Power Path forecast: week of March 16

“March 16-22: We are still in the time frame between the two eclipses and therefore still in a time of possible change and transformation. This is the most potent time frame that can bring about weather phenomena and earth events. Be prepared to change your plans if need be.

This is also a time when something radical can happen either in the local political arena or the global political or economic platform. This radical event or set of events may be seen by some as positive and by some as devastating. The bigger picture is that we are being fueled by the higher emotional center and that everything that happens is leading to a more evolved state.

Think of the radical event as being also a personal one. It could be a great insight leading to permanent and deep transformation. It could be a bid for power that you step into that leads to more responsibility and a bigger way of showing up in the world. It could be that the universe gives you a gift that is so out of your realm of reference that it throws you off and all of a sudden you have to learn to manage a huge new energy.

Structure is important during this time as a way to organize and ground as long as it does not interfere with a natural expansion.

March 19: Spring Equinox is Sunday, March 20 at 12:30AM EST. Honor this transition by completing something that needs it and by consciously intending for the birth of something new. What wants to be fired up right now? What needs a bit more power? What are you finished with?

Acknowledge this time as well as your own process with a ceremony using the elements of fire, water, air and earth.”


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