full moon in Scorpio

my personal key takeaways for this full moon energy:
1. embrace the mystery and ALL the parts, even the seemingly yucky ones, they’re part of the whole
2. good time for shadow work, look at the roots, get past the surface
3. unplug, spend some time with beauty, allow inspiration to flow
4. be open to love, pleasure, and connection coming from places we don’t expect

from Astrotwins:
Tomorrow, 2016’s only full moon in Scorpio charges the air with mystery and seduction. A spring fever outbreak could become pandemic over the weekend. Meow! Intense attractions that have been bubbling in the background could explode into a passionate, bodice-ripping good time. Privacy please! What happens in Scorpioville stays in Scorpioville and there may be a hush-hush or even clandestine quality to Friday’s events.

The urge to merge heats up, both for pleasure AND business. Events in the boardroom could be as intriguing as those in the bedroom. And since Scorpio rules big money like investments, inheritances, loans and tax returns, we could make some bank (or break it) under these moonbeams. With the right collaborators, pure bliss or profitability are written in the stars. Lawyer up and make these lasting partnerships “officially official.”


For the next two weeks, we are looking for balance between our physical attachments/connections — (Taurus) — and our emotional attachments/connections (Scorpio). It’s important to realize that Scorpio’s deep, authentic connections to ourselves and others are essential to our existence — and play a crucial role in defining and understanding what we value most (Taurus).
The time of any Full Moon is always more extroverted and emotional; this particular one invites us to let go of fears and break through to the next level of our evolution. It also invites us to illuminate what has been hidden in the shadows… We are ready to delete some very old programming.
Here’s this Full Moon’s central question: What do we really want?
Taurus seeks comfort and material stability. It’s about having a healthy relationship with ourselves, the planet, and the physical plane in general. It’s also concerned with creating healthy self-esteem. Scorpio, on the other hand, craves transformation — it wants to put us in touch with our deepest desires… and worst fears.
It’s essential to bring conscious awareness to the walls we built to feel protected and “empowered”. Addressing past trauma and feelings of disempowerment is the only way to melt our “frozen” hearts and allow for the return of trust toward others (and life in general). By acknowledging our fears and breaking down those walls, we can transform into truly powerful beings of love and inner strength.
Scorpio wants to go beyond the surface, to our deeper motivations. What propels our sense of attraction or repulsion toward something? What turns us on about life? What scares us to death?
To sum up: This Full Moon invites us to stay in touch with our feelings and deepen our relationship with our unconscious mind and hidden aspects. Let yourself open to “the love that you are” — the “real you” that existed before all the trauma and hurt, that has carried on silently in the background all this while. Be courageous and kind to yourself!
Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 0-4 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius? If so, you are more affected by this month’s Full Moon. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer).

Colors: Bright primary colors — red, yellow, blue — and their combinations
Gemstones: Quartz, selenite, angelite
Trees: Hazel, forsythia, lilac, willow
Gods: Ishtar, Tawaret, Venus, Herne, Cernunnos
Herbs: Dandelion, milkweed, dogwood, fennel, dill
Element: Air

This is a good time to work on magic related to new beginnings. Looking to bring new love into your life, or conceive or adopt a child? This is the time to do those workings. It’s the time to stop planning, and start doing. Take all those ideas you’ve had brewing for the past couple of months, and make them come to fruition.

Also Known As: Seed Moon

In April, the thunderstorms of March are beginning to subside, and the wind picks up. Seeds are being blown about on the breezes, spreading life all around from one place to the next. In fact, this lunar cycle is often known as the Seed Moon. Trees have buds on them, spring daffodils and tulips abound, and the birds are nesting once more. Much like March, this is a time of conception and fertility and new growth.

This full moon in Scorpio contributes to better focus and better concentration. This time marks an increase in sharpness of the mind. It is a favorable time for work in science, math and psychology. People with an extraordinary ability in these areas will be very affected. This moon is asking us to search for solutions to the root of our present problems; a shallow analysis will not help you resolve the problem once and for all. You may feel tempted to become more critical in your personal relationships and lose your sense of measure and tact. At this time sexual relationships may be tested.


from mooncircles: scorpio full moon, the guts of love
“The Scorpio Full Moon sheds light on the honest, bloody, ooey-gooey guts of things. The truth is, we cannot be wholly loved without being whole, and we cannot be whole without being fully seen and loved by another, our icky, wounded parts and all. Whether we’ve been struggling with hidden patterns in intimacy, or we feel blocked from moving forward in our lives, this Full Moon shines light into the darkness. Under her cool light, our resource is the degree of emotional intimacy and honesty we have with our self.

There’s always a breakout moment in relationship, a critical point where all our shadow stuff is, often gracelessly and perhaps dramatically, revealed. Yet this isn’t a disaster. It could be the moment where we find the courage and love in our heart to fully face our self, our most unattractive parts, our deepest fears.   It could be the moment where our greatest love meets our greatest pain, and loves us through it.”

from the power path:
“Reach out to your community today and have some quality fun and social time. This is also a good day to put yourself first. Do a ceremony or give yourself a gift. Unplug for a few hours and spend some time in beauty, being inspired and exploring the higher mind and new ideas.

The Sun moved into earthy Taurus on April 19.  The energy shifts; Venus becomes the ruling planet in Aries.  She’s our connection to pleasure, beauty, social graces and relationship.  She’s now closely aligned with Uranus, who’s not that into conventionality.  (Eris is right there, too).  So excitement, exploration, disruption, platonic adventure is helping us look through a new lens.  We’re finding love, pleasure, connection in places where we never thought to look.

The month ends with Mercury joining the bandwagon and turning retrograde on Thursday, April 28 for the second time this year.  It will appear to stop at 24º Taurus and regress until May 22 to 14º Taurus and will not fully regain its original degree again until June 7.  Taurus wants us to figure out what we value, see where our loyalties lie, conserve our resources, and take a deep look at our self worth and self esteem.  You may become aware of the stubborn, fixed, acquisitive aspects of yourself.  Consider others.  It’s a good time to slow down and turn to artistic, aesthetic pursuits and to really indulge in the pleasures of nature- so rejuvenating and revitalizing at this time.”


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