repost: Sun in Cancer now

On the summer solstice (June 21st), the sun moved from Gemini into protective, sensitive Cancer, where it will journey to July 22nd.  During this time, we look for quality and safety in what we create and surround ourselves with.  Interest may shift from the universal to more personal themes – we are emotionally sensitive, and family/home are a focus during this month.


“With sun in Cancer, there is an emphasis on family values and on memory; the traditions of the past.  Even though nature beckons, we are family rather than individually oriented at this time.  The ritual of summer barbecue brings everyone together.  There is softness and a nurturing quality to our approach now that cements the ties of kinship and of individual security within the family circle.”

Cancer sun provides a prime time for hanging out and connecting with family and friends over Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, or during summer vacation. It’s time to refuel and rejuvenate with this water sign before the intensity of the harvest cycle gets into full swing.

Tune into places in your life and business where you can create more comfort. Nurture yourself, your projects, your business, and those around you. Create an emotional safe space for what is tender, young, and growing in your life.

Apply liberal doses of love to every creation you are magnetizing into your life. Pouring love into your creation mix means also filling yourself with the pure sweet essence of water’s primary power. Only when your inner water is fully nourished by love and appreciation can you magnetize your dreams from the most grace-filled place. This window is the perfect opportunity to fill yourself to overflowing.

While you are at it, reflect on your creations and see if they need any other element for an abundant ripening. As you align your dreams and desires with the unified field of all the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, with Spirit flowing through all) sometimes an element needs to be strengthened. Perhaps an aspect of your mental beliefs or your old emotional program needs to be cleared for your creations to flourish. Just like growing a garden in your yard, sometimes rocks and roots need to be removed, or fertilizer, water, or more sun need to be added so that your flowers and veggies may thrive.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Cancer Sun:

  • Bathe yourself in love.
  • Go play in the ocean, lake, river, pool, or tub.
  • Nurture yourself with the intent of rejuvenation.
  • Treat yourself to a two-hour massage or your favorite love-your-body treat.
  • Honor Water and give thanks for its nourishment.
  • Spend time relaxing with your family and friends.
  • Love and appreciate the people in your life.

How will you be honoring and using this protective, sensitive energy this month?


Celebrate The Summer Solstice With These 6 Empowering Outdoor Rituals

from mindbodygreen

Celebrate The Summer Solstice With These 6 Empowering Outdoor Rituals Hero Image

Today we celebrate the summer solstice—a powerful planetary event when the Earth’s cycle shifts and our relationship to the sun changes.

It’s the longest day of the year, and the Northern Hemisphere is currently bathing in the fierce fire energy of the sun. Countless cultures throughout human history have revered the summer solstice as sacred and divine.

It’s a beautiful day to find a moment to pause and soak in that rich summer energy and connect more deeply with yourself and your Divine.

Here are six simple yet meaningful rituals to help you harness the power of the summer solstice:

1. Watch the sunrise.

Every sunrise symbolizes a new beginning. Today’s is particularly powerful, and you can use its energy to fuel whatever new beginnings you are currently experiencing.

Find a good place to view the sunrise. Plan to arrive several minutes before the main event so you have time to pause, relax, and really absorb the moment. Take several deep breaths to ground yourself while you wait. As the sun begins to rise, think about what is newly beginning for you. What do you hope will grow with the strength of this summer solstice sun.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, close your eyes and picture that new beginning as a golden orb, burning inside you. As you breathe in, feel the sun’s rich energy adding to that fire. With each breath, visualize it burning bigger and brighter. Walk away with the confidence that whatever new growth you desire has now been lit afire.

2. Have a reading.

The powerful energy of the solstice makes it the perfect day to have a spiritual reading. If you’re able to treat yourself to a professional reading, today is a fun day to do so. But if not, even a total beginner can glean interesting insights by giving themselves a personal reading.

Find a comfortable spot and take several deep breaths to center yourself. As with all these rituals, if you’re able to do it outside, all the better.

When you’re ready, draw three cards (they can be tarot cards, runes, etc.), one at a time. The first one represents your past; the second, your present; the third, your future. Lay all three cards in front of you.

Using the guide that came with your cards, read the meaning of the first card you drew, which represents the past. Spend some time reflecting on what this might mean for you. Perhaps the card represents something you’ve let go of, something you’ve overcome, or something that fueled you to get where you are—your present.

Do the same for the other two cards. Spend some time reflecting on what each card means in the context of your present and future. Don’t worry about getting it “right”; there is no right or wrong. Just breathe, reflect, and see what comes up for you.

3. Light your fire.

The summer solstice is a powerful day to take a sun bath. This is an excellent way to soak in the abundant, passionate, hot summer energy and use it to light your inner fire.

Find a spot to lie on your back in the sun. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. As you breathe, begin reflecting on your inner strength, your fire—that part of yourself that is confident, and powerful, and badass. Picture that part of yourself as a fire burning inside of you; it may be fierce and strong, or it may only be a spark.

Feel the solstice sun shine on you, and pull that fierce, fiery, hot summer energy into your body with each breath. Picture its fire adding to your own inner fire. Continue to breathe in the sun’s fire; absorb it as long as you’re able. When you rise, you will continue to carry that fire with you. Whenever your confidence wanes or you need to access your inner fire, picture it burning inside you.

4. Journal.

Again, find a good spot to sit outside. Take a few deeps breaths to ground and center, and let your spirit charge in the sun for a moment. Then, spend some time reflecting on these seasonally inspired questions and prompts:

  • Summer is the season of fire. Reflect on the fire that burns inside of you, that fire that makes you feel fierce and powerful. Express gratitude for that part of yourself. How does that fire manifest in your life? What has it helped you accomplish recently?
  • On the summer solstice, the sun is at its peak. Write about a time recently that you felt at your peak. What are some peak moments you experienced this year? What have you accomplished recently that you feel really proud of?
  • This is also a time of letting go. Once the solstice sun reaches its peak, it has completed its cycle, and we begin letting go as the days grow shorter again. What has come to completion in your life? What are you realizing no longer serves you that you must let go of? How will letting go of these things allow you to change and grow?

