Ritual: Clear Clutter for Clarity and Creativity

Tess Whitehurst-Clear Clutter for Clarity Ritual(This ritual was originally published in Llewellyn’s 2011 Spell-A-Day Almanac and on the Llewellyn Spell-A-Day blog. It’s best to do it when the moon is waning.)

Light a yellow candle and a stick of cedar incense.

Hold your hands in prayer pose, close your eyes, and focus your attention at your third eye (above the center of your brows).  Relax and set your intention by envisioning/feeling perfect clarity and creativity in your life.

Now, clear clutter from your home. Box up or discard clothes you don’t wear or that don’t make you feel good, papers you don’t need, gifts you never liked, and everything else that’s just taking up space. Drink lots of water while you do this, and take as much time as you need (even taking extra days if necessary).

When you’re finished, take a shower. Then light a bundle of dried white sage. Move the smoke around your body and home.

Finally, stand in a central location with your hands in prayer pose and say the following nine times:

Clear, creative, joyful, free.


creativity affirmations

Creativity Affirmations

Life is a joyful adventure.
I embrace the journey of life.
Life is fun.
I follow the path of fun.
Everything is an opportunity for joy.
I step into the flow of endless possibilities.
I allow myself to play.
I dance through life with lighthearted freedom.
I am free to be myself.
I express myself with joy.
I speak my truth with love.
I now give birth to new ideas and beautiful life conditions.
I am a sacred vessel of creation.
I am a channel of divine creativity.
I plant the seeds of joy.

Goddess Meditation for the Libra New Moon

from Mooncircles

This New Moon the Sun and Moon are joined in the air sign of Libra. Thus this lunar cycle is a time to initiate one’s soul into Libran concerns; namely, beauty and loving each other with ever greater grace and skill. Though it might at first seem like beauty and relationship are separate qualities, anyone who has studied Librans in action has seen how naturally these “diplomats of the zodiac” are able to skillfully balance their needs with those of “the other.” It is this rare ability to create harmony out of the jangled notes of a fractious world that is a source of true and lasting beauty—and a sure sign of “Libra magic” at work.  One of the best ways to unite both qualities in your heart, is to tune into Aphrodite, the ruling goddess of Libra.

Aphrodite, the Spirit of Beauty


In a mythic twist of fate, the goddess of beauty was born of both tragedy and poetry, emerging, the story goes, from the seafoam of Uranus’ severed genitals. Swept ashore at dawn’s rosy light on the island of Cyprus, Aphrodite, as she was called, was greeted by the three dancing Graces – Brilliance, Flower-Bringer, and Heart’s Joy – who adorned her in jewels, placed her in a golden chariot drawn by white doves and took her to Mt. Olympus. So dazzling was her beauty, that Zeus immediately married her to the crippled craftsman Hephaestus in order to prevent jealous competition for her hand among the gods. It was Hephaestus, the goldsmith, who wove the fabled golden “girdle of Aphrodite,” the source of her bewitching magic to stir love and desire in all who beheld her. Among Aphrodite’s symbols are the white dove and the pearl, both images of her pure spirit and the precious, hidden treasure of feminine beauty.

Where can Aphrodite be found today? However crude or commercial, the love-goddess’s skill at artifice is on full display in Hollywood: at award ceremonies, audiences around the world thrill to the ritual procession of enchantingly bejewelled celebrities as they promenade down the red carpet. Hollywood hypnotizes because it provides that frisson of frivolous charm so utterly lacking in our utilitarian culture. But beauty, of course, is far more than physical perfection or ornate decoration. It is a spiritual organ of perception—not just how we look, but what we perceive in others and the world around us. It is the dimple in a child’s winning smile; a spring garden scented with lilacs; the honey from a bee; a painting, poem, or piece of music whose exquisite perfection stirs the heart. Awakening to the beauty around us, we become beauty ourselves. As the myths instruct, we ignore Aphrodite at our peril, for without beauty our souls become hard and dry, closed to the radiant miracle of creation.

