…the spiral 

I’ve had the spiral on my mind lately. I love the symbolism of life as the spiral path. Life as a line or a circle doesn’t make sense to me – but the spiral does. Seeing that we come back around to the same places, we visit the past – but we experience it differently, from a new vantage point, always growing and expanding.  That’s beautiful, right? 

I’ve had a bit of a draw to spiral items, I’ve noticed. 

The week before Beltane, my goddess oracle card was Lakshmi – Abundance. Felt very fitting. 

Tonight, as I drew a new card for my altar, the thought came to me: “and how is it that I will experience this abundance?”

…and I drew Cerridwen. 

Death and Rebirth. 

That felt strange for a second, but I suppose it really makes sense. There must be cleared space in my life for abundance to flow in, to be realized. Right now, five planets are retrograde, bringing a definite time of review…and the sun is in my 12th house of closure and rest. 

I’m clearly being shown that this time of rest, review, renewal…it will bring some death and some rebirth, but all for my continued path on this spiral journey.  It all flows together. 

Now, to learn what is dying and transforming…


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