for creating the new and innovative in a flash of brilliance or finding the perfect expression to reset everything from an improved perspective.  If you need an instant solution, Mercury-Athena is your ally.  They can support you in focusing your attention on creating what you want rather than focusing on what you don’t have.  Coupled with the Virgo Full Moon, you can shift the way you manage the day-to-day to support being more organized and efficient eliminating clutter and wastefulness, distractions and improving your time management.  And if your body is saying in a loud voice, ‘You need help!’ here is the boost you need to treat your vehicle with renewed love and kindness.

We are rounding the corner to season change at Equinox.  March will host three empowering events, first a Solar Eclipse at New Moon March 8, then Equinox March 19, and finally, a Lunar Eclipse March 23.  With the Pisces Sun time, we serve what is sacred and gather the fruits of merging with Spirit, finding vision and nourishment from within to feed our spiritual bodies, trusting Virgo’s dedication to order and efficiency to keep our practical lives in smooth working condition.

Star Stuff: Sun in Pisces

Today (February 19), the Sun begins its enchanted voyage through Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. Calling all mermaids, mystics, musicians, and magicians! Oh, and the people who love them.


Between now and March 20, the dreamy, healing Fish will govern the skies, amping up our imaginative powers and dropping a gauzy lens over our views of the world. Life is but a dream during this fantasy-fueled four-week phase. So much so that we must take extra care not to gloss over any glaring red flags or sweep unsavory issues under the rug. Pisces is actually symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. This solar-powered month can bring deep healing for many people, but we have to be willing to dive into the choppy seas of our psyches. Pisces loves the highs and the lows and we might feel like we’re surfing between extremes. Remember that beauty often emerges from the underground too: Just visualize Pisces Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Kurt Cobain pioneering the grunge movement in Seattle, or Alexander McQueen’s legendary skull-embellished collections. Don’t be afraid to dig around in your own shadows and turn those crappy situations into cathartic art.

This Sun placement rings our awareness to our sense of oneness with everyone and everything around us. We feel like sponges, able to pick up all energy around us; this also makes us more sensitive and emotional. We are more drawn towards expressing ourselves in a creative or spiritual way.

For these 30 days, a more sensitive and compassionate mode of interacting prevails, which takes into account subtle emotions and secret depths. We might become more aware as well of the connection to the divine within each one of us. Nature, in her silence of preparation, participates in a sacred and meditative take on life at large that emphasizes the bigger picture contained within the simplistic details.

Music or energy healing gives us vitality and can heighten our own personal vibrations.  We need to slow down a little and listen to our intuition more fully — if we ignore our feelings and the subtle messages we are getting, we will most likely feel more anxious and somewhat frustrated. This could also be connected to the slow pace that our body or our surroundings are demanding of us.

The keyword here is “allowing”: as best as you can, be aware of what you are resisting, moment to moment, and create some space — allow it to be as it is. Notice when you are sensing someone else’s feelings rather than your own.

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Pisces Sun-sign or Rising-sign. As a Pisces, you will feel a good dose of confidence and playfulness in the next four weeks; as a Leo your vitality will depend on allowing things to flow and being gentle with yourself.

Celtic Month of the Ash: February 18 – March 17

The lunar month of Ash is the perfect time to travel or just to plan your path ahead in every aspect of your life.

I breathe Life easily.
I speak my truth.
I am protected.
I am at one with the Universe.

I honor the energy of ash, the magician’s staff.
I will recognize that “as above, so below,” I play a part in the larger scheme of things.
I will link my inner and outer worlds.
So mote it be.


In ancient Europe, the ice began to thaw during the Ash Moon.  People ventured out of their homes for the first time since the dark days of late fall.  It is maybe for this reason that this month is linked with journeys.  Focus magic on transformation, moving you to a new space physically or spiritually.

Taking Time Out

The month of the Ash Moon is a good time to start planning your summer vacation and acclimatize your body to being outside.  Cast spells that take your inner energies on an excursion by harnessing natural forces, such as floating wishes downstream in a paper boat, or blessing a feather and letting it fly in the wind.  Valentine’s Day also occurs near the time of the Ash Moon, so cast a love spell that focuses on sharing your journey in the year ahead with someone special.



The ash has always been revered as a magical tree.  In Scandinavian countries the universe was believed to be composed of a giant ash called the Yggdrasil, and runes were traditionally made from ash wood.  In Greece ash trees were sacred to Poseidon, the god of the sea and the wood was used to carve charms that protected against drowning.

The ash tree is the “Tree of Life,” and its winged seeds, called keys, represent the key to universal understanding.

Ash For the Sick

Ash is renowned for its healing powers.  Sick children were passed through the ash branches, and a bowl of water and ash leaves by the sick-bed was an old remedy to speed recovery.  In witchcraft, ash wood is traditionally used to make healing wands, and the leaves from the ash are used to boost the power of protection and increase prosperity incense.

The tree is also believed to cure warts: prick the tree with a min then use the pin to cross the wars tree tines saying, “Ash tree, ashen tree, pray by this wart off me,” and put the pin back in the tree.  Hopefully, the warts will swiftly disappear!



Use Ash Moon spells to focus your mind through meditation or move your life in a new direction.  Use this month to create a healing wand or cast a love spell.

Walking Meditation
Practicing this technique during the Ash Moon will free your mind from stress and attract solutions to your problems.  You will need a smudge stick, a bunch of herbs – usually white sage – that is used to “smudge,” or cleanse, and area with smoke.

1. Light a smudge stick, then take time to relax and breathe deeply.

2. Direct the smoke around your body, taking time to cleanse your aura, and say: “Spirit, I walk this journey and invite you to join me.  May each step be sacred.”

