star stuff at this libra Full Moon eclipse w/Sun in Aries

This morning, the Sun opposes the Moon in 3 degrees of Libra. This extra-powerful Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse;as such, its energy is more intense than a typical Full Moon.

These Eclipses were all about having healthy relationships with ourselves and others — they had particular relevance to the role(s) we identify with in our one-on-one relationships. What have you discovered in those areas since Oct. 2013?

Lunar Eclipses direct our attention to the “emotional body”; we thus become aware of what has been suppressed or ignored. Get ready for some big shifts in your life, especially around relationships of all kinds. Where do you need more balance? What roles or contracts need to be redefined or released?

Eclipses bring a strong focus to endings and beginnings — they push us forward in our evolution and connect us more fully to our Soul’s Journey. As best as you can, trust that whatever is leaving or falling apart is making way for something better in your life — the more open we are to change, the easier it will be to go to the next level.

This Eclipse could be healing a memory around relationships. It could also be making a new emotional connection, moving into a new home, starting a family, something of that sort. We get a chance to heal a trauma that was inflicted on us or our parents back around June 1981 or Sept. 1973.

We are also invited to look at the balance of feminine and masculine within ourselves, our relationships, and our world. Where has this gone out of balance? What happens when there is too much of either? Or too little?

The Sun in Aries is connecting to Mercury; this is a call to look at the roles that “assertion” and “independence” play in our lives. We’re called to find ways to communicate our sense of self in a healthy way; total honesty with ourselves and others is crucial here. Allow the higher vibrations of Aries to shine: courage, openness towards the new, being direct, developing a healthy sense of identity. The spotlight is on us…

The Moon in Libra wants to use work through any issues via collaboration, objectivity, consideration, equality, balance, justice, etc. Here, the spotlight swings over to our relationships.

Mercury opposite the Moon invites us to pay attention both to feelings and emotional responses and to thoughts and logical conclusions. How might we express ourselves truthfully, without compromise… and consider other people’s feelings and needs?

Mars (the ruler of Aries) is currently in Sagittarius; it’s making a trine to the Sun in Aries and a sextile to the Moon in Libra. This indicates that we likely feel excited about life and are willing to make things work in our relationships. This is a brave and adventurous time.

Do your best to observe your thoughts. Thoughts are powerful, they are the first step toward creating your reality — so take responsibility for them. If our thoughts about ourselves, others and the world are low in vibration, we will only be able to create something with a low vibration. Look to see which thoughts serve you (and which don’t). As best as you can, align with your higher truth.

The Saturn station amplifies this even further. It adds a clear message to this Eclipse: Pay attention to your beliefs and what you think is true about life. What assumptions do you make about yourself, others, or life? Which actually advance your Soul’s Journey? How can you more fully embody your truth? What might be possible if you decided to “walk the talk”?

Remember that each of us is experiencing this Eclipse in one way or another…some may feel overwhelmed or anxious, some may even have vertigo. As best as you can, be compassionate with yourself and others; if someone doesn’t return your call, it’s not personal… they may not be able to. Eclipses are Uranian in nature: Anything could happen between now and April 7th (and usually happens to help us evolve).

As best as you can, don’t jump the gun; if you feel compelled to do something, do your best to simply watch and observe. In particular, if you have any ambivalence about an action, or suspect that you are acting out of fear, wait until the Eclipse Season ends to go for it. If something happens organically, on the other hand, if it feels in alignment with your Soul’s Journey, go for it.

Just double-check whether it’s coming from love or fear – and remember that impatience is a form of fear as well (about the timing of things not being “right” or too slow.

The Natal houses in your birth chart affected by this Lunar eclipse indicate which areas of your life are up for development and for the next two weeks to 6 months.

(from astrologer coach Sonya Francis)


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