New Moon in Gemini

(happy astrological new year to all of us, fellow Geminis!)
Tonight (Saturday) at 11:00 PM EST, the Moon aligns with the Sun in almost 15 degrees of Gemini. This is the beginning of a new Moon cycle. With the New Moon in curious, quick-witted, chatty, versatile Gemini, we are asked to connect to others and share our hearts out for this New Moon cycle. 
This is a “busy” energy, with a focus on communicating and collecting information; we are invited to look at our mental programming and conditioned mind. What thought structures need to go? Which would we like to create?
Gemini is asking us to stay in movement, and at the same time, think about all that we need to know to move forward. It also calls on us to share ourselves. Here are some questions for this New Moon: If I listened to my inner dialog about relationships and what I value, what would I overhear? What is my mind saying to me that might no longer serve my evolution? What needs to change?
Saturn in Sagittarius still remains the focus points of a T-square with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces…this has been going on for a while now — since this New Moon falls exactly into the “empty leg” of that T-square, we are invited to remain curious, open-minded and adaptable for the next 28 days. These planetary positions create a powerful Grand Cross, one that invites us to stretch (and grow) beyond what we currently believe ourselves to be, what we believe to be true, how we connect to our inner and outer dialogue, how we understand life, how we apply ourselves in life!
Do you perceive things as they really are? Where do you tend to make assumptions? Where do you have rigid expectations? 
What might be possible if you approached things with a “beginner’s mind” — dropping all the “filters” through which you normally see yourself/others/life? Could you trust your own inner truth about “right and wrong” without getting rigid — in other words, without imposing that “truth” on others? Could you remain curious about other people’s “truths”?

Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is in Taurus at the time of the New Moon, opposing Mars in Scorpio, inviting us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves. We are ready to speak up about anything out of alignment with our core values — perhaps more quickly than we meant to — and in particular, speak a firm “No” when it is the loving thing to do for ourselves. 

When it comes to learning, we’ll prefer demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts. We learn best when we see real-world uses for the theories we are trying to absorb — we simply process information better when we can personalize it and attach it to the practical world. We’ll likely find ourselves asking “what use is it to me?” quite a bit.

The spiritual quest of Gemini is the development of perception, thought, and communication. With each new thought or memory, new connections are created in the brain; the more we think a particular thought, the deeper the “pathways” are worn. 

What thoughts and mental processes might be leading us into limiting places and lower vibrations? How can we lovingly embrace our imperfections and limitations? What about those of others? 

The New Moon is also the best time to set some powerful intentions for this month’s Moon cycle. This is best done soon after the New Moon becomes exact — and definitely not during a Moon void of course phase. You have 48 hours after the time of the New Moon to write some powerful intentions for this Lunar month — so this month, the best time to set intentions would be any time between 11pm Saturday late evening and 12:47pm EDT on Sunday early afternoon. Then again on Sunday from 11:41pm until 11pm EDT Monday late evening.  


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