3. Take a walk through nature.  Everything on your journey has a message for you, so relax and enjoy.

4. On your return, write down any animals you encountered and unusual sights or flashes of inspiration you received.



Fraxinus americana
The World Tree; Tree of Life
Third consonant of the Ogham alphabet


NION or NUIN (Nee-Arn) – N – ASH
This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki at the start of a manifestation treatment
to connect to the energy required for the treatment.

Medicinal properties:
Ash bark can make an infusion that is a mild laxative and diuretic.
Other uses include reduce fever, treat kidney and urinary infections, expel intestinal parasites, and treating malaria.

Magickal properties:
The leaves attract love and prosperity.
Sleep with them under your pillow and you will have psychic/prophetic dreams.
Sleep with them in a bowl of water next to your bed to prevent illness.
It promotes strength, harmony, and a sense of being in tune with your surroundings.

Ash wood was used for the traditional handle of the besom broom. Ash wands are good for healing, general and solar magic.

Ash is the key to healing the loneliness of the human spirit, forming a link between the gods, humans, and the dead in the spirit world. Ash holds the key to Universal Truth and Cosmic Wisdom, and it takes on the important role as a Tree of Initiation.


Tree Magick 
by Gillian Kemp

 A Tree of Life.
You are strong enough to stand alone
and triumph over difficulties
like the rugged Ash
tolerating nothing poisonous
within its strongly branched shadow.

You firmly cling to what you know is right,
just as the dense, fibrous roots of the Ash
grasp the earth that  holds them. 

You are safe from harm in the same way
that when the Ash is cut down,
it revives easily and springs up
as a young sapling. 

You may soon be spreading your wings
and taking flight to new pastures,
like the winged Ash seeds carried
by the winds of Fall.

from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

Through their understanding of Universal Order and their appreciation of their own unique role in it, the Celts discovered a deep sense of belonging and a purpose for their existence. Our modern and hectic daily life is usually far removed from the cycles and forces of the natural world, and it can often seen empty of any real purpose. The ash is a key to healing the loneliness of the human spirit out of touch with its origins – it can provide a sense of being grounded and of belonging. The ash reminded the Celts of the interlinking of the Three Cycles of Being. Likewise we are encouraged to consider the role of the past in creating the present, so that we can better appreciate the many ways in which positive thought and action today can help to create a brighter tomorrow. Through a constant process of balancing and marrying opposites, we, like the ash, can achieve harmony within ourselves.

The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray

The Ash tree has deeply penetrating roots and sours the soil, making it difficult for other vegetation to grow beneath it. Its twigs are thick and strong. In Norse mythology, this tree spans the universe – its roots in hell, its branches supporting the heavens and with Earth at its centre. In Celtic cosmology in particular it connects the three circles of existence – past, present and future, or as confusion, balance, and creative force; there being no fell, but only continual rebirth as passage is made from circle to circle until the Land of the Blessed is finally reached.

Also, the Ash can be seen as spanning both microcosm and macrocosm, the little world and the great world. In this interpretation, man and Earthly things are reflections in miniature of the universe, the cosmos being reflected in us, and thus expressing the meaning of the old expression:
as above, so below.

magic is organic energy…

“Magic works on its own timetable; because it’s organic energy, like a plant, you’re not going to make it grow, or manifest, faster by tugging on it.”

“Mystics and shamans, witches and quantum physicists all know that, ultimately, everything is energy. We don’t work with supernatural powers, but rather with the natural, rhythmic energies of earth, moon, sun and stars, and our own bodies. The next step was coming to accept that other aspects of the natural world – the ingredients used in spells – can lend their energetic properties to our efforts…it seemed to me that one of the most important purposes of all the ingredients and items, potions and props, was to physicalize the sacred, to facilitate our experience of, and enable us to encounter, divinity through the gift of our senses. And this spirituality was wonderfully sensuous.”


from The Love Spell

Star Stuff: Venus in Aquarius

Today, amorous Venus heads into quirky, mischievous Aquarius until March 5, bringing some fun and games back into Cupid’s complex equation. How about a little levity for your love life?


For the past three weeks, Venus has been hunkered down in goal-oriented Capricorn—sounding the call for serious relationships. And while this has certainly brought a strengthening influence to the built-to-last twosomes out there, matters of the heart may be feeling a bit heavy. Venus in Capricorn loves a power couple but some of us may have grown overly fixated on appearances, worrying more about keeping up with the Kardashian-Wests and less about pleasing each other behind closed doors. With Venus in Aquarius, the pleasure principle is restored and might even find us making out like rebellious teenagers on the city streets! (Get a room! Or don’t?) Renegade Aquarius is all about free love so if there were ever a time to experiment with those exhibitionist fantasies, throupling or a fetishwear phase, Venus in Aquarius would be it. More of a proud vanilla type? You can still get your kicks by making variety the spice of your dating life.

You and everyone are more attracted to unconventional people and values. The need to maintain a sense of individuality and freedom in relationships in important. This is a good time to experiment with an innovative money-making idea. Friendships are valued now, and it’s crucial to be friends with your lover.  Basically, we want to improve relationships, break away from what feels old or stale. 

We want our intellectual qualities to be admired; we also want to connect to like-minded people that share our vision — so friendships and networking will be favored for the next 3 weeks. We may consider unusual financial investments. This is a good time for financial undertakings involving the following areas: electronics, technology and the internet, metaphysics, the arts group activities.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aquarius? If so, this placement will bring extra love and beauty into your life. Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus or Libra? If so, you may feel the need for freedom or change in your relationships more strongly.