Power Path forecast: week of March 1

“March 1-7:
We feel the surge of the higher emotional center landing in our consciousness and prompting us to lift our heads up out of our narrow focus and look around at a bigger picture. For some that bigger picture could include clearing some old emotional debris and for some it may be huge waves of inspiration that threaten to be too overwhelming to be practical.

This time frame requires balance. It is best to spend some time in stretching the imagination, being inspired and being receptive to the power that is available, and then some time in handling and managing the details of your physical environment. When stretching your container of experience, the wider you open yourself up to the big energy available the narrower and more grounded you need to get in order to bring that energy down into your physical manifestation.

This can feel very much like a rubber band and cause symptoms of depletion and depression one day and more energy than you know what to do with on the next. Work with the physical body and make sure you get enough movement and exercise to help with the balance. If emotional debris comes up, know that it is on its way out. If you get stuck, move your body and get some help.”


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