Virgo Solar Eclipse tonight/tomorrow- big energy…

There are so many article son this week’s Virgo new moon/solar eclipse, so I wanted to boil down the energy and some ways to work with it into a few solid notes – I will link to the full articles below!  the highlights are in BOLD TAN for the short attention span folks!  I’ve also marked a few things in BOLD AVOCADO GREEN – those indicate good journal prompts to help flow with this energy! (tan and green are virgo colors)

MAJOR THEMES seem to be…
DOING the work, taking action
calm, precise, focused intention
getting serious about self-carere-instating good habits
getting REAL, both emotionally and mentally –
separate the illusion and fear

be open to realizing the hidden things that no longer serve
(shadow work, anyone?)

get into the nitty-gritty of life
de-clutter, externally and internally
be of service, be part of the cure

So, this new moon & eclipse…

“On Thursday, the fall’s first eclipse electrifies the skies—there are two this September, in fact. This week’s is a solar (new moon) eclipse in sensible, structured Virgo. While we hate to think of summer vacation EVER coming to an end, this eclipse puts us in a “back to work” headspace. But hey, the urge to be more productive has been in the air ever since August 11, 2015 when buoyant Jupiter moved into Virgo for thirteen months. Those Jupiter-fueled plans—which may have involved starting a business, traveling or studying—get an energizing burst from this eclipse. It’s time for action…and FAST because Jupiter floats on to Libra next week, on September 9. Circle March 12, 2017 for a manifestation date when the corresponding full moon in Virgo lets us harvest the seeds we plant near Thursday. And what a bumper crop this will be, since we are sowing with an eclipse! Virgo is the ruler of health, organization, daily work and acts of service. Under this eclipse we could get serious about self-care. Preventative medicine is the best kind of all, like eating fresh greens, exercising regularly and deploying stress-busting treatments like massage and acupuncture (not just a luxury reserved for spa days after all). Ready to add some new cache to your resume? Look for growth opportunities within your company or sign up for specialized training that can bump you to a new paygrade. Want to make a difference in the world, or at least your corner of it? Virgo is the sign of selfless service. Seek volunteer opportunities where you can earn your earth angel halo. But whatever you do, make sure you have a solid plan in place for how to accomplish it. The eclipse will form a tense square to structure-obsessed Saturn, helping us project manage our pipe dreams into tangible realities.”



It’s time to get back to what’s real.  The call to complete what’s been happening with work, health and thought patterns during the last year, while Jupiter has been shining a flashlight on those issues, is amplified. Starting on Sept. 9 when it enters Libra, Jupiter will do the same for issues related to relationships, fairness and justice. Mercury stays in Virgo until early Oct. due to its retrograde, giving us plenty of time to sift through options before making any firm decisions. Try not to make any long-term commitments till after mid-Sept., as things are changing rapidly and the dust hasn’t settled yet.

So, how to work with this perfect storm of Virgo energy?

  1. Think about what bad habit is not serving your higher good – from watching the news to eating junk to working too much. Then remember a time when you felt better. What were you doing then? Sometimes it’s the simplest things, like getting to sleep at a reasonable hour, or doing something inexpensive but effective for your health, that make the biggest difference.  What habit might you reinstate (Mercury retrograde takes us back to the past) that could make a big difference for you? 
  2. This Virgo New Moon requires separating the wheat from the chaff. And that’s all about consciousness. What are you putting your precious mental attention on? Stay focused on the wheat (what you desire) – not the chaff (fear and illusion). As metaphysician Joel Goldsmith reminds us, “The secret to having anything is first attaining the consciousness of it. Why is that? Because consciousness is God.”


“During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and temporarily blocks our view of the Sun. The Sun is furiously pumping away, emanating warmth and symbolizing spiritual and creative power to beat the band. Then along comes the Moon, who instead of reflecting the Sun’s light back to Earth, jealously hoards it all for herself.  At the solar eclipse, intuition (the Moon), wordless and irrational, overpowers your creative center and power (the Sun). 

At the solar eclipse, something is trying to get your attention – like the Moon, rising up in front of the Sun as if to say, “Just hold it a second – you’re missing something!” People from the past or the present appear on the scene to behave in inexplicable ways. The person you used to be, the one you thought you’d outgrown, is trotted out in front of you as a reminder that you really haven’t changed all that much…

At this Solar Eclipse, take a time-out; sit at the knee of the wise Moon and let her reflect the Sun in you.  Is there a wildish ego that’s running around unchecked?  What is the part of you that you’re trying to disown? Let the Moon guide you, like a wise mother, toward self-acceptance and humility”.


