Star Stuff: Mercury in Taurus

On April 5th, mindful Mercury settled into practical, sensual Taurus until June 12—an extra long tour, due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde from April 28 to May 22. (Consider yourself forewarned.) Rather than racing around and reacting to every whim, the next two months are all about careful planning. Which activities are really worth our time? Our precious hours, like our cash, should be invested wisely.


Though pragmatic, Taurus loves practical luxury. With Mercury here, we’ll be attracted to objects that have an eternal rather than ephemeral quality—like antiques, gems, and family heirlooms. Tuck those mobile devices away when spending time with your people. Mercury in Taurus is old school, encouraging us to linger in legit “facetime” instead of logging into FaceTime!

Mercury governs communication, but in Taurus, we can express ourselves more sensually than verbally. Set the mood with lighting, burn scented candles, add gourmet touches to food like truffle oil or pink Himalayan sea salt. Don’t underestimate the language of touch. Holding hands or offering a shoulder rub can make people putty in our hands.

With Mercury in Taurus, there may well be an increased ability to ground ideas in reality. Everyone is likely to spend more time thinking about their finances and how to maximize resources and talents. You may find that your thought process is slower now, but also more determined.


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