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this makes me want a necklace of aquamarine!

Crystals can be powerful—if you know how to use them. Use this handy guide to decode the serenity of aquamarine, and bring some of that peace to your practice with an aquamarine mala from Silver & Sage.

Aquamarine is the stone of your deep subconscious, of your soul. The stone reflects all things soothing, serene, and powerful, and inspires the ability to trust and to let go. If you are drawn to aquamarine, you may want to think about beginning a meditation practice, if you don’t have one already. This stone is also used by sailors for protection at sea—if it feels like your stone, you may also being called to visit or live near the ocean.

Healing Properties

This is a great stone to help a person get in touch with her spiritual side, and will resonate with people new to exploring spirituality or their higher self. It is a stone of symmetries, blue and reflective, and as such is said to be both of the sea and sky. Shamans use stones of symmetries like this one because they allow us to look both within and outward. Aquamarine helps us to gain insight, truth, and wisdom. It can be used to help calm the mind, nerves, and anxieties. Physically, it’s said to help relieve the symptoms of fluid retention. Because it’s associated with water and water is cleansing, aquamarine is also said to help aid in the flushing of toxins from the body.

Wearing or Using the Stone

This is a stone that can help connect you to spirits and to listen to your higher voice. It’s associated with the throat chakra, and so best worn around your neck. When worn it can stimulate intelligence and creativity for speakers, presenters, and teachers. In an argument or a tense situation, this stone can be a source of calming.

Fun Facts

This stone has been used by man for thousands of years. Ancient sailors used aquamarine gemstones as companions on ships when they traveled to stay safe. During the Middle Ages, aquamarine was believed to have mystical qualities and was believed to keep people happy, honest, and faithful in marriage. Keep it in mind for a unique and thoughtful wedding gift!

Aquamarine is particularly unique because it is made up of both the rarest and most common minerals found on Earth: Beryl and Beryllium. It can be found in geological cavities, mostly in granite pegmatites. It’s also the official stone of Colorado.

Intuitive Mysticism

Chakra: Throat (Vishudda)

Planet: Venus and Neptune

Zodiac: Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Essential Oils: Tea tree, Eucalyptus, and Vanilla

Suggested Mantra: I am sea—I am at peace. I am sky—I am at peace.

– See more at: http://yoganonymous.com/healing-crystals-aquamarine-serenity-spirituality-and-symmetry#sthash.rmJTUNTn.dpuf


adapted hymn, yes?

Many pagans/pantheists that I know have history with the Christian church, and sometimes that brings baggage – like not feeling comfortable with words that were used often.  I’ve had my share of working out with words like “lord”, “prayer”, “praise”, etc.

but, as I grow and learn, I am seeing those terms for the broader, unconditioned meanings they have in every faith, including my own.  I am learning to see prayer as something good and available to me outside the Christian church.  I’ve also come across some songs recorded by Christian artists that, when I think of them as relates to the overall Divine, they are really moving and amazing.  Like the following, which I love…an old hymn, re-done in my mind.  feel free to read “lord” and “he” as anything that is meaningful to you – he, she, god, goddess, lady, divine, universe, etc….

sort of makes me want to put the windows down, drive, and sing my version of praise music!


the words:

praise to the lord, the almighty, the king of creation

o my soul praise him for he is thy health and salvation

all ye who hear, now to his temple draw near
praise him in glad adoration

praise to the lord, who o’er all things so wondrously reigneth

shelters thee under his wings, yea, so gently sustaineth

hast thou not seen how thy desires e’er have been granted in what he ordaineth?

praise to the lord, who doth prosper thy work and defend thee

surely his goodness and mercy here daily attend thee

ponder anew what the almighty can do, if with his love he befriend thee

praise to the lord, oh let all that is in me adore him

all that hath life and breath, come now with praises before him

let the amen sound from his people again
gladly for e’er we adore him


Celtic Month of the Hawthorn

HAWTHORN MOON ~ May 13 – June 9

I honor the energy of hawthorn for cleansing and restraint.
I will choose what I place within my body, and empty myself of all that violates my personal well-being.

Sixth consonant of the Ogham alphabet

Huathe (Hoo-ah) – H
This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki and its essence represents the energy of cleansing and preparation. It clears the mind of negative thoughts and mental confusion, offering clarity. It gives patience and offers stillness.

Hawthorn is burned to purify,
and draw faery to your eye.

Symbolism: Purification, sacred marriage and male-female unity
Color: Midnight Blue, Purple
Deity: Olwen, Blodeuwedd, Gardea, Hymen, Hera, Virgin Mary
Folk names: May bush, May tree, quickset, thorn-apple tree, white thorn.

Magickal properties:
The tree essence cleanses the heart of negativity and stimulates love and forgiveness.
Hawthorn is respected as a tree of enchantment under the protection of the faery realms.
It guards wells and springs. Its beautiful flowers are said to help prayers reach heaven.

The blooms of the hawthorn are used in spells for fertility, happiness, and good luck in fishing.
Hawthorn can be used for protection, love and marriage spells.
The original May Poles were made of Hawthorn.

Hawthorn can be woven in to a growing fence called a Hedgerow. These thorny barriers are very effective and have saved many villages from thieves and highwaymen.

And every shepherd tells his tale
Under the hawthorn in the dale
~John Milton L’Allegro

from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

 The blossoming of the Hawthorn
marks the certain end
of the dark days of winter
and the return of the procreative forces
of nature to the fullness of spring. 

The beautiful white flowers
give cause for celebration
of nature’s capacity for renewed life
and love, and for the wonders of lovemaking,
conception, and childbirth. 

For the Celts there was no shame
attached to these natural processes. 

They were revered and respected
as an essential part of life,
and as a sacred expression
of the human capacity for love.

Hawthorn Moon Magick:
Focus on keeping a barrier between yourself and things that you don’t want.
Aim to push away old problems or lingering irritations.
This is a sign of fertility and death.
If born under this sign you have an innate understanding of the importance of process and the necessity for change.

“The Hawthorn is a prickly sort of plant with beautiful blossoms. Called Huath by the ancient Celts, and pronounced Hoh-uh, the Hawthorn month is a time of fertility, masculine energy, and fire. Coming right on the heels of Beltane, this month is a time when male potency is high — if you’re hoping to conceive a child, get busy this month! The Hawthorn has a raw, phallic sort of energy about it — use it for magic related to masculine power, business decisions, making professional connections. The Hawthorn is also associated with the realm of Faerie, and when the Hawthorn grows in tandem with an Ash and Oak, it is said to attract the Fae.”

Heart Meditation

This meditation will energize your Heart Chakra and help you open up to receive love during the auspicious month of Hawthorn.

1. Place a pink candle within a circle of May blossom and make sure that you are feeling totally comfortable.  To create the right atmosphere for your magic, you could dim the lights or play some soothing, ambient music.

2. Light the pink candle; focus your attention on the flame.

3. As you breathe in, imagine your heart being filled with soft pink light – one of the colors linked with the Heart Chakra.

4. Keep breathing in the pink light until it begins to fade, then slowly come back into the your awareness of the room.