“With this extra-powerful New Moon in detail-oriented, practical Virgo, we have 5.5 months to learn about being of serviceWe can also expect to learn more about what it means to strengthen our focus on improving daily routines, to get organized, and to take care of any health matters.

This will be a great time to begin new projects that demand attention to detail, list-making, and taking pride in “small” accomplishments. Some examples of how this could play out: We could start a new health regimen, perhaps by paying close attention to our diet — we could also set up specific routines that help us manage our lives in constructive and mindful ways.

This is all about handling the “nitty-gritty” details of our day-to-day life in an organized, step-by-step fashion, so that we can free our minds of clutter. What would clear the decks? Another way to step into the higher vibrations of Virgo for the next 5.5 months: As best as you can, recognize that humility, self-improvement, and being of service bring you closer to your inner divinity and your Soul’s path.

The message of this Solar Eclipse is loud and clear: When I change my perspective and beliefs, aligning them with who I am now, I can overcome anything — I have the strength to do what it takes, be a responsible being in my own right, and keep my mind and heart open in every moment of now… no matter what shows up.

Most of all, during Eclipse season, allow for new templates to “download”. Eclipses can bring a feeling of uncertainty, because we don’t get all the information we need to make informed decisions until after Eclipse Season ends on Sept.30th.

For the next four weeks, refrain from starting anything brand-new because you feel anxious or uneasy — if new things emerge organically that’s perfect, but stay away from forcing anything or pushing an agenda.

We are moving to the next level of our Soul’s evolution. As best as you can, stay centered and grounded from within, until Sept. 30th. Flexibility helps, as does focusing on your breath, best of all is becoming the observer of the emotional and mental “body”. Remember: this will not last forever — in four weeks, the downloads are completed; Trust that all is well and moving you exactly where you need to go.”


“The eclipse and New Moon cycle in Virgo is colored and highly influenced by Mercury’s retrogradehelping us to really feel into the thought patterns ready to be released that serve an old consciousness.

We take stock of our inner resources, honor our harvest and hone our craft. A non-linear time, yet with potential for great productivity…”


“With this eclipse triggering the Saturn-Neptune square, along with a square to heated Mars, what is dis-eased in our lives, may become apparent.

Soul sickness is evident in our world and has been a challenge to navigate. We have witnessed great suffering and divides have appeared between cultures.

Saturn square Neptune has been prodding us to let go of unrealistic fantasies and focus on reality without losing our sense of spiritual wonder.

Global and personal bubbles have popped and we haven’t been allowed to pretend any more that it’s OK when it isn’t.

Eclipses tend to have a habit of revealing what has been hidden so it feels like this eclipse shatters the last illusion.

With the eclipse square to Mars, we could get angry or maybe with Mars conjunct Saturn, we procrastinate because we don’t know what to do – it’s analysis paralysis. Doing nothing may feel a better option instead of worrying about doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

Maybe there’s a temptation to tune out the disorder and escape with the opposition to Neptune. Apathy too is possible with Mars square to Neptune…seriously man, says Mars pouring himself his third drink, what’s the point?

But in the midst of all this challenging pattern, the eclipse is conjunct the North Node. There is an opening here, to use this potent energetic pattern to its highest frequency.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Virgo is real and present and she’s here to help. Time to muck in and get this stuff sorted! Be part of the cure. Ruler Mercury is retrograde suggesting that We have to change our thinking to treat the problem”


“The Saturn/Mars conjunction suggests having a task or mission for which you can focus your attention. Having a point of concentration with something you’re attempting to accomplish will help to relieve confusion, distraction, or escapist tendencies.

Mercury retrograde, the ruler of this eclipse, invites you to slow down and take your time when considering your options at the moment.

Accept that not all the information you need is available yet. And due to its backward movement, may bring situations from the past into conscious view.

Consider this eclipse passageway as a point of transition into a new landscape.

If you work consciously with it, you’ll find it easier to accept reality the way that it is without losing hope or your ability to dream of new possibilities for your life.

If the eclipse presents you with a crisis, trust that it will resolve itself in the following days or weeks.”


