current astro energy…

The energy this week has been messing with me – definitely felt unsettled and like some things were coming to a head – likely this Mars going retro, being in Aries, and sun in Aries.  That’s a lot of Aries energy, feels a bit volatile.

So I’ve felt some frustration, but at the same time, that’s driven me to realize and do a few things I needed to realize/do – silver lining…?

This excerpt from Mooncircles on the Aries new moon energy really spoke to me, and sums up this Aries energy and how to use it well…this direct, fierce, fiery, active, passionate, fast-thinking, brave energy.

“Fire leaps up with love, you know; it has more secrets than a forest of trees. If you can draw it into your heart and contain it, you’ll achieve impossible things.  With Aries, “self” and “doing” are everything. Aries wants you to do yourself as though you were a verb.”

Let’s review that, because it’s amazing.  DO YOURSELF AS THOUGH YOU WERE A VERB. DO YOU!!!  So great.


I also love that in my recent post about the signs as goddesses, Aries is Athena, goddess of war and wisdom.  My favorite is that they’re combined – WISDOM, but also WAR.  Put them two together, and you get wise actions that can really change things, both within and without.  Athena is willing to take action and battle – but she’s wise about it.

And THIS link is great advice on how to use this energy well!  Some excerpts that stuck with me…

Let anger lead you to passion.

“Be honest … what pisses you off to no end? Anger in and of itself is not a negative—it’s how we use it (constructively or destructively) that determines everything. The new moon in Aries calls forth our inner warriors. The things that make us fume are often the pointers to our passions.”  (it was fun to journal out what just pisses me off, and to see if that anger is something I can do good with…)

Tune your passion-o-meter to E (for excitement).

“When was the last time you felt genuine excitement or joy about something? The Aries new moon prompts us to awaken that molecule-swirling, spine-tingling feeling. Let the hot blood pump through your veins, springing you into action. As it turns out, passion is an essential element of living a fulfilled life, and the Aries new moon serves up a reminder.

As he says, ”Following the excitement is actually the shortest, fastest, straightest path.” Excitement leads to synchronicity—which tells us that we’re plugged into a higher field of consciousness and attraction. So the next time you’re stuck in “analysis paralysis,” just look for the next exciting thing you can take action on—and do it.”

Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun

Now that I’ve looked into all this and worked with it a bit, I feel better about this weird energy…here’s hoping you guys are good!



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