magic is natural.

saw this on the welcome page for The Smart Witch – check out the website!  it was good enough to share!

Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. At the core of magic is a joyous union with nature.

The Earth is a manifestation of divine energy. Nature is constantly singing to us, revealing her secrets. Listen to the Earth, learn the lessons she so generously offers.

When we are in touch with the Earth, we are in touch with Deity. Deity is not distant. The Goddess and the God are within each of us, and manifest in all nature. This is the universality: there is nothing that is not of the Goddess and the God – the All. These ideals are the true foundation of magic. The traditions and ritual are secondary to the ideals and serve to celebrate them.

With ritual as a means to enter ritual consciousness, we are able to expand our knowledge. Affirmative rituals, prayers and spell work help us to know the Divine as both immanent and transcendent. Thus we affirm what is already ours to claim as manifestations of Divine Power. We each are a glorious manifestation of Divinity, of the Goddess and the God and of Life!


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