5. Watch the sunset.

The sun reaches its peak on the summer solstice. It completes its cycle of growth and we begin to let it go as the days start to grow shorter again.

While you watch this setting sun, spend some time reflecting on what has reached its peak in your life. What feats, large or small, have you accomplished recently? Whatever it is, take a moment to feel proud of yourself. As you enjoy this glorious sunset, tell yourself this: “ I am. So. Damn. Proud of myself.” And mean it! Life is hard. You’re rockin’ it.

6. Light a fire.

The summer solstice is a beautiful evening to (carefully!) light a campfire. You can also do this ritual by simply lighting a candle.

After you’ve lit your fire, take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Reflect on what “debris” you’d like to set fire to. What is no longer serving you that you’re ready to burn away? Get really clear on what you need to let go of. Take a moment and jot these things down on scraps of paper.

Gazing at your fire, continue to take deep breaths. With each inhale, draw in that fierce, hot fire energy. Really feel the fire entering your spirit. With each breath, envision your fire growing larger and stronger until it is raging within you. When you are ready, toss your papers into the fire. (If you are using a candle, make sure you do this extremely carefully. Burn them in the sink or a fireproof bowl.)

As you watch the papers burn, envision that inner fire burning all your debris away. Once the papers are gone and the fire has burned those things away inside you, begin to envision what your life looks like with these things now gone. What rich new life is going to take root? What will now grow stronger within you?

Sagittarius Full Moon: A World You Want To Live In

in the light of all that’s been happening in the world recently, this post hit home for me.

Attractive woman over the cloud world map

Sagittarius Full Moon: A World You Want To Live In

Have you ever found your self in a relationship dynamic that you didn’t want to be in? Ever find your self, wondering: How did it get this bad? Was it the leaky faucet we neglected to fix? All those times I went silent when I should’ve spoken? That’s how many of us feel, lately, living in this world gone mad. And this dysfunctional relationship is extremely one-sided. The world is not being a good listener. It doesn’t ask you what you want and need, nor does it care. No matter how much you try to fix it, no matter how much you try to help, like an alcoholic that needs to bottom out on its own, it does what it does. No, it’s not going to change — not anytime soon, anyhow.

Yet here we are, on social media, in our conversations, attempting to have a relationship with a world gone crazy. My social media feed is a noisy cacophony of responses. Planet of communication, Mercury, in Gemini, is filling out a t-square to the Saturn-Neptune square at this Full Moon. Language can feel futile right now; how does one engage nonsense? As the saying goes, You can’t reason with crazy. Opinions have never been so freely on tap, and when everyone feels the need to speak up and share what they think, how we use our words becomes increasingly important. Do we perpetuate fear, or love, with our words and thoughts? I’ve decided the only appropriate response to world events is art. Perhaps, poetry. Maybe some spoken word:

Make all things possible again because I cannot see

I AM in a snowstorm searching for my keys

I’m being bombarded by a thousand things I did not ever want, nor ask for

None of this is mine

All of this is mine,


No, this isn’t a world I created -at least I don’t remember doing so. Yet now it is mine and I, and you, have a choice about how to participate. We can throw our words into the ring- share the innumerable meme and hate-battling sentiments, fill up our rectangular white comment blocks with more… words (sometimes our participation magnifies something, making it bigger). We can allow the fire to purify our purpose and send us on a mission to do some real good and healing. We can become a more effective change-maker (and if you know how to do this, please step forward now). If we’ve ever contributed to the shadows of bigotry, prejudice, hate and injustice that’s plaguing us now, we have the responsibility to help clean that stuff up. Or we can choose to not participate.

Let me say this: You are not a cruel and insensitive person for not openly bleeding all over your Facebook feed. Refusing to engage with a world gone mad is not avoidance. It is preservation of sanity.  I’m thinking of the recently deceased Muhammad Ali, a conscientious objector who decided to not participate in something unconscionable- the Vietnam War. I’m thinking of myself, and all the empaths who, when an act of violence drops into the atmosphere, feel it in our physical body, as something painfully destabilizing that starts making little then more noticeable inroads into our sanity, centeredness, and ability to hold peace and healing for our selves and others. Empathic or not, we are all being impacted by world events on energetic levels.

We may not be able to choose the world we live in, but we can choose to inhabit a world we want to live in. Full Moon Sagittarius shines a light beam of hope and possibility into the darkness. Let’s reach for higher ground– if only inside our self. Let’s imagine a world we want to live in. Close your eyes. What do you see? Everything is possible inside your mind’s eye, perhaps not on the outside (not yet anyhow) but inside you have an arena to play and create. Follow your inspirations, now more than ever. Give yourself permission to have a sacred sanctuary that upholds everything you stand for, your beliefs, your loves, beauty, values and truth. Hang out there. Often. You are not burying your head in the sand. You are holding a light of peace for us all. 

I create the world I want to live in. I take many trips to the garden. I court hummingbirds, wear rose oil and read books I love because this makes me feel good. Instead of giving myself over to emotional depletion, I vigilantly fill myself up. I remember what’s important, as a practice, many times a day and when fear, paranoia and despair arises from the ego structures that perpetuate them, I let that stuff go. That is not the world I want to live in. By not participating in a world I do not want, I start to create the world I want. That’s how I help heal everything. I plant flowers. I listen to music. I make dinner. I make love. I make art.