“This Solar Eclipse in Virgo is extra potent as it is aligned with the evolutionary North Node and it triggers the Saturn/Neptune square.

With the North Node activated by the Sun/Moon conjunction this Eclipse is setting into motion a brand new evolutionary path for us- personally and collectively.

Yet we must remember the North Node growth is not the easy path. It’s the place where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly falling down…

With the Saturn/Neptune square involved there is a need to get really clear, discerning and aligned with the deepest reservoirs of integrity and self honesty right now- and Virgo can teach us that.”


Virgo 10
A pin cushion

This is a gathering point, a focus of awareness, a sphere of sharp, clear intent. We have agreed to (show up) in a very particular way. And we are holding ourselves to this task with acumen, precise applied capacity.

All of us go into the gathering point. There is no observer. There is no greater picture. There is simply the willingness, the ability, and the task that is drawn to match what we can do and what we have agreed to do.

If we are devoted to such a micro level of intensive rightfulness, this reveals that we have standing behind this straight plain track, a goodness, a caring and loving quality of participation in what is needed.”


notes from:



morning ritual

reading some pieces from Witchcraft & Practical Magic and I really like this morning ritual!

Greeting the morning puts you in touch with the rhythms of nature and is a great way to start a new day. You can work out your own simple ritual involving a few stretches or breathing exercises to wake up the body, followed by a moment of quiet or meditation to collect yourself for the day. Taking a shower is also energizing and refreshing and changes your energy from sleep to awake; use fragrances such as rosemary, all the citrus scents, peppermint or eucalyptus in your shower products.



This quick ritual summons a fresh charge of personal and spiritual energy to strengthen your being and encourage you to appreciate the joy of a new day.

  1. light your chosen incense or collect your essential oil (can be diffused or on hands/body). Stand facing a window, toward the east if possible (or even outside if you like).  Take some slow, deep breaths.
  2. when you feel calm, make the sign of the pentagram on your body. touch your forehead with your fingertips and say:
    I am Spirit

    touch your left hip and say:
    I am Earth

    touch your right shoulder and say:
    I am Water

    touch your left shoulder and say:
    I am Air

    touch your right hip and say:
    I am Fire

    finally, touch your forehead again and complete the figure of the pentagram and say:
    thus I seal my affirmation, or you can simply go with “And so it is”

  3. inhale the fragrance of incense or oil for a few moments before beginning the new day.


lovely way to start the day!
Great herbs to use in the morning:

For protection & purification – frankincense, juniper

For success – cinnamon, clove, carnation

For a clear mind – Rosemary, basil, peppermint 

To dispel sluggishness – grapefruit, lemon, lime, bergamot 

sun moves into Virgo today…


“With Sun in Virgo, the harvest with its symbolism of organization and service becomes the norm for everyone’s behavior. Along with nature herself,  we are starting to pull back from the plentitude of the growing season, cataloging and storing up our nuts for the winter. We are moving into a more collective mode, and are quieter and more serious as befits a more sober weather outlook.”

Today, the Sun wraps up its four-week tour of razzle dazzle Leo and moves on to by-the-books Virgo until September 22. After a month of neon-bright hedonism and unapologetic excess, we’re ready to boil it all back to basics. Embrace the power of purity, sustainability and simplicity: It’s the Virgo way. Get organized, set up savvy systems and make everything simpler with clever lifehacks. With the Sun in Virgo, minimalism reigns supreme. But that doesn’t have to equate with blandness or boredom! Virgo energy is both bohemian and sophisticated—call it “bophisticated,” if you will. How goods are produced is as important as how they look on the outside. With the Sun in this service-oriented sign we’ll get back in tune with our ethical natures. Skip the sweatshop specials (yeah, even if they’re dirt cheap) and support brands with conscious practices and production models. Virgo-time is all about healthy living, too. Squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, lap swims in the saltwater pool—fresh air does the body good. Go green! With earthy Virgo ruling the skies, it’s time to enjoy the summer harvest of fresh produce—all the better if it’s locally grown by independent farmers and rich with life-enhancing enzymes.

“Monday early afternoon, the Sun changes signs from playful, vital Leo into practical, detail-oriented Virgo. It will journey through Virgo until September 22nd. This time is best used for getting our lives in order and expressing ourselves in realistic, practical terms. 

Addressing your health (e.g., starting a new exercise or eating routine) might be just the thing within the next four weeks. Being of service and moving towards improving our living conditions are essential Virgo qualities. How might you be of service to others? What needs a little practical improvement?

