Having a stuck moment tonight with one of my journal prompts. It asks: “write down at least five people you deeply admire – people who you feel have, to a large extent, discovered their souls’ callings and are living their dreams. Next to each hero’s name, wrote down what you have in common with them.”

Is this strangely tough for anyone but me? I can think of a couple of people I admire, yes…5 is tough. And I may admire them but I’m not sure I can say I know they’ve discovered their soul callings. 

Maybe something will come to me…just a little stumped!


One thought on “Heroes?…

  1. I’m impressed by people’s feats of achievement based on what they are up against. I actually find disabled people who manage to do amazing things like become champion atheltes or great artists to be the hreatest inspiration. It really drives home to me that as a someone completely able in body and mind, I then have no valid excuse not to be brilliant in achieving my dreams.


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