I do my women’s work

The work that all women do,

Silent but not quiet

We ask for fresh water, for healing, cleansing

We make magic disguised as small ordinary everyday things

Feeling blood pump back into muscle

Remembering what’s not mine and what is mine, strength grows

There is power in small places

A garden can feed a neighborhood

A bedroom can conceive a life

A dream can give rise to vision

An ant can pull 5,000x her body weight

Miracles happen

A hippopotamus gives strawberry pink milk to her young

My strawberry flows into me and into you

I leave a trail of sweet smelling fragrance wherever I walk

Light follows me

Sound of music and birds find me

I open my mailbox and I receive… my self


I can find myself again because I know where to look

I can take nourishment in the Mother

Venus has just entered Cancer, sign of the Mother Goddess, and the Sun will join her on this Full Moon day. The feminine always has healing nourishment on hand. The feminine, with her ability to nourish beauty and all of life even in the most desolate of times, can turn bitter vinegar into sweet wine, can teach us how to heal, and, like a flower gently turning toward the sun, open our hearts to love. She awaits, a perpetual invitation to remember our divinity. This is my world, a world I want to live in. I choose to inhabit this world. How about you?

Summer and Winter Solstice Rituals

Solstices are important and ritualistic days that were designed to celebrate the changing of the seasons and a new energy.

solstice rituals

You can read more about this years Solstice energy here, but if you are curious how to celebrate and honour this Divine time, here are some easy rituals.

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice celebrates the longest day of the year, a day that is believed to hold the greatest energy, prosperity, vitality and strength.

In Pagan times, the Summer Solstice was referred to as Litha and rituals were conducted to honour the Sun gods, the Divine Light and the element of fire.

People would rejoice and energize themselves under the warm light of the sun, believing that because the Sun was strongest that day, so too was God.

Vibrationally, the Summer Solstice is a time when Yang energy is high as well as the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Today, there are many ways that you can pay tribute to the sun including spending time outdoors, bringing nature into your home, setting up a fairy garden, doing yoga sun salutations, chakra mediations or lighting a candle.

Creating a protective amulet for the year ahead that is charged with the energy of the solstice is also a great way to capture the energy and vitality of the Sun. Here’s how:

summer solstice ritual


  • Choose your favorite or a new crystal that evokes feelings of strength, passion, fertility, prosperity, creativity, fire or any other energy that you relate to the Sun.
  • Go outside and create a little altar adorned with a Mandala of orange, yellow or red flowers. Alternatively you can decorate your altar with orange, red and yellow fruits and vegetables or herbs.
  • Your altar should also include a small bowl of water to help balance the energy. Keep a space in the center of your Mandala or altar for your crystal.
  • Place your Crystal over your heart or stomach and set your intention- what energy do you want to bring in for the rest of the year?
  • There are no “rules” what intention you create, but because we are dealing with the energy of the Sun, try to set an intention that is based on taking action.
  • Place your crystal in the center of your Altar or Mandala and allow it to soak up the energy of the Sun- best done from sunrise to sunset.
  • To help your intention to be received, spend the day enjoy yourself and basking in the warm, prosperous rays of the Sun.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness or the rebirth of the Sun and is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.

In Pagan times the Winter Solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy. It was believed that on this day, the Moon would give birth to the Sun.

Because of this, many celebrated Yule as a day where light reigned over darkness and believed it was a sign of good things to come.

Just like the Summer Solstice, the Winter Solstice was also celebrated with fire however, while the Summer Solstice was more about fertility, the Winter Solstice was honoured as a time of birth or the start of a new cycle.

Yule was traditionally celebrated by lighting a candle or decorating trees with holly. In fact, many Yule rituals have been adopted in the celebration of Christmas.

Today, there are many ways you can celebrate the Winter Solstice such as spending time writing in a journal, inner reflection, doing dream work or meditation, working on your Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras and bringing more Yin energy into the home.

You can also celebrate with a Goddess bath on the night of the Winter Solstice to help clear away the old and welcome the new. Here’s how:

winter solstice ritual

  • Fill up a bath with warm (not hot) water and light some candles or incense around the bath.
  • Next, you want to add cleansing herbs to the bath such as sage, chamomile, basil, peppermint, cinnamon, sandalwood, lavender or rosemary. You can add them dried, fresh or as essential oils.
  • As you sink into the warm water, imagine yourself being purified and cleansed from your feet all the way up to your head. Allow yourself to relax into the water and imagine all the old and unnecessary thoughts and feelings being washed away by the energy of the night.
  • Honour your shadow self and offer your fears to the Mother Moon. Allow her to give you the power to re-birth them into something new and positive.
  • After the ritual, drain the tub water out completely and discard the herbs outside in the moonlight.

We are all connected to the Universe, the Sun, the Moon and Mother Earth, so no matter what ritual you choose to do on the Solstice, why not spend a few moments feeling and honouring this Divine connection.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice (from sage goddess)


Gold Fashion Model Dress, Woman In Golden Silk Gown Flowing Fabric, Beautiful Girl on Stars Sky looking up

What is Summer Solstice

As the passing days grow steadily longer, we prepare to welcome the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year in the North, and the longest night of the year in the South. In Pagan tradition this day is known as Litha. The Summer Solstice is a Divine midway point; it is a portal into the third space, and the great divider of time and space. It represents balance between light and dark, both outside of and within you. Balance is what we all seek, and at the two Solstice points of the year (summer and winter) we are offered access to a doorway in time, one which our ancestors have historically viewed as sacred and holy. It’s not just the season changing; in the North, it is all of nature surrendering to the fire of light, while in the South, nature surrenders to the shadows to welcome back the returning sun.