One way to cultivate the spirit of beauty is to reimagine the birth of Aphrodite within your heart. Begin your meditation by creating an atmosphere of beauty that will attract her presence. You may, for instance, begin your New Moon meditation by adorning your altar with some flowers, as well as photos of loved ones; you may also want to play a piece of music that, to your ears, is serenely peaceful. Allow the music to pierce the shell of your heart, then let that rhythmic feeling fill the center within you, as the waves within the ocean. Next, imagine that this ocean of feeling has given rise to an emotion of sublime beauty: this is Aphrodite, emerging from the depths of your heart. She is the essence of beauty, the perfume of loveliness, the embodiment of grace and joy. She is all lithesome light and laughter. Bathe in her being, as she herself ritually bathes in the ocean once each year to restore her sense of wholeness. Feel wholly beautiful, inside and out.

After immersing yourself in the being of Aphrodite, open your eyes and survey the environment around you. Practice seeing the world through her eyes, rather than your own narrow vision. As you do, life appears transfigured, lit from within: the flowers on your altar radiate color; the photos of your loved ones reveal an inner dimension of soulful depth that you had never experienced before; the window opening to the sky outside is a vision of glory. THIS is the precious pearl that is the gift of Aphrodite – the vision of beauty animating all creation.

As your meditation comes to a close, make an offering of thanks appropriate to the goddess of beauty – a dance, a smile, or a graceful gesture. To continually renew the spirit of beauty in your life throughout the month, choose an article of loveliness – a scarf, a scent, a flower, or a treasured object  – to use as a talisman to re-invoke the goddess in your heart. Or, you may want to initiate a daily “beauty ritual” in honor of Aphrodite, such as taking a scented bubble bath, tending an exquisite flower, or complimenting a new person each day on something nice you have noticed about about them.

You can deepen your experience of Aphrodite by connecting more deeply with the Venus in your natal horoscope. What sign is she in? Which house? The answers will help to validate what you already know you need to be really happy. But it’s nice to hear the heavens agree.  For more, check out Dana’s Your Venus Unleashed report.

libra new moon notes from patricia liles…


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Libra New Moon

Sun and Moon in Libra ~ 8º

September 30, 8:11 PM EST

The playing field in this new cycle is relationship, relationship, relationship! Libra introduces us to the balance between our self and the other – in all its forms. Intimate relationships, contractual relationships like marriage partners and business partners, mentor and consultant relationships, therapeutic relationships, even rivals and enemies become our teachers now. Libra is an air sign, and this new season is lead by this masculine and mental sign. Air signs can bring us the best of rational objectivity and adaptability. As the one air sign ruled by Venus, Libra’s main concern is bringing harmonious relationship to all. Libra is a master negotiator wanting the needs of all parties to be met, able to weigh and evaluate both sides of a conflict, and able to create compromise and collaboration, although often to the over compromising of their own needs. Libra’s strength in diplomacy and cooperation in the social realms is a function of that Venus ruler. With The Scales as the symbol of Libra, there is an element of polarity here: me and you, fair and unfair – the scales swing up and down and balance is the crucial need that Libra seeks.

When you’re called to the Venus-led Libra dance of relationship, your partner becomes your mirror. So look to what is projected on to the partner (rival, other) as a messenger of what you might look at in yourself. Ooh, that can be uncomfortable, but with Venus herself in Scorpio now bringing a depth-seeking psychological magnetism to our interactions, she is seeking truth, intensity and transformation. No stone will be left unturned in Venus’ dive for connection in this placement.

Venus ruler adds aesthetic appreciation and refinement, social charm and the healing element of beauty to this New Moon cycle in Libra. Music, art, theatre as well as the decorative and social arts soothe us and remind us that the Goddess of Love and Beauty rules this 28 day cycle. Libra brings the gift of harmony and order to their environment and grace to their appearance. Don’t discount ‘social charm’ as lightweight. Libra can be a master of being cognizant of everyone’s needs in a group and networking, massaging and leaning on outliers to make sure Libra’s agenda is getting met while making everyone feel special, even delivering disappointing news with a spoonful of sugar (social charm) to help the reality go down. So tactful…

Jupiter is aligned with the Sun and Moon to begin this new cycle. That’s a huge gift. Jupiter enlarges, expands, brings optimism to whatever it touches. It’s our source of wisdom, philosophy (beliefs), asking the big questions that fuel the search for meaning in our lives. It just so happens that Jupiter has just entered Libra on September 9 for a year of focus on the lessons Libra has to bring us. So let’s just expect a year of beauty, understanding tempered by justice, embracing new ideas, teaching and learning from others, and the confidence that love is the antidote to the fear being released.

