pathway to Ascension: Taurus

“Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia. Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians-ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking.”
—Nancy Detweiler
A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey

Your zodiac sun sign signifies the energy on which your Soul incarnated this lifetime. Though there are numerous additional factors influencing the overall map of your Soul, your sun sign plays a major role in your life. Yoursun sign reveals your consciousness of self as a unique human being.


The person who is Taurus incarnated to establish an enlightened system of values that transcends attachment to material possessions and persons. Therefore, many of her soul lessons will involve dealing with physical plane responsibilities and seeking a balance between the desire to possess and greed. Taurus tends to be dependent and prefers a relationship in which she both possesses the other person and feels possessed by him. Her soul lesson involves learning to “let go” within relationships and to assume a measure of independence. Taurus’s greatest fear is that of personal or material loss.

A Taurus incarnation will involve confronting her passions and instincts as she strives to determine for herself the extent to which she will be controlled by them. Taurus must put forth a major effort to overcome inertia and fear of change. For this reason, she may feel that life pushes her around, rather than that she is in charge.

For example: Taurus may be unhappy or filled with resentment over her job situation, yet neglect to get busy and make the changes needed to bring about personal fulfillment. Her passion is to possess; her instinct is to remain in the familiar, where she feels secure. Thus, Taurus often convinces herself that she has no choice.

The Taurus incarnation is to be a highly creative one. This creativity needs to be encouraged and developed at an early age. If Taurus is allowed to grow up with no creative outlets, she, as an adult, often has great difficulty in learning to express that creativity. For to do so would be to change her habits-an activity Taurus will attempt to avoid until forced to do so by life’s circumstances. Taurus needs to create with the use of physical tools. Some type of creative (sometimes musical) expression is important for her well-being.

The Taurus individual who is attuned to and expressing her creativity can be a resource of healing and transformation for others. Taurus possesses the capacity to infuse life into her creations.



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