When we practice magic, we do little more than mirror nature to work with the natural cadence of life. In summer, the drumbeat is deep and strong, pulsing within and through us. The energies of South and Fire bring courage, passion, enthusiasm, fearlessness, confidence, and control. These are the energies of the Solstice.

This year, the Summer Solstice aligns with June’s Full Moon. How exciting is that? I invite you all to join in my June Full Moon Ritual, which will take place on the Summer Solstice and will honor the Goddess Asherah, Queen of Heaven. The last time this occurred was 1948, and there will not be another full moon on the exact day of the Summer Solstice until 2054! This is a special one, beloveds. Honor it. (Visit the Farmer’s Almanac to further explore the history of the moon and solstices.)

What Summer Solstice energy means to me

I feel the Solstice before it comes. I am attuned to its energy, and I feel a shifting, a renewal. A turning of the Great Wheel propelling us forward into a future which holds infinite possibility. It’s a time of great anticipation, marked and honored by our ancestors since time began. To me, the Summer Solstice is a bridge between the first and last halves of the year; it is our wake-up call to get moving. If 2016 isn’t quite turning out the way you intended, this is the time to ask yourself, “What can I do now to change the outcome of this year?” You are steering this ship. Where are you leading it? This is the day to honor past, present, and future.

Do not focus too much on the coming darkness of harvest season; instead, focus on the fire and light which we have in the present moment. Be mindful, be focused, be clear. Summer is the time of celebrating all that will come to fruition during this season of warmth, as days grow longer and our energy is boosted by the warmth of the sun. My Litha Summer Solstice Ritual Kit is intended to help you both celebrate and welcome the summer, to help you connect to sun energy, and the creative growth of this time. Perform your ritual on June 20, as well as the days preceding and succeeding the holiday, to capture the energy in its fullest form. Use it to light the flame within you. The Earth warms to the caress of Grandfather Sun, and all of nature is alive in this moment. The plants, herbs, and flowers are in full bloom, and we see the newborns of spring mature with each passing day.

A Solstice Full Moon Ritual

What does it mean for the Full Moon to fall on the exact day of the Summer Solstice? This is rare, and I believe this is a grand portal of energy, space, and opportunity, opening for you to connect with your deepest sense of Source or God to ask the big questions about your life. Step out in faith, and imagine what is fully possible for yourself in 2016. Dream an expansive vision for your life which, as the darkness slowly returns, can be harvested come autumn to sustain you through the ever shortening days. Use this powerful portal to let go of fears, doubts, and insecurities. Release anger and sadness to the Solstice fires as the full moon energy calls for completion.  Here are some simple tips for a powerful Solstice ritual you can do alone or with a group:

  • Smudge, and open your circle.
  • Anoint yourself with Solstice Perfume, or another ritual blend of summer herbs such as orange, sunflower, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and angelica root.
  • Light your Litha, Summer Solstice, or Full Moon Candle.
  • Work with Solar Plexus Chakra stones such as citrine, honey calcite, or yellow aventurine.
  • Visualize yourself crossing a bridge – the land you leave on one side is what has already been. The land you approach is all that awaits you. The bridge is all that is right now.
  • Ask yourself: What does your future look like? Who are you taking with you into the months ahead? Who or what are you leaving behind? What new opportunities, experiences, jobs, and connections do you wish to experience?
  • Visualize what might come to pass as you gaze into your candle’s flame.
  • Ask the Universe to bring your dreams to life, for the Highest Good of all. Claim balance and alignment on this midway holiday.
  • Close your ritual and circle with the conclusory affirmation “Amen, Aho, and So it is.”

This is a great night to divine what lies ahead in the year for you. Read your tarot, scry in your spheres and mirrors, ask of your pendulum, and see what insight comes to you. Set your intentions on your summer altar, with these Litha tools, to see your dreams come to fruition as the sun begins his journey south.

Solstice blessings,

prayer for the day

I recently wrote about my own internal process of reconciling myself with some terms and ideas that I relate to Christianity, which, in truth, are much broader.  one of those is the idea of prayer.

where I used to feel that prayer is a uniquely christian-based act, over time, I have realized it is far from it – our conception of prayer and addressing the divine existed for centuries before the christ was even an idea.

yesterday, I awoke to news of a mass shooting in orlando.  I will not make any commentary here – I simply don’t feel up to it, except to say that I can’t wrap my mind around such hate. normally, the news doesn’t get to me, but this act really began to bother me as I read about it.  I felt helpless.  and it occurred to me, the only thing I felt I could do was offer prayers.

so, I referred to my handy “book of pagan prayer” for something to bring comfort, and I wanted to share and record some here…hopefully they are a source of comfort and strength to someone out there reading, regardless of the deity or divinity your heart and spirit choose to address.

“with your soothing fingers,
wipe away the lines that worries have etched on our faces.
surround us with calm,
let us rest in the glow of peace,
as if we were encircled with the Moon’s own light.
let our concerns and tensions drain from us,
pouring as water into your Earth.
accept our troubles
and transform them into wonders.”

“I drop these fears into your ocean
and watch them sink from sight.
I place these fears on your broad Earth
and see them rot away.
I put these fears into your hands
and they are no more.
When you offer your arms to me,
Great Mother,
your hands hold nothing but love.”

and so it is.
prayers for all of us.

Celtic Month of the Oak

Celtic Calendar: Oak Month, June 10 – July 7

At the height of the Midsummer, the Celtic Moon month of Oak is the perfect time to cast spells that encourage growth of all things.

Oak in the forest towers with might,
In the fire brings the Gods in sight.

I honor the energy of oak, the doorway to the mysteries.
I will call upon the strength of the Horned One when I feel in need of protection.
So mote it be.