Neptune (9º Pisces) is trining ruling Venus exactly, so this provides that higher-centered support for love, yes at the personal relationship level, but also at the level of the unity of all beings. We’re struggling with this at the collective level and this is a noticeable boost. We’re releasing our attachment to individuality that keeps us separate from others (and Spirit). Libra’s lessons are about the balance of individuality and commitment to another. Neptune helps us reach to whole new dimensions by merging with something greater than we have known. Call down your trust and surrender to something greater, more loving than you have ever been able to imagine. We’re expanding the heart envelope. Venus in Scorpio says ‘Love this life deeply, passionately’.

Mars, our masculine warrior archetype, entered Capricorn on September 27. Mars loves Capricorn; it’s exalted there. Capricorn’s goal orientation, ambition, and straight-shooting executive ability give Mars a clear channel to work through. Mars here is exactly trine to Ceres (Earth Mother Goddess of the Harvest/Grain) in Taurus. The masculine can and will protect the Earth. Set your goals for this New Moon cycle and let Mars be your ally to get them handled.

We have several factors forcing hidden truths to the surface. By Full Moon, Mars will be riding with Pluto, and Eris, that 21st century planetary discovery coming to bear on our solar system and representing the feminine spiritual warrior who will not abide injustice, untruths, and political folly, will be conjunct the Aries Moon and Uranus, The Awakener. Sparks could most definitely fly.

Mercury in Virgo will soon leave its shadow phase on October 6 after retracing its path from retrograde, and then we will really feel movement forward and be able to cut new ground.

libra new moon: inquiry for your sign

New Moon :: Friday September 30, 2016 :: 8.11 PM EDT :: 8 degrees 15 minutes Libra

The New Moon is a time to set intentions—and the Libra New Moon wants you to initiate balance. Libra represents connecting people and ideas. Take this moon as a reminder to listen and share, to give and receive. To breathe peace. Within this balancing act, acknowledging what you need is so important. This Moon is a reminder that you deserve to get your needs met.


But you also have a responsibility to expand your thinking to include the other person’s position. To become an expert at walking with one foot in your own shoes, and one in someone else’s. So be humble. But don’t deny yourself in your humility. Seek to be satisfied with yourself too. The Libra New Moon offers big bright bold expansive rays of love and joy. This moon wants to help you fill your heart with joy. And from that place of joy, do the kind thing for someone else.

Stretch yourself to be generous with your words. Look for ways to balance out injustice. This moment is a reminder to find joyful and exuberant balance. Just remember: balance requires discipline. Requires us to be steady. Through disciplined actions now, you can create a sense of balance that will help you to expand.

The Libra New Moon feels secure. You can allow yourself feel secure enough to simple be yourself. To connect to the part of you that is untamed. To defend who you are, and defend the rights of others to be themselves too. By knowing yourself you will be reminded to trust in the goodness of all humanity.



What can I do to be more emotionally open in my partnerships? Am I challenging my assumptions about what it means to be in a relationship?

What is one thing taking up my time and energy that is not a priority? How can I change it to become more efficient?

How can I make more space for fun in my life? Am I prioritizing this enough? Am I celebrating my success?

Am I naming my feelings as they come? How can I allow myself more space for all of my feelings?

How am I engaging mentally with the world? When was the last time I was playful? When was the last time I was curious?

Do I believe that life is about the journey or the destination? If it is about the journey, then how can I allow myself to feel rewarded in the moment?

How am I showing up as a leader in my life? Am I truly saying Yes to what I want and No to what I don’t want?

Can I give myself some more free time? Am I prioritizing time for meditation? How easy is it for me to do nothing?

How can I make more space for my hopes, dreams and aspirations? What is my brightest future vision for the collective?

Have I defined my goals and the steps necessary to achieve my goals? How can I link the steps of each project to a desired emotional outcome?

What enticing new philosophies am I being exposed to? Do I trust myself to speak my truth?
Or is ti time to re-evaluate some of my beliefs?

Am I feeling all my feelings? How can allow myself to surrender emotionally? What makes it safe for me to let go of control?

edited by the numinous


Enneagram love 

On a recent yoga retreat (which was magical and spiritual all in itself and is another post entirely), I was introduced or re-introduced to a personality typing system called the enneagram. It is based heavily on Jungian archetypes and I am shocked at how spot on the analyses are so far. The typing test is simple with two main questions, and if the response is not clear after those two questions each of the nine types has additional specific questions to help clarify your own type. 

