notes for tomorrow’s new moon in gemini


This New Moon has change written all over it- changes of direction, changes of heart, changes of mind and changes of circumstances.  It’s not a typical New Moon as usually New Moons are powerful times to plant seeds and set intentions- but this New Moon square Jupiter, opposite Saturn, square Neptune and square the Nodes is actually about discerning Truth in one’s life and making necessary decisions that have to do with endings/letting go/releasing of the past before the new can truly take hold.

The number one aspect this New Moon makes is a conjunction to Venus- she is tightly aligned with the Sun and Moon by only 29 seconds of exactness. Usually Sun/Moon/Venus is absolutely lovely and beautiful- great for relationship, generosity, abundance and positivity.

Yet the opposition to Saturn brings cold hard reality into relationships and financial situations and further he forces us to really honestly assess what our values are and where we are or are not valuing ourselves, respecting ourselves and acting from a place of deep self-worth and self-Love.

The quagmires we find ourselves in right now are the perfect alignment of inner and outer circumstances that are bringing us to the pivotal moment of choice and change. We can keep on doing what we have always done and keep on getting what we have always got OR we can change.

Doing things differently is weird at first but we have to create new neural pathways in the brain- rather than default to the old pathways that we have been stuck in…



“Contact-driven and in need of connection, this New Moon reaches out to others but may somehow, and inexplicably, miss the mark. If you find yourself in need of connection but unable to find it, consider whether your energy, mind and emotions are too scattered to connect with the external world in any meaningful way.

Often we must meet ourselves before we can truly meet another, and the time of this Moon is no exception. Seek first your own friendship and true friends will be unavoidably found along the way.

If this Moon touches us deeply it’s because we’re ready for fresh connections and sense of community, a change of heart and mind which fosters new relationships that fuel inspiration and effective activity.

But first we must return to ourselves, spend time in the quiet darkness and honour the true self who yearns, now more than ever, to be the only self we share.”



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