Some quick notes on the tree and the month:

1. The Oak moon falls when the trees are beginning to reach their full blooming stages. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors. The Oak King rules over the summer months, and this tree was sacred to the Druids. The Celts called this month Duir, which some scholars believe to mean “door”, the root word of “Druid”.

2. Oak month is a good time for spells for protection and strength, fertility, money and success, and good fortune.

3. Tip: Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck.

4. Oak trees act as a conduit for the energy of endurance, fortitude and strength, offering a magical remedy for fear and despair.  They bring courage and protection from adversity.  Meditating with your spine resting on the trunk of an oak tree soothes the nervous system and induces feelings of inner peace.

Lesson of the Oak (from “The Wisdom of Trees”)

“The oak represents courage and endurance, and the protective power of faith. The tree’s noble presence and nurturing habit reassured ancient peoples that, with the good will of their gods, their leader, and their warriors, they could prevail against all odds.
As the Tree of the Dagda, the oak offers protection and hospitality without question, although its true rewards are only apparent to the honest and brave. The ancient Celts deplored lies and cowardice. To be judged mean spirited could result in exclusion from the clan, which was one of the most shameful and most feared of all punishments.
Like the oak, we would do well to receive without prejudice all those who seek our help, sharing what we have without resentment or reservation. The oak reminds us all that the strength to prevail, come what may, lies in an open mind and a generous spirit.
Inflexibility, however, is the oak’s one weakness and the tree is prone to lose limbs in storms.  The oak therefore carries the warning that stubborn strength that resists will not ensure and may break under strain.”

How are you celebrating or using this oak energy in your own life?


The longest day of the year and the shortest nightfall is during the Oak Moon.  Known as the Summer Solstice, celebrations revolve around the power of the Sun at its zenith.  Folklore decrees, “He who sleeps on the shortest night shall sleep all year,” meaning that this is a time for action, not rest.

Magical Solar Energy

Magic at this time should concentrate on areas of life that fall under sunny auspices, such as health, success, prosperity and blessings.  Cast spells that inject solar energy into your projects by decorating your altar with gold and yellow.  Wear orange to boost your and stamina.


The oak can be used as a haven for restoration.  When your spirit needs rest and comfort it can be soothed beneath the tree’s vast branches, and many sacred rituals were conducted in the shadow of an oak tree in Ancient Britain.  Meditating with your spine resting on the trunk of an oak tree soothes the nervous system and induces feelings of inner peace.

Brave Energy

Oak trees act as a conduit for the energy of endurance, fortitude and strength, offering a magical remedy for fear and despair.  They bring courage and protection from adversity.


Growth and fertility spells work best at this time of year.
Focus on building and consolidating your wisdom, endurance and security.

Feel energized by the power of the Sun and oak during this magical time of year.  Harness powerful solar energies for Oak Moon spells to bring cheer and success to your life. 

Oak Moon Activities

As the Sun reaches the height of its power in the month of Oak, so then energy of the natural world – and your own spirits will soar.  Use this abundant feeling of vitality to attune yourself to the season and engage in some of these activities.

  • Dance outside in the Sun – it’s so energizing.
  • Go for a walk every day and enjoy the long, light summer evenings.
  • Keep an acorn form the fall and use it as a charm during the Oak Moon.
  • Have a gold-themed dinner to celebrate the Sun.
  • Bury a letter to the fairies under an oak tree, detailing your summer wishes.
  • Wear an oak leaf in your hair to bring you luck.
  • Kiss an oak tree to increase your attractiveness.

Solar Success Spell

Make a wish during the Oak Moon to imbue it with solar energy.  You’ll need to choose a wishing symbol, such as a coin for wealth.

You Will Need:

  • Gold candle
  • Symbol of your intention
  • Oak leaves

1. Hold the gold candle towards the sky and say, “Power of the Sun enter this candle.  May the flame of success burn brightly.”  Place the candle in a holder next to a spell symbol that represents your wish.

2. Surround the candle with oak leaves and say, “Mighty oak tree, lend me your strength.”

3. Light the candle and make your wish, then let the candle burn down – success will be yours.

Symbolism: Sovereignty, rulership, power, Strength & Endurance, Generosity & Protection, Justice & Nobility, Honesty & Bravery

Stone: Diamond, Aventurine

Metal: Gold

Birds: Oriole, Wren

Color: Gold

Deity: The Dagda, The Green Man, Janus, Diana, Cybele, Hecate, Pan

Sabbat: Summer Solstice (Litha)

Medicinal properties: The medicinal park of the Oak is its bark, because of the strong astringent properties. Internally as a tea it helps fight diarrhea and dysentery. Externally it can be used to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds, and eczema. The tannin found in oak can help reduce minor blistering by boiling a piece of the bark in a small amount of water until a strong solution is reached, and applying to the affected area.  

Magickal properties: Dreaming of resting under an oak tree means you will have a long life and wealth. Climbing the tree in your dream means a relative will have a hard time of it in the near future. Dreaming of a fallen oak means the loss of love. If you catch a falling oak leaf you shall have no colds all winter. If someone does get sick, warm the house with an oakwood fire to shoo away the illness. Carry an acorn against illnesses and pains, for immortality and youthfulness, and to increase fertility and sexual potency. Carrying any piece of the oak draws good luck to you (remember to ask permission and show gratitude.)

Oak twigs bound together with red thread into a solar cross or a pentagram will make a mighty protective talisman for the home, car, or in your desk or locker at work. 

“Oaken twigs and strings of red
Deflect all harm, gossip and dread.”

Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Moon Mother of Oak

by Katherine Torres, Ph.D., 1998

The Oak tree is considered the most powerful and most sacred of the trees to the Celtic peoples. It holds the true alignment of balance, purpose and strength. In the cycle of the year, the Moon of Oak also poses the essence of power and balance. In truth, She is androgynous. Being integrated, this moon essence provides the greatest alignment for manifesting our goal.