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Virgo Sun-sign or Rising-sign. Virgo folks will feel extra confident and playful; Leo people are more aware of the details and more grounded in reality.”

How Tonight’s Aquarius Full Moon + Penumbral Eclipse Can Help You Revolutionize Your Life

How Tonight's Aquarius Full Moon + Penumbral Eclipse Can Help You Revolutionize Your Life Hero Image

from mindbodygreen


Free your mind, and the rest will follow! A revolutionizing Aquarius full moon on August 18, 2016, stirs up our righteous urge for freedom and social change.

As the only Aquarius full moon of 2016 brightens up the skies, these high-minded moonbeams help us dream outside of the box. Wish upon a double rainbow: This full moon is also a penumbral or “almost” eclipse, which has the near potency of a change-making, full lunar eclipse.

Aquarius is the sign of collaborative groups, teams, and humanitarian efforts. It’s all about the love of our brothers and sisters, and the creative impulse to fight for what we believe in. The Water Bearer can get nervous under the heat of too much passion, emotion, and one-on-one connection. This is friendly, convivial energy at its best — platonic, playful, and decidedly NOT romantic. But who cares? Aquarius is irresistibly fun, likable, and adorably goofy — making this liberating lunation a good time to be shared by all.

With Aquarian energy in the cosmic mix, this star map helps us visualize our ideal futures and then connect to the right people who can help us bring the big picture to life. When in doubt, take the unconventional route! Aquarius is the sign that governs teamwork and technology. There will be group victories to celebrate this week — or a deep desire to find our soul tribes. Turn on the searchlight: Those kindred spirits could be revealed within the next two weeks!

Feel like making the world a better place? (Hands raised.) Power-to-the-people Aquarius energy guides us toward humanitarian missions. Whether your big-hearted endeavors involve global activism or a little community cleanup, there is strength in numbers, too. No good deed is too small … but why not go a little bigger, inviting your social network to get in on these kind acts?

You say you want a revolution? Make some wishes or intentions (see our guide to new/full moon rituals here) and get the movement under way. Meantime, here are seven star-powered tips to liberate yourself at the Aquarius full moon:

1. Get weird.

So you secretly believe that aliens inhabit the earth and live among us (come to think of it, that strange neighbor of yours does fit the profile …). You put hot sauce on your dessert. You don’t believe in monogamy but you’re certain unicorns exist. Whatever. The Aquarius full moon urges you to stop hiding the parts of yourself that might be quirky, eccentric, or just not in perfect harmony with the people around you. Because Aquarian energy is all about “live and let live,” this full moon is great for authentic sharing — without forcing your ideas on anyone else.

2. Take two steps forward, one step back.

Uber-rational Aquarius is a master of emotional objectivity. Where do you have your teeth and claws sunk in so deeply that you can’t see the forest for the trees? The Aquarius full moon is a great day to practice the Buddhist principle of non-attachment. Yes, you may WANT something with every fiber of your being. But do you also understand that if it doesn’t happen, you’ll still be OK? If you think you can’t survive without a person, an outcome, or whatever you’re hooked into, this lunar light helps you release that fear. Let go, and the Aquarius full moon will bring a better long-term resolution to your issues.

3. Envision a utopian world.

Got a radical idea? Aquarius is the sign of the future and even rules sci-fi. It’s the forward-focused mad scientist who envisions a quirky, idealized world — or perhaps one populated by aliens, cyborgs, and a code of radical individualism. Author Ayn Rand was an Aquarius, and her philosophy of objectivism — controversial as it is — champions reason, fighting for liberation, and minimal government meddling (no sloppy sentiment in there). Of course, that can edge into scary Tea Party territory, but that’s why most philosophies are more interesting on paper than in practice.

While your beliefs may not be quite so stark and stripped of emotion, consider what the perfect world would be like if you could create it. What does it look like — and how can you bring a healthy drop of that to your daily life? Maybe it’s to the tune of Burning Man, where every day is a costume party and people share their talents, goods, and services without exchanging money. You might want to read up on some New Age and shamanic ideas (like the “Hopi Prophecies”) or even deepen your knowledge of astrology — all Aquarian themes.