I will not get into too much detail at this point, except to say that learning my type and the types of others around me is simply likely changing my life. It is allowing me to confront some of my own negative patterns and to better understand where they are rooted, the childhood patterns behind them, the fears and basic desires underlying them. It is basically soul work from a personality point of view. 
Learning the types of others around me and their own basic fears and desires is also teaching me how to love others better, to understand them when they are completely different from me. Granted, it is really something people have to be ready for if they want to do the internal work themselves. When I started to read about my own type I knew I needed to take it slow, so I bought a journal specifically for this topic and began making notes and writing myself questions as I went along. 
I admit learning your type can sometimes make you feel validated im some of your behaviors. However, that is not really the point. The point is to understand them to know how to be the most healthy version of yourself, and that often requires change and facing the ugly in your own personality. Some people simply aren’t ready for that, and that is OK. I suppose everyone goes through periods of time when they are open to self work.

If you are interested, I highly recommend the “blue book”, as people refer to it, titled The Wisdom of the Enneagram. You can grab it off Amazon, and I do recommend a hard copy of this book versus and a Kindle or other electronic version, as it’s helpful to write in it. I have jotted notes throughout mine and highlighted items that I wanted to remember.

For what it is worth, and in the interest of vulnerability, which is a struggle for my type, I am a seven – the Enthusiast, or Epicure. It is easy to think the seven is a great type, because we are prone to joy, Optimism, and positivity. However, there are some real downfalls, as with any type, like escapism, not being present and feeling things fully, and in all honesty, some selfishness. That is hard for me to write or to say in anyway, because it’s honestly a bit embarrassing. But I suppose if I want to heal old wounds and become a truly healthy seven I need to be able to be vulnerable and open about the path. 

I will likely follow up with some individual posts on specific topics as I learn more about my type and work with the enneagram. For now I consider this a tiny introduction to something I feel is very valuable, and I would love to hear from others if you have experience working with this….

good or bad energy?

A snippet from Tess Whitehurst’s “the good energy book” that I love…

Everything is one unified field of energy. And, when we become aware of the invisible layers of the appearance of our present life experience, we start to notice that some things appear to have “good energy” and some things appear to have a “bad energy”. However, in reality, Energy is neutral, although it may presently seem to appear as trapped, stagnant, and festering, or flowing, healthy, and vibrant. Trapped energy can be transmuted into vibrant energy, but while it’s trapped it can and does often appear to be bad and attract negative conditions, feelings, and energetic patterns; conversely, vibrant energy attracts positive conditions and energetic patterns. 

You might compare energy to water or air. It is not good or bad in an odd itself, but when it becomes stagnant it can be a breeding ground for unhealthy conditions.
Just as swamp water can attract and foster organisms that make it dangerous to drink, trapped energy can attract negative emotions and toxic conditions. The good news is that we can engage in practices that get the energy moving in a healthy way and transform trapped energy into vibrant energy. This not only enhances our spaces, spirits, and life conditions with positivity and sparkle, it also infuses us with a feeling of empowerment and self mastery, and since everything is connected, also helps heal and transmute the energy of the entire planet.

in the flow…

I enjoy synchronicity. It’s so easy to go one way or the other – to think something is just a coincidence or nothing special, and other times it’s so obvious that synchronicity is happening because you are in the flow of the universe.

My husband decided last year that we can only have professional family photos taken every two years – he just felt awkward doing it every year. I am good with that, and I like photos during late summer and fall, so (literally) months ago I scheduled this year’s photos for today, September 22.

At some point I realized I had inadvertently scheduled them on Mabon. That felt cool, to have photos of us together on a day of perfect balance of light and dark. On the verge between his favorite season and mine.

We also finally booked a vacation for just the two of us, to a resort in Mexico, leaving two days after Mabon. So, in preparation for that, I made appointments to get my hair, nails, and makeup done, both to be ready for professional photos, and for our lovely trip.
I have been on a long process of becoming a redhead, it just feels right. Several months back we started adding some purple and maroon pieces, but I knew this month I wanted to add a lot more purple tones. That also fits, as one of the colors of Mabon is dark purple. Fun!

