Power Path Forecast: week of March 23

“March 23: Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse is Wednesday, March 23 at 8:01 AM EST.

Right on the heels of the Spring Equinox where we honor new beginnings and birth, comes the full moon with the second eclipse to inspire and energize us with fullness and power. This is a good time to reflect on anything new that has come into your life, relationships, partnerships, good fortune, big choices, business, projects, health, healers, challenges of any kind, new environments, and ask what it is that they need at this time as energies of support.

The full moon is always a time for gratitude and to see your life as full. If anything you are doing or experiencing feels less than full of what it needs, this is a good time to ask spirit for help. Whether it is love, support, health, stamina, energy, knowledge, direction, rest, inspiration, intimacy, excitement, trust or peace, ask and you shall receive.

March 24-31: The pieces fall into place during this time and your life unfolds with its own momentum. Those aspects that have been fired up collect support and move forward with ease and synchronicity. This is a time frame where community is important and friendships, partnerships and intimate relationships solidify in a new way. You should be feeling a sense of both contentment and excitement about parts of your life and where they are headed.

The parts of you that are not feeling that way still have work to do. Perhaps there are aspects of growth that have been fired up this month that have a ways to go before they are completed and integrated. Be patient with the process and focus instead on what does feel to be moving in right timing, synchronicity and flow. It is never too late to ask spirit for help and we strongly suggest that you continue to call in your own inspiration and to work with your allies and the power you have all around you all the time.”



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