Browse for books or sites about reforming society — notions like a “gift economy” (check out Lewis Hyde’s The Gift) or author/blogger Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? which takes a stand for art over cold industrialism. Or, head to the otherworldly zone that Aquarius loves and read theories on aliens (no judgment here under this broad-minded moon!), like Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. All you need is a curious, open mind.

4. Carry your own Olympic torch.

Aquarius is the zodiac’s team player, encouraging you to show pride for a group you belong to — and haven’t the games in Rio shown us just that? Whether the activity you’re involved in is sporty or stationary, wave the symbolic flag and wear the uniform. But don’t sit in the stands, spectator-style. The gold medal goes to those who move their bodies! Aquarius is all about kinetic energy, and this full moon is the perfect time to commit to a sports league, train for a 5K with a team, or attend a group fitness class. The next two weeks are an especially rich time for jumping in with both sneakered feet. Summon your social network! Getting your friends into the fitness groove with you will keep you motivated.

5. Host a workshop.

Idealistic, intellectual Aquarius revels in the realm of cutting-edge ideas. The Aquarius full moon creates the perfect space for a workshop or salon. Gather your brain trust for a topic-centered discussion, potluck-style if you can, since group-centric Aquarius parties are even better when everyone contributes. You might even play a film like No Impact Man or watch a TED talk to spark the conversation. Who knows? With the Aquarius full moon ruling the skies, the night could end with a plan for the New World Order.

6. Geek out.

Aquarius rules technology, so circle this full moon for spreading a message through social media and digital platforms. Ready for a job upgrade? The Aquarius full moon prompts you to up your technical know-how. Check out courses from or General Assembly, where you can get both virtual and in-person instruction. This full moon is a great time to launch an online marketing, crowdfunding, or social networking campaigning, too. Ready, set, go viral!

7. Take a breath of fresh air.

As any yogi will attest, there’s nothing more centering than a deep inhalation of oxygen. Aquarius is an air sign, so breathe deep! Many of us won’t take a sip of water that isn’t filtered, so how about giving our air the same attention at the Aquarius full moon? Plug in the air purifier, deionizer, or dehumidifier. Try an essential oil mister for a fragrant and soothing blast. Just go easy on the patchouli — a fan favorite of this bohemian Aquarius full moon, but a strong whiff for the average sensory citizen. Grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and other citrus oils are uplifting and energizing. Perfect for the Aquarius “mad scientist” moments that could keep you up working on your master plan till the wee hours of the morn’. Check out Bach flower essence blends, like the ones from Seed to Blossom and the flower/gemstone blends from Hawaiian company Shanti Kai — two of our personal faves.

Aquarius Full Moon: Purification Ritual

from mooncircles

The mid-August Full Moon is in the air sign of Aquarius, opposite the Sun in the fire sign of Leo, offering the elemental interplay of fire and air.  Both elements can be used in rituals of purification: fire flames up and out, burning to ashes what obstructs. Air refreshes, blowing away what is old and stagnant.  Purification rituals are especially powerful during the waning cycle, which begins with the Full Moon.  Now is the time to banish useless habits. With the Sun still in Leo, you might especially want to banish any fixed and outworn notions of yourself — those mental attitudes that prevent you from living out of the authentic core of your being.  Think of this core as being like a flame, passionate, mysterious, forever changing its shape, as it dances and plays with the surrounding world.

Sometime before sunset, gather a small candle, a large plate to put underneath it, several small pieces of paper, and a pen.  Bring them to a quiet place where you can protect yourself from distractions and interruptions (or a wind that might whip or extinguish your candle).  Ideal would be a spot that allows you a good view of  the eastern horizon, where the Moon will rise just after sundown.  As this is a ritual celebrating the elements of fire and air, you may wish to bring some sage or a stick of incense to place on your altar.  Reciting a prayer or sacred phrase from your particular tradition will help to calm your spirit and call in divine energy.  Watching the breath—inhaling in, exhaling out—will further deepen this sacred space.

In this gently focused state, wait for the first sign of the Moon.  When you spot her brilliant light at the horizon, attune your heart to her presence, and light your candle.   Then tune into those reverent ones scattered around the world who, like you,  are also lighting a candle to celebrate the full moon.   How many hundreds of thousands of candles, flickering on hundreds of thousands of altars must the Moon be seeing tonight!   With this image, join in the interplay of Leo and Aquarius:  feel yourself as one creative being united with the collective energy of others, in a spirit of reverence for earth, humanity, and the starry cosmos.  As you light your incense or sage, inhale the sacred energy in the atmosphere, wafting on the smoky perfume.