When I looked into the position of the stars today, I realized today is also the day the sun enters Libra, in my fifth house. The fifth house rules glamour and passion, among other things. When I woke this morning, no kidding – astrostyle app said: 

“Hey, good lookin’! It’s officially Libra season, as the energizing Sun heads into your glamorous and passionate fifth house until October 22. El sol’s entry could spark a few sartorial dares, inspiring you to don vibrant colors or to change your hair dramatically. You might even want to greet the new season with a mini makeover, especially if you’re in need of a confidence boost.”

Really?! The one day that I should greet with a mini makeover, and it’s been in the works for months now without me knowing. A great moment of knowing I am in the flow.
It’s also amazing that this trip’s timing worked out the way it did. When the hubs passed all of his promotional tests in February, we decided to book this trip as a sort of celebration for getting all of that done.  But, we decided to wait until September for the trip so he would be good to actually move to a new position over the summer. Of course, things changed, and we got word that his promotion would happen in September.  His helmet ceremony, when they officially promote him – is – no kidding – the day before we leave for Mexico. It worked out to be a literal celebration of his promotion within hours of the ceremony.
And since Mabon is a time to celebrate abundance and look back at what we’ve created for ourselves and achieved, how lovely to recognize his hard work now! 

in the flow, I tell you!

blessed Mabon 2016!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

“Fall marks beginning of the end for each year. Its changing temperatures and ramped up work schedules are dotted by turning leaves. It is in direct opposition to the growing season. As the year winds down, what lessons can we learn from Fall?

Take some time to take stock of your accomplishments and blessings. Take time to clear space and clutter. Finish your projects so you don’t have to brood on them all winter. Clearing your space also makes room for your goals. Smudging and spiritually cleansing your space prepares a nest to be creative and incubate new ideas.

Part of nurturing yourself is to make a comfortable space. So nurture it. Fill it with candles, journals, pens and any other supplies. Setup it up for rest, meditation, and contemplation. Use it to create, write or be inspired.

Take the wrapping up of the harvest and fiscal year to plan for the new year.”


“Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, is the counterpart to the Spring Equinox.  Only on these two days of the year are the day and night exactly equal, in balance.  As we celebrate the second of our three harvest festivals, we rejoice in the harvest of apples, corn, squash, and the many other fruits and vegetables that are abundant at this time of year.  More than that, we rejoice in our own personal harvests – both mundane and magickal.

Back when the light was returning, many of us established goals for the the year. Mabon is the perfect time to check in on your progress. Have you harvested everything you’d hoped to during the months in between?  If not, what stands in your way, and how can you achieve the balance we all strive for?  The Autumnal equinox is a good time for doing magick for clarity and balance before we head into winter.  Now the light is fading, and we are moving into the darker, colder days of the year.  In some traditions, the god sacrifices himself at Mabon for the good of the land (symbolized by the fruits and vegetables that have been sustained by the sun being harvested) – what will you sacrifice for the good of your own spiritual growth?

While you ponder, don’t forget to feast on the bounty of the season!”


“Here at the start of autumn, light and dark are in a state of equilibrium. Fitting, as autumn begins when the sun enters the sign of Libra, the scales. This equinox marks the beginning of shorter days and longer nights, and is an important magical tide from the witch’s point of view, since it a season that hangs “between the worlds” – neither light or dark, neither day nor night. It occurs between a season of bounty and of coming dearth, between lush foliage and stark barrenness.

In spring and summer we saw the world of vegetation sprout and blossom in a magical feat of external, visible, productive movement. Fall signals the natural cycles of inward, silent movement. Trees draw up their sap and store it in their trunks. The tree’s annual growth cycle has peaked and now it turns from outward to inward movement. The movement and vitality of nature that we once experienced as the blossoming and fruiting of the limb now becomes the mysterious inward movement of the sap.

At the time of fall equinox, witches and pagans follow the example of the natural world and refocus outward-directed attention toward the inner processes. In our view, autumn is not a time to initiate new projects or start new ventures. Instead, it is a period of deep reflection when you retract goal-directed efforts in order to explore the depths of your interior. The fall equinox signals our need to explore internalized ideas and worldviews that ultimately shape our experiences. It is an occasion to find out just what makes you tick – what motivates you, what repels you. This kind of self-knowledge allows you to take powerful action based on insight and reflection.”