 Oak Mother’s Celtic name is Duir. It means door and is derived from the word Druid or Druidess, the Celtic person who has mastered memory, intuition, healing, knowing and magic.

The Oak Mother provides the essence of assuredness, love, and care for her offspring. She is pro-nurturing and calls you to understand how you use this energy at the time when you have given birth to your potential. Like the mother who has just delivered her child to the world, you are called to watch the growth, care for the needs of your child, and love the child no matter what course s/he has to walk to develop, mature, and express in whole-ness. Let this be so as you nurture your goal in the world.

Look about you during this month. What creative aspects of yourself have you birthed? Are you nurturing them? And are you integrating your potential into all aspects of yourself: spiritually, mentally, physically, through your ego, by listening to the voice of your soul? Use a journal to express the answers to these questions. If you find that you are not doing anything, then ask yourself what you want to birth, how you will nurture your creativity and integrate it into all of your aspects? Be strong, wise and willing.

Doors of opportunity are here and now in your world. Duir, Moon Mother of Oak, provides you with the strength to open the doors and utilize the openings to step into the experiences that will bring fulfillment, purpose, and your creative pleasure. As you look at the doors before you, adjust any energy that would stop you from walking through those doors without your strength and purpose. This is your opportunity to use the Universal energies present in the world to bring you to the moment of balance and direction for manifesting your heart’s desires.

The people you meet during this month will be supportive. But are they supporting your empowerment or are they supporting your old patterns? Notice how they assist you. Do you feel they help you in the way you need? If so, give gratitude. If not, tell the truth and let them know what you really require, for in that way they can give useful assistance. Oak Moon Mother provides you with the strength to tell the truth, live in your personal power, and share life with others through that strength of your genuine self.

Through the essence of your genuine self, you will also assist others without the need to “make them” what they “should” be. You will simply be able to listen, communicate, and express your care and encouragement as they manifest their potential. It is important that you honor their position of creative expression. In that way, the true empowerment of appreciation occurs in all peoples, and the knowing that we all are here for the purpose to help each other can occur.

The gift of Oak Moon Mother is that of revealing the talents of each child of the Universe and having them share their talents so not a single person is burdened, not a single person is without.

Oak Moon Mother provides great affluence as she reigns in our night sky. She provides abundance, strength, empowerment, nurturing, companionship and rewards. She presents the world with the essence of fertility, the power to manifest, and the capacity to create the world that one needs for success. She provides the essence of balance: work and play, action and rest, speaking and silence.

What do you need at this time? Let The Oak Moon Mother assist you in manifesting exactly what you need. The time for realizing your potential is now.


Tree Magick

by Gillian Kemp

Good Fortune, or something of great importance that you will treasure forever, gravitates towards you. You will have many good luck opportunities and may already have realized one great wish. There is no end to the fulfillment of many more dreams.

Your blessing cannot be prevented, because heaven and fate have preordained your great success. 

If you sit under an Oak tree, you may see an angel sent to give you a message. You may instead hear an answer whispered in the rustling of the Oak’s leaves or its hollow trunk. 

Like the Oak, you are hardy and anchored by a network of roots. Those destined for you will come.

New Moon in Gemini

(happy astrological new year to all of us, fellow Geminis!)
Tonight (Saturday) at 11:00 PM EST, the Moon aligns with the Sun in almost 15 degrees of Gemini. This is the beginning of a new Moon cycle. With the New Moon in curious, quick-witted, chatty, versatile Gemini, we are asked to connect to others and share our hearts out for this New Moon cycle. 
This is a “busy” energy, with a focus on communicating and collecting information; we are invited to look at our mental programming and conditioned mind. What thought structures need to go? Which would we like to create?
Gemini is asking us to stay in movement, and at the same time, think about all that we need to know to move forward. It also calls on us to share ourselves. Here are some questions for this New Moon: If I listened to my inner dialog about relationships and what I value, what would I overhear? What is my mind saying to me that might no longer serve my evolution? What needs to change?
Saturn in Sagittarius still remains the focus points of a T-square with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces…this has been going on for a while now — since this New Moon falls exactly into the “empty leg” of that T-square, we are invited to remain curious, open-minded and adaptable for the next 28 days. These planetary positions create a powerful Grand Cross, one that invites us to stretch (and grow) beyond what we currently believe ourselves to be, what we believe to be true, how we connect to our inner and outer dialogue, how we understand life, how we apply ourselves in life!
Do you perceive things as they really are? Where do you tend to make assumptions? Where do you have rigid expectations? 
What might be possible if you approached things with a “beginner’s mind” — dropping all the “filters” through which you normally see yourself/others/life? Could you trust your own inner truth about “right and wrong” without getting rigid — in other words, without imposing that “truth” on others? Could you remain curious about other people’s “truths”?

Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is in Taurus at the time of the New Moon, opposing Mars in Scorpio, inviting us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves. We are ready to speak up about anything out of alignment with our core values — perhaps more quickly than we meant to — and in particular, speak a firm “No” when it is the loving thing to do for ourselves. 

When it comes to learning, we’ll prefer demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts. We learn best when we see real-world uses for the theories we are trying to absorb — we simply process information better when we can personalize it and attach it to the practical world. We’ll likely find ourselves asking “what use is it to me?” quite a bit.

The spiritual quest of Gemini is the development of perception, thought, and communication. With each new thought or memory, new connections are created in the brain; the more we think a particular thought, the deeper the “pathways” are worn. 

What thoughts and mental processes might be leading us into limiting places and lower vibrations? How can we lovingly embrace our imperfections and limitations? What about those of others? 

