Power Path forecast: week of March 8

“March 8: New Moon with a Solar Eclipse is Tuesday March 8 at 8:54 PM EST. This is the first of two eclipses this month and an excellent time to revisit your committed choices of last month and to set intentions to fire them up. Spend a bit of time contemplating what may have changed with regards to your choices, commitments and intentions.


As the higher emotional center begins to influence and inspire us, adjustments and refinements may need to be made to original intentions. Chances are they will need to expand into a bigger picture and bigger dream. If an opportunity comes your way that “feels” right, do not hesitate to take it even though you may think it is too soon or too much. There is big power and big support this month for stepping up and firing up something new.

March 8-15: In the aftermath of the new moon and first eclipse, this is a time of sorting, doubting, expanding, trials, bursting forth, false starts, too much fuel, too little fuel, frustration, exhilaration, ups and downs, questioning, jumping in, pulling back etc. In other words, this is a time that is emotionally and reactionary all over the map.

It is best during this time not to judge which way anything is going but rather to keep opening yourself up to receiving the power and inspiration that you will need to fire up and power up the most important situations in your life. If you lack clarity, be patient, it will come. If you feel stuck, just keep to the simple tasks of moving your body and doing your practices. If you feel overwhelmed, do the same. Simplify when necessary without compromising some wonderful expanded exciting thing that might be trying to drop into your field.

March 13: Daylight Savings Time ends for those in Daylight Time zones. Set your clocks ahead by one hour.”


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