new mala!

y’all. I am slightly in love with my new mala. Karen from Naked Planet Jewelry helped me craft it for my exact needs…and it feels totally magical. I just keep touching it. touch touch touch touch touch.

I wanted something to help me be rooted and grounded, to feel safe, and provided for, and like I have ENOUGH.  I wanted it to also help me open my heart wider – and this does both!


it’s made of:

Peruvian opal: releases emotional wounds, increases strength and clarity, relieves depression, encourages healing, spiritual growth, and happiness

jasper: releases stress and anxiety, protects and helps dispel negative energy, aligns the chakras and balances yin and yang, strengthens and detoxifies the body, grounds the first and second chakras.

aquamarine: opens the throat chakra to help in positive communication and expression, enhances courage and aids in protection, supports the immune system, transmutes strength, decreases stress, is calming, helps with wisdom and creativity. lovely stone for opening the heart chakra and connecting it to the throat as well.

garnet: gemstone of love, devotion, and selfless service. supports the root chakra, reinforcing our connection to the earth, others, and our own sense of grounding and stability. helps with abundance, prosperity, and self confidence.


It is beautifully crafted, with the faceted garnet guru stone, and sari silk tassel.  it’s knotted between each stone, which I love.

highly recommend working with Karen to create what works for you – and she has amazing malas already made in her stop on etsy as well!


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