The New Moon is also the best time to set some powerful intentions for this month’s Moon cycle. This is best done soon after the New Moon becomes exact — and definitely not during a Moon void of course phase. You have 48 hours after the time of the New Moon to write some powerful intentions for this Lunar month — so this month, the best time to set intentions would be any time between 11pm Saturday late evening and 12:47pm EDT on Sunday early afternoon. Then again on Sunday from 11:41pm until 11pm EDT Monday late evening.  

june 2016 theme: adaptability

The main theme for June is ADAPTABILITY

from the power path

We have been put through the paces, initiated into the unknown, forced to trust (May’s theme) and are now facing our own resistance to change and evolution. This month we will get to experience that resistance is futile and stems only from our own fears of the unknown and our attachment to what we know. It is time to adapt to what is actually happening and to where the energy wants to flow.

You do not have to like some of the things that are happening, you just have to stop resisting them. Resistance requires a lot of energy that can be better spent elsewhere. This is a choice. If you really embraced the lessons around trust last month, you should find yourself in a place of greater acceptance and flexibility. Resistance is fear based and usually accompanied by negative emotions such as anger, martyrdom, judgment, resentment and blame. It can cause depression and anxiety negating inspiration, enthusiasm and your zest for life.

Adaptability is the ability to take a current situation or circumstance that is either unfamiliar or somehow unacceptable, and instead of resisting or blocking it, accepting and allowing it through your own choice. Instead of putting all of your energy into resistance and judgment, choose instead to put it into being resourceful and proactive in any situation. Many of you have had to deal with unexpected situations that have thrown you off your balance and known ways of living your life. Some of you have already needed to adapt to changes not of your choosing. Choice is the key, as it will keep you out of martyrdom and resistance.

When you can be proactive with your choice to accept and be flexible, the universe opens more possibilities for you. Instead of focusing on the door that is closing, look around you at all the ones that are opening. The more flexible and accepting you can be, the more resourceful you will be with an easier time adjusting and adapting to current situations. We have a lot of movement this month and those of you who are attached to controlling how things go, will definitely have to let go of that control. The trust theme of May follows us into this month and will be around as a reminder to turn what you do not understand over to spirit rather than to be overly obsessive.

We are in an accelerated time of evolution and transformation. We are adjusting to a new paradigm and although it may not seem like it based on all the negative happenings in the world, we are actually moving forward in the larger picture. How you navigate this month will determine how well you can migrate into the new paradigm without excruciating growing pains. So drop your resistance and adapt to what is now, what is new, what is gone, and what is coming. If you focus on your choice to be resourceful instead of fearful, you will rekindle your enthusiasm and inspiration for what could be instead of feeding the fear, which is an illusion anyway.

Adaptability supports seeing opportunity in every challenge. If you feel beaten down by recent events, get back up, shake yourself off, and choose to continue to move forward. If things do not happen the way you planned or if your plans get changed, be flexible, resilient and accepting. Instead of stewing about how it did not work out, adjust and adapt to something new. It is a great month for stepping into anything new; a new routine, a new relationship, a new project, or a new look. Make sure you are choosing it proactively as you adapt to new energies and resourceful ways of moving forward.

We are not going back. Evolution only goes in one direction. The increase in energy and complexity is here to stay. So you can adapt or you can suffer. Your choice.


How the month shows up


This is a great month to honor personal change. Whatever has been internalized over the past few months has a possibility for outward manifestation this month. For example, if you have been working on better health, your health could outwardly improve this month. If you have been dreaming about starting a new area of study or a new project, you could have both the resources and the support for actually getting started.

The growing pains of your recent personal growth will also subside as you begin to show up in the world, well adapted to the transformation. Expect sudden changes to continue and be prepared to be flexible, accepting and resourceful. As you continue to trust, make sure you are also doing practices that keep your energy positive and your frequency as high as possible. Beware of matching others who are struggling and remember that you cannot take away someone else’s pain or do their growth for them. Be the light and be the example. Focus on the fun and the magic of life as you adapt to what is here and coming.

Most of all be inspired by what’s new instead of regretting the past. It is time to put your creativity and inspiration first and to calendar time for yourself doing what you love to do. Others will adapt.



The most important relationship this month is the relationship with yourself. It is a great month to reflect on who you are, what you need, what you desire, what you have been putting up with, what needs to change, and how and where you need to adapt in order to live more fully and authentically. Once you make your choices and set your intentions, then others will need to adapt to them. This is the hard part as there may be relationships that are unable or unwilling to adapt to your choices. Beware of overly compromising based on the fear of loss. Stay true to yourself no matter what the consequence. This month there is good support for being authentic and for moving forward in a new way.

There also may be relationships that evolve with you as well as new ones that drop in suddenly and feel like you have known them your whole life. In times of great change there is often a shake up and an acceleration of people connecting for agreements, karma and exchange. Don’t resist. Be accepting but proactive at the same time. People you have not seen or spoken with for many years may cycle back around into your field either for a completion of something karmic or a renewal of your connection from a new platform. So if you suddenly start thinking of someone from your past, reach out to them. It may be important.



It’s a good month for health as long as you keep things moving. It will be helpful to change it up a bit and to try new approaches to supporting your health and well- being. You will also get a lot of mileage out of taking some quality time for yourself to nurture not only your physical body but also your spiritual foundation. Whatever you do this month to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being will bring you great results and have far reaching effects. Focus and discipline will help you adapt to new routines and helpful practices. Good health and well-being is not automatic. You do need to put some energy and effort into it and to trust that if you do, you will see results.