Personal Ritual: Now survey your life with an eye to what is obstructing your true self from flaming out in all its radical brilliance and beauty. Perhaps you are plagued with doubts about the value of your work. Maybe you are filled with unreasonable fears, or persistent feelings of anxiety. It could be that you have held onto anger over an unfair situation, or a person who has slighted you. Often, negative habits persist that block us from accomplishing what we most desire: we procrastinate on fulfilling what we sense is our soul’s purpose, ignore our friendships, or, swamped by the minutia of life, forget the deeper side of life. Choose one or more of the traits you want to banish, then write them down on a piece of paper. Folding it up in the palm of your right hand, place your left hand over it and say “Begone in the fire! Begone in the air!” Then burn your piece of paper in the candle flame (making sure that your holder catches the pieces of burnt ash).

Collective Ritual: Now survey the world with an eye to those problems that cause suffering in the world. Of all the difficulties that riddle the human condition, what are the ones that stir you most deeply? Perhaps it is the environment, now suffering from raging wildfires and erratic weather patterns. It could be human rights, and the lack of fair treatment for prisoners of conscience around the world. Maybe it is the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the problem of homelessness, or violence. Choose what you feel most strongly about, write it on a piece of paper, fold it up in the palm of your right hand, then place your left hand over it. Taking the energy that you have freed up from your personal “banishing” ritual, vow to consecrate it to healing this particular issue. Then burn your piece of paper in the candle flame (making sure again that your holder catches the pieces of burnt ash), saying “Begone in the fire! Begone in the air!

Bringing your hands together in a gesture of prayer, close your ritual with a prayer of thanks. Ask that your Full Moon “banishings” be in accord with the Divine Plan. Then extend your blessings to yourself, your close friends and loved ones, and the rest of the world.  Extinguish your candle.  And bow to the moon!

notes on tomorrow’s full moon in Aquarius

“Liberation energy comes on Thursday when the only Aquarius full moon of 2016 brightens up the skies. These high-minded moonbeams help us dream outside of the box. Wish upon a double rainbow: This full moon helps us visualize our ideal futures then connect to the right people who can help us bring the picture to life. When in doubt, take the unconventional route! Aquarius is the sign that governs teamwork and technology. There will be group victories to celebrate this week—or a deep desire to find our soul tribes. Turn on the searchlight. Those kindred spirits could be revealed within two weeks of Thursday. Feel like making the world a better place? (Hands raised.) Power-to-the-people Aquarius energy guides us to humanitarian missions. Whether they involve global activism or a little community cleanup, there is strength in numbers. No good deed is too small…but why not go a little bigger, inviting the social network to get in on these kind acts?”


Good day for spontaneity, flexibility in your schedule, and being social. Do something different and say yes to some eccentric opportunity that may show up for you. If you have been working hard, take a break today. If you have been overly serious in your efforts to heal, balance, get your life on track and organize your work and your environment, take a break and focus on play for a change.

Aquarius is our teacher to lift us beyond the personal, emotional realms and point us toward the farther reaches of consciousness. Aquarius helps us see a bigger picture, to value the freedom to experiment with all manner of behavior, expression, lifestyle and extend that experimental attitude forward to others believing all beings should enjoy the freedom and self governance to walk their own chosen path.

Aquarius is ruled by the eccentric planet, Uranus, discovered late in the game, 1781, during highly revolutionary times. With the Full Moon here we can more easily detach from our personal responses and aim our sites to a more humanitarian and egalitarian point of view. The air signs give us mental objectivity and the ability to set goals for the long view. With strong detachment, Uranus is very instrumental in breaking up the old, status quo to make way for the new and modern ~ a necessary influence in a time of transition like we are now experiencing. As we slowly begin the Age of Aquarius, a 2000 year period, the shadow side of Aquarius is exposed ~ the fanatical, anarchistic and unpredictable side that destroys but without providing a more innovative or progressive solution to current issues.

Uranus in Aries is in position to be a positive support to the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon. We can harness the energy of change and make it work for us with added clarity and strong witness. Intuitive flash comes easily under Uranian/Aquarian influences. Pay attention to your synchronicities and brilliant inventions. Practice thinking on the fly. It’s not so much thinking as intuitive inspiration and right timing. You have to trust that it will be there for you. Reform and innovation are strengths of Uranus/Aquarius, so ask yourself what part of your life needs some radical revamping? Or maybe you’re feeling a need to work with others for major social change – no sign is more given to serving the collective good to re-balance injustice and intolerance.

