Star Stuff: Mercury in Pisces


Messenger Mercury got on the move this past weekend, drifting into dreamy Pisces until March 21. This short but sweet phase certainly lends itself to spring fever, putting us all in a romantic head space. The birds chirp louder, the stars twinkle with more intensity—so much so that we’ll even write poems about it. Or song lyrics, or maybe choreograph an interpretive dance. The muse is in the house!

With Mercury in Pisces, everyone’s ideas become infused with imagination and sensitivity. Idealistic or dreamy thoughts could make it difficult to remain rational or to make decisions that require practical consideration. Your mind is prone to fantasy, so this is a fortunate time to cultivate right-brained, artistic activities.

Compassion will not be in short order with Mercury stroking through Pisces’ charitable waters, but guard that grill! Under these “see no evil” stars we might lower our defenses a little too much…or too soon…and get taken for a ride by a charming Svengali or fast-talking charlatan. Be careful not to overindulge or use substances to escape the stresses of life. Therapeutic healing can go deep if we plunge into our psyches.

We are moving from the mind into the heart. We seem to be connected to Source more easily during this time — if we allow that energy to come through — and our thinking will be very creative, imaginative and intuitive.


The key with this energy is to remain in the “here and now” and open up to a higher vibration. If we can do that, we will be able to download information from an intuitive place, rather than thinking things through. This could also be the reason why our mind is slowing down a bit and why we speak more softly.


Mercury in Pisces also offers us an opportunity to let go of any mental structures, conditioning or fears that are no longer serving us. If you are not connected to your intuition, you may want to double check with other people, before signing any documents or buying any big-ticket items. Are you ready to connect to your intuition more fully? Can you allow for the unfolding process, trusting your higher Self more fully?


Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Pisces? If so, you may feel more talkative during this time.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini or Virgo? If so, you may need to learn to surrender to a slower pace and connect more fully to your heart and intuition.  


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