Resistance and fear can affect the body. Resistance in the body feels weighty and burdensome. Fear will trigger anxiety and depression. So if you feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, depressed, lethargic, uninspired, resentful or angry, you are in resistance fueled by our fears. Drop the resistance, come into acceptance, and you will feel better and adapt more easily.

The other possibility this month for the physical body is to experience its ability for accelerated healing, miracles and performance. The body is capable of much more than we believe possible or that we credit it for. Try some “what if” questions this month related to your physical capabilities, health, energy levels and healing ability and see what happens. Remember to keep adapting to new situations physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



The environment is perhaps our greatest teacher for adapting to change. There is nothing like an environmental crisis to bring people together in an exercise of resourcefulness and adaptability. Weather continues to be extreme and unpredictable fueling crisis situations. Adapt your plans and schedule according to what the weather and environment may be dictating. You cannot change the weather but you do have a choice to adapt.

Adapt your personal immediate environment to any personal change you are experiencing or implementing especially if it will support a new dream. For example, you may redecorate or reorganize a room to support a new hobby or project important to you. You should feel a lot of energy and enthusiasm for these kinds of upgrades and changes.

In the greater environment, we can expect more wind, solar flares and dramatic events such as rock slides, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and storms.



Expect changes, handle crisis creatively and adapt where and what you need to. This is an excellent month to regroup, restructure, reinvent and reorganize. You will have the inspiration as well as the energy to think proactively, hopefully somewhat out of the box, and to adapt to new goals and desires as needed. Be open to new suggestions and unexpected opportunities.

If you are hitting a wall with a project or work situation let it rest for a while and then approach it from a different angle where it can be adapted to a new opportunity. You may also be able to see it more objectively as an old energy that needs to be let go. If you need to let something go, you can trust that another door will open that is better aligned and adapted to where you need to be at this time.

Restructuring may include schedules, finances, support people, the work itself and may also include taking a risk with trying something new. You will definitely be inspired to reorganize your space, throw away old outdated files, upgrade equipment and relationships where you need to and restart old tired projects with new energy.



June 1-7: A good time frame to look at anywhere you may have resistance to change. It is also a good time to observe where you may be reacting negatively to where the energy wants to go. Stop, regroup, accept, and intend to be adaptable with ease and grace. You may be faced with some opportunities that can feel overwhelming but chances are they are the right thing for you at this time. Take a deep breath, ask spirit for help and clarity and go for the risk. You have lots of support.

If you have any resistance, make a conscious effort to allay your fears through trust. Fear is never justified and no decision should be made from a place of fear. If you are faced with decisions, make them from a place of adventure, enthusiasm and inspiration knowing you always have the support of your allies.


June 4: New Moon is Saturday June 4, at 8:59 PM MDT. This is a marker of choice. Look at all the choices you have, have made or are in the process of making and observe how and what you are choosing. Are you choosing from fear or are you choosing from a place of courage, confidence and certainty? Are your choices for you or are they compromised towards someone else? Are your choices made from a place of reaction or are you being proactive with your own desires and goals?

This new moon is an internal time to process personal issues so if you are around a lot of others make sure you take some individual time to honor the new moon and what it can support you with.


June 8-15: Are you suffering? If so, you are not adapting very well. Embrace the fact that this new paradigm, this new energy with all of its complexity and pressure is here to stay. Practice acceptance during this time and find humor in your own process. This is a time when people from the past may surface. If you have karma to complete, or someone that wants to reconnect, this would be a good time to do it.

This is also a great time to do some restructuring of your schedule, goals, relationships, environment or work. Take a risk, try something new and don’t be afraid to eliminate what no longer works in your life. Focus on the doors that are likely to open instead of what is closing.

It is important that as you adapt to whatever the current situation is, you do it with acceptance, inspiration and enthusiasm. Make sure you have practices that keep your frequency as high as possible and stay away from the negativity of others. You will find there is a lot of projection being thrown around as others may be having a difficult time adapting. Don’t take it personally. It is not your problem.


June 16-22: This is a powerful time, the most powerful of the month. Take advantage of it by being proactive with adapting and proactive with your intentions. Embrace any challenge as an opportunity for change and improvement. We are likely to see some dramatic world events, weather phenomena and interesting crises during this time. All of it points to change and transformation.

This is also the time frame where sudden events and unexpected situations can occur, giving you an opportunity to be flexible and accepting. Use the energy to fuel something you desire instead of running from it out of fear. As the solstice and full moon approach, get focused and organized about some way you will harness the tremendous force and energy of this time.


June 20: Full Moon and Summer Solstice. Once every 30+ years, the Summer Solstice and Full moon fall on the same day. This is a rare and powerful event and should be well honored. The Full Moon is at 5:02 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) and brightest the night of the 19th. The Summer Solstice is at 4:34 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

Take advantage of this powerful energy and celebrate something in your life that you have accomplished. It could be a completion, a decision, a project, a commitment, a new beginning or the achievement of some goal. This is also a social time for gatherings, community events and cooperative participation. Make sure that during this time you stay focused on the positive, on the doors that are opening, and on the potential, instead of dwelling on any fear, resistance, judgment or negativity. What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time so make sure it is what you want. Allow yourself to be supported by your community and your friends and be willing to receive all that is positive that is available to you.


June 23-31: There are some wonderful aspects during this time that will reward you for your efforts and any energy you have put into your health, your relationships, your business and your creative projects. If you are suffering from lethargy or depression, get something moving. There is lots of support during this time for completions and beginnings. You will need to be mature in how you choose which is which. Sometimes there is a completion before a beginning around the same situation especially if there is karma involved.

If you are on the right track you should feel different, trusting, relaxed about the future, inspired by your life and excited by the opportunities that you have or will be creating for yourself. This is an expansive time. Adapt into it or suffer the consequences of resistance, small thinking and negative emotions.