Venus will be in her most practical and earthly manifestation as integrator of body, mind, and spirit when she meets Jupiter also in Virgo on August 27th. Watch for these two benevolent influences joined in the night sky in the west just after dusk. Jupiter is soon to leave Virgo on September 9th after a year in this sign. Spend these remaining weeks organizing, sorting, eliminating and taking stock, repairing and maintaining, and committing to healthy eating, good digestion and improvement of your mental and physical health. By the last weeks of August we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and North Node all in Virgo. Look to your gut level reactions as your guide and watch your tendencies for perfection that lead to judgment and criticism. Yes, we have a desire for improvement, but our critical voices have a way of separating rather than drawing us closer to love.


Aquarius Full Moon: Dream Catchers and Dream Posses

The eleventh is the natural house of Aquarius, associated with visions and dreams, hopes and goals for the future, friendships and allies. When I first began studying astrology, the eleventh house was enigmatic. I’d think: A planet in the house of “wishes?” Well, sprinkle pixie dust and spin me three times. Over time, I realized the way to properly understand this assortment of descriptors was through Aquarius’ golden rule: The right network of allies always help you achieve your goals and dreams. There is a universal truism here: We may be outsiders, aliens or iconoclasts but we never arrive at a future we want, alone.

A truism is true for a reason. I can trace every accomplishment that’s ever really mattered to me to people who have helped to make it happen. Like a string of pearls, each of these precious people had everything to do with my personal and professional success. I didn’t necessarily personally know those who aided and abetted my future self- not at first. Aquarian friends and allies are not your best friends (that’s Libra; although they came become your besties), but they are your friends. They are the people you get to know, through your interests, joining up in collective concerns, through other people you know.

Aquarius Full Moon is a time of nurturing both our visions for our future, and the friendships and alliances that help us get there. According to Robert Cole’s book, The Book of Houses, this is the house of the visionary. Eleventh house/Aquarius holds that kind of dreamy magic and of harvest, of dreams-do-come-true. When we plant seeds and water them with friendship and support, they do.

Every year when the full moon alights in Aquarius it is a time for both planning and harvesting dream seeds. Where do you want to go next? Who is already where you want to be? Ally with a person or group who is doing what you want to be; that’s a strategy for getting there. Is a dream coming true for you now? If so, thank your lucky stars, and the friends and allies that surely played a role in your harvest’s arrival.

Jupiter and Uranus form a quincunx at this full moon. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, is the planet of visionary progress and invention, Jupiter, possibility, faith and hope. Quincunx energy holds slippery magic, subject to wild changes of fortune and circumstance, and wooed by entertaining possibilities on the outer edges of reason. Build a dream catcher. Even if of wishes for “something better than this”, fairy wings, band-aids and rubber bands, this a hopeful vision for your future self to explore and, perhaps one surprising day, step into. Celebrate your harvest, and your tribe. They are your Aquarian dream posse. And as that famous Beatle sang about his own dream posse: We all get by with the help of our friends.


new mala!

y’all. I am slightly in love with my new mala. Karen from Naked Planet Jewelry helped me craft it for my exact needs…and it feels totally magical. I just keep touching it. touch touch touch touch touch.

I wanted something to help me be rooted and grounded, to feel safe, and provided for, and like I have ENOUGH.  I wanted it to also help me open my heart wider – and this does both!


it’s made of:

Peruvian opal: releases emotional wounds, increases strength and clarity, relieves depression, encourages healing, spiritual growth, and happiness

jasper: releases stress and anxiety, protects and helps dispel negative energy, aligns the chakras and balances yin and yang, strengthens and detoxifies the body, grounds the first and second chakras.

aquamarine: opens the throat chakra to help in positive communication and expression, enhances courage and aids in protection, supports the immune system, transmutes strength, decreases stress, is calming, helps with wisdom and creativity. lovely stone for opening the heart chakra and connecting it to the throat as well.

garnet: gemstone of love, devotion, and selfless service. supports the root chakra, reinforcing our connection to the earth, others, and our own sense of grounding and stability. helps with abundance, prosperity, and self confidence.


