Star Stuff: Venus in Aquarius

Today, amorous Venus heads into quirky, mischievous Aquarius until March 5, bringing some fun and games back into Cupid’s complex equation. How about a little levity for your love life?


For the past three weeks, Venus has been hunkered down in goal-oriented Capricorn—sounding the call for serious relationships. And while this has certainly brought a strengthening influence to the built-to-last twosomes out there, matters of the heart may be feeling a bit heavy. Venus in Capricorn loves a power couple but some of us may have grown overly fixated on appearances, worrying more about keeping up with the Kardashian-Wests and less about pleasing each other behind closed doors. With Venus in Aquarius, the pleasure principle is restored and might even find us making out like rebellious teenagers on the city streets! (Get a room! Or don’t?) Renegade Aquarius is all about free love so if there were ever a time to experiment with those exhibitionist fantasies, throupling or a fetishwear phase, Venus in Aquarius would be it. More of a proud vanilla type? You can still get your kicks by making variety the spice of your dating life.

You and everyone are more attracted to unconventional people and values. The need to maintain a sense of individuality and freedom in relationships in important. This is a good time to experiment with an innovative money-making idea. Friendships are valued now, and it’s crucial to be friends with your lover.  Basically, we want to improve relationships, break away from what feels old or stale. 

We want our intellectual qualities to be admired; we also want to connect to like-minded people that share our vision — so friendships and networking will be favored for the next 3 weeks. We may consider unusual financial investments. This is a good time for financial undertakings involving the following areas: electronics, technology and the internet, metaphysics, the arts group activities.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aquarius? If so, this placement will bring extra love and beauty into your life. Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus or Libra? If so, you may feel the need for freedom or change in your relationships more strongly.


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