Star Stuff: Mars Retrograde happening now…

Yesterday (4/17), Mars changed directions, backing into retrograde mode until June 29.

Mars retrogrades happen every other year and can create crossed wires and “power outages” in Mars-ruled areas of life: our drive, motivation, lust, assertiveness, and initiative. This is NOT the time to take uncalculated risks or play the daredevil role. It’s easy to overlook hidden dangers so read the rule books and remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Practice anger management, too! Firebrand Mars in retrograde can cause tempers to flare unnecessarily; it can also boost sex drives, so easy does it with the spring flings because knowing who we’re getting in bed with—literally and figuratively, personally and in business—is a matter deserving extra precaution.

Mars rules metals and heavy machinery, making this a less-than-optimal time for such purchases, at least without a guarantee and warranty.

For the first seven weeks, the red planet will retreat through fiery Sagittarius; then, on May 27 will plunge back through Scorpio’s murky waters until turning direct on June 29. Careful about detonating any truth bombs between now and late May because not only will this burn bridges but could blow ’em up for good.

On a positive note, Mars retrograde gives us a chance to pause, reflect, review and refine all our ambitious 2016 plans. Where are we working too autonomously and putting the cart before the horse? While Mars spurs our independent natures, it isn’t always best to go it alone. Bring in the big guns and seek expert advice, and by July we could leap into a new league.

What to Reflect on During Mars Retrograde

Are you asserting yourself appropriately in your life?
What are you being shown by the Universe?
How are people responding to the way you take action?
What do you need to go back to and change in order to proceed with your goals and aspirations?
Which of your past decisions, ideas, or initiatives should you now experimentally proceed with?


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