It is beautifully crafted, with the faceted garnet guru stone, and sari silk tassel.  it’s knotted between each stone, which I love.

highly recommend working with Karen to create what works for you – and she has amazing malas already made in her stop on etsy as well!

celtic month of the hazel is here

Celtic Calendar: Hazel Month
August 5 – September 1
“Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning, adds its strength to the bright fire burning.


The Hazel Moon was known to the Celts as Coll, which translates to “the life force inside you”. This is the time of year when Hazelnuts are appearing on the trees, and are an early part of the harvest. Hazelnuts are associated with wisdom and protection. Hazel is often associated in Celtic lore with sacred wells and magical springs containing the salmon of knowledge. This is a good month to do workings related to wisdom and knowledge, dowsing and divination, and dream journeys.  If you’re a creative type, such as an artist, writer, or musician, this is a good month to get your muse back, and find inspiration for your talents.

I honor the energy of hazel, the tree of wisdom.
I will heed my own inner intuitions, and will be wise and informed in my choices.

Tree of Knowledge
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Deity: Hermes, Aemgus, Diana, Artemis

LESSON OF HAZEL, from The Wisdom of Trees
“The Hazel encourages us to seek out information and inspiration in all things and emphasizes the value of the inquiring mind and of learning of all kinds. Just as the hazel concentrates all its goodness and its continued existence in the kernel of its fruit, so we attain wisdom by reducing knowledge down to its purest form and passing it on down the ages. Through meditating on the essence of wisdom, we gain creative inspiration. Like the limbs of the hazel, we must remain pliant in our approach to learning. Concentrated thought in an open mind can, like the hazel, become a connection with the divine source of all things. The hazel teaches us the noble arts of learning, teaching, communication, and healing.

Hazel Magickal properties:
Wands made of this wood symbolize white magick and healing.
Forked sticks are used to find water or buried treasure.
Magically, hazel wood is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration – the air surrounding hazel trees is said to be magically charged with these energies.

From The Celtic Tree Oracle:
The Hazel embodies many talents: poetry, divination, and the powers of meditation. Through the guidance of this card, these talents can be a channel for creative energies, especially that which allows you to inspire or create these capacities among others, through your work, interests, and pursuits. The Hazel, in fact, allows you to be a catalyst of transformation, working through the promptings of intuition to bring ideas to the surface.

Hazel Energy In Your Life
Bring the creativity and inspiration of the Hazel Moon into your life, both at work and at home.

1. Enroll in an evening class.  Now is an auspicious time to learn a new skill – try painting, learning a language or dance.

2. Keep a journal.  Just writing down your wishes and experiences will help you tune into your inner wisdom.

3. Go outside at night and look at the Moon.  Staying connected to nature will bring powerful insights and help you remain grounded.

4. Feed your mind: buy a book of inspiring quotes and read one each day to stimulate your intellect and sharpen your thinking.

The Goddess Pachamama

from the lovely sagegoddess

Pachamama is the Andean goddess of the Earth, fertility, agriculture, planting, and harvesting. She is the female embodiment of the Earth in ancient Incan mythology; she and her father were two important deities in Incan custom. She was said to be a dragon who lived at the base of a mountain, and she could cause earthquakes and facilitate change. She was also sometimes depicted as a woman made of corn.

With the European conquest, colonization, and forced conversion of South America,  Pachamama became to be heavily associated with The Virgin Mary, but recently, Pachamama is re-emerging in South American culture and modern lifestyles as her own entity. There are many shrines to her in South America located near rocky areas, and also near tree trunks. She is depicted in reverence as a woman bearing harvested crops. You may see her carrying corn, potatoes, or cocoa leaves. Her husband was Pacha Kamaq, and she had two children: the sun god Inti and the moon goddess Killa. Pachamama is the source of the main cosmological elements to the Quechua people. Water, Earth, sun, and moon are a part of her domain.

In ancient mythology, Pachamama’s legends portrayed her as an often vengeful goddess, pleased by ritual sacrifices. Today she is known and respected among Andean cultures as a compassionate, generous, female embodiment of the Earth. A belief remains that when humans are careless with the Earth and her resources, Pachamama can become angered, and cause problems and natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Her energy can help facilitate rapid change and transformation.

You can find a set of tools aligned to Pachamama’s energy here.

If you missed my previous Full Moon Goddess rituals, you can watch them on my YouTube channel.