magic is organic energy…

“Magic works on its own timetable; because it’s organic energy, like a plant, you’re not going to make it grow, or manifest, faster by tugging on it.”

“Mystics and shamans, witches and quantum physicists all know that, ultimately, everything is energy. We don’t work with supernatural powers, but rather with the natural, rhythmic energies of earth, moon, sun and stars, and our own bodies. The next step was coming to accept that other aspects of the natural world – the ingredients used in spells – can lend their energetic properties to our efforts…it seemed to me that one of the most important purposes of all the ingredients and items, potions and props, was to physicalize the sacred, to facilitate our experience of, and enable us to encounter, divinity through the gift of our senses. And this spirituality was wonderfully sensuous.”


from The Love Spell


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