Get in the Pisces groove…


Get in the Pisces Groove

A solar eclipse in Pisces is about two weeks away. For now, with the Sun having just entered Pisces, we can get ourselves in the right space for what’s coming. Pisces is the sign of the Dreamer, the Artist, and the Mystic.  And Mystics want no outside intervention coming between themselves and a divine experience.  This month face the sky with your Mystic self.  Clear from your mind how astronomers have named the stars or astrologers have interpreted the planets.  Simply enter the night and see if there is a twinkling light—a star or planet–that catches your notice.  Settle your mind and ask:  “Do you have a message for me?”

The answer may come in words.  Or it may not.  It may come as a feeling, a sensation, a new conviction.  It may come immediately or hours later.  Your work is simply to be receptive and reverent.  Thank the sky by agreeing to bring this message into your world—through a new decision or action, a changed perspective, an inspiration you share with another.  You may even want to name your star and commune with it throughout the month.

Working this way requires a special dreamy kind of clarity.  Your conscious mind may be suspicious. It might diminish your reverence by accusing you of just pretending. The very phrase “just pretending” reveals how our culture typically views Pisces perception. As children, before we heard this phrase, we were wiser. We knew that we had this special ability. We knew how to listen to  stars, how to flow through our day like a mermaid, and how to get help from the fairies when we needed it most.  This is the month to remember all that.


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