sun moves into Virgo today…


“With Sun in Virgo, the harvest with its symbolism of organization and service becomes the norm for everyone’s behavior. Along with nature herself,  we are starting to pull back from the plentitude of the growing season, cataloging and storing up our nuts for the winter. We are moving into a more collective mode, and are quieter and more serious as befits a more sober weather outlook.”

Today, the Sun wraps up its four-week tour of razzle dazzle Leo and moves on to by-the-books Virgo until September 22. After a month of neon-bright hedonism and unapologetic excess, we’re ready to boil it all back to basics. Embrace the power of purity, sustainability and simplicity: It’s the Virgo way. Get organized, set up savvy systems and make everything simpler with clever lifehacks. With the Sun in Virgo, minimalism reigns supreme. But that doesn’t have to equate with blandness or boredom! Virgo energy is both bohemian and sophisticated—call it “bophisticated,” if you will. How goods are produced is as important as how they look on the outside. With the Sun in this service-oriented sign we’ll get back in tune with our ethical natures. Skip the sweatshop specials (yeah, even if they’re dirt cheap) and support brands with conscious practices and production models. Virgo-time is all about healthy living, too. Squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, lap swims in the saltwater pool—fresh air does the body good. Go green! With earthy Virgo ruling the skies, it’s time to enjoy the summer harvest of fresh produce—all the better if it’s locally grown by independent farmers and rich with life-enhancing enzymes.

“Monday early afternoon, the Sun changes signs from playful, vital Leo into practical, detail-oriented Virgo. It will journey through Virgo until September 22nd. This time is best used for getting our lives in order and expressing ourselves in realistic, practical terms. 

Addressing your health (e.g., starting a new exercise or eating routine) might be just the thing within the next four weeks. Being of service and moving towards improving our living conditions are essential Virgo qualities. How might you be of service to others? What needs a little practical improvement?

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Virgo Sun-sign or Rising-sign. Virgo folks will feel extra confident and playful; Leo people are more aware of the details and more grounded in reality.”

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