what do pagans believe?

got this from a great site called Pagan Portal –

“The word “Pagan” comes from the latin word “Paganus” which translate into “country dweller”.

Pagans believe that all things existing in the universe are connected.
We all share an energy, life force…we are all a part of the Divine.
Because of this inter-connectedness, we can use our energy to communicate with other energies and the Divine to help bring about changes or improvements we need in our life or the lives of others.  This is often done through ritual. We may just want to communicate to give ourselves a sense of peace and belonging or even to thank the divine and show our appreciation.

Methods of using our energy to interact with the universe vary depending on the tradition passed on and used by the individual; but most traditions use meditation, visualization, singing, dancing in a ritual to help the mind focus and make our energy more powerful.

Pagans also have a very high reverence for nature.  Many of their rituals are performed at holidays and celebrations that directly correspond to the changing seasons.  Early pagans, country dwellers,  relied on seasonal good weather for the survival of their livestock and crops.

So as you can see, Pagans, which include those referred to as witches, are nothing like Hollywood’s evil devil worshiping spell casters.  In fact, Pagans don’t even believe in the devil.  They believe the devil was something conjured up by those that wanted to scare people into becoming Christians.

Pagans are (harmless) nature loving people communing with the universe!

Blessed be to all the wonderful Pagans!”


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