“This equinox is a time of balanced light; day and night are equal in duration. While the spring equinox focuses our attention toward the growth of the light, the fall equinox honors the diminishing light, endings, and the cycles of return. A symbol that pervades the rites and energies of autumn is that of reaping. This is a good time to regard the circumstances of your life and to consider the ways you have contributed to your conditions – for better or for worse. This is often difficult for us to do because our lives don’t always seem to measure up to our expectations. We might not want to face our contributions to an undesirable circumstance and you might be tempted to assign blame for this elsewhere. It’s much easier to blame bad luck, negative vibes, chance, or other people for our messes than it is to face our actions squarely. Who wants to face their shadowy aspects – their inadequacies, jealousies, anger, manipulation, greed, or laziness? And yet, facing this is exactly what can produce the perfect wisdom and spiritual clarity called for during this season.

It’s important during this time to consider your life without allowing personal commentary and opinions to take over; an important spiritual stance is one that allows for simple observation without the need for judgment, especially of our own selves. Our lives are simply what they are in this moment, whether we like the circumstances or not. This is the most natural and magically powerful view we can take.

When you observe your life conditions in this way, your participation in how things have evolved becomes transparent. This then gives you the opportunity to make realistic and feasible plans for change in order to cultivate future harvests.”

Mabon Correspondences
Colors: orange, red, brown, purple, blue
Tools: cornucopia, corn, harvested crops
Energy: appreciation & harvest
Goddesses: Bona Dea, Land Mother, Corn Mother
Gods: Mabon, Sky Father
Rituals: thanksgiving, harvest, introspection
Customs: offerings to land, preparing for colder weather, bringing in harvest

Six ways to celebrate Mabon from HuffPost:

1. Create an altar. This can be on a dining room table, hearth, or dresser with apples, leaves, pine cones, corn, acorns, pomegranate, squash, and root vegetables. Add gardening tools (scythe, baskets, hand trowel) and objects that are the colors of gold, orange, red, bronze, and rust. Light an orange or yellow candle and give thanks for the blessings of abundance you have in your life.

2. Ask for blessings. When lighting your candle, you can call to the Goddess in her Mother aspect and/or ask the Green Man to bless your harvest.

3. Do apple magic. Apples are often harvested in the fall. Cut an apple horizontally to reveal the hidden, five-pointed star (a pentagram) inside. Look for pentagonal forms around you (ex. five fingers and five toes, five petals of certain flowers, starfish, etc.)

4. Listen to music. Music is a wonderful way to get into the mood of Mabon! Songs by Lisa Thiel, the Reclaiming Tradition, and S.J. Tucker are especially evocative.

5. Meditate on balance. This is especially helpful if you are a family caregiver, but also if you have a high-stress job, pressure-filled commute, or have a lot of personal drama. Reflect on how you handle pressure, how you manage your and other people’s emotions, and how easily your peace of mind can be disrupted. Think about ways you can reduce stress and bring more balance to your days. Consider going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to get a jump on the day, practicing non-violent communication, eating more healthily, and eliminating unhealthy relationships.

6. Pray for peace. In a world out of balance, praying for peace and stability — including a stable climate — can be especially potent during Mabon!

Look for more history, ideas, recipes, and more here!


By Kiki Dombrowski

This time of year we begin to reflect on what has grown in our lives. We can take stock of what we have and give thanks to the abundance in our lives. Additionally, we look ahead to the darker season: nights now grow longer and we move indoors and inwards. Use the month of September to reflect on nature’s transitions as well as your own.

• What has blossomed in your life over the past year?

• What aspects of yourself have grown? What have you developed?

• How do you show gratitude?

• When can you change “I’m sorry” to “Thank you”?

• When in your life do you feel you had to descend into the Underworld and explore your shadow side?

• How do you respond physically to autumn weather?


Mabon blessings to you all, I hope it’s lovely!




Chakras 101: Manipura, The Solar Plexus Chakra

from yoganonymous

The solar plexus is the center of power, pride, and self-worth. Get to know this important energy center of your body below.

The chakras are the seven main energy centers in the body where we receive, absorb and distribute life energies. They are located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. The chakras are described as “whirling wheels of light” and each chakra radiates a specific color and energy. Each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical issues. Balancing these energy centers leads to our well-being.

These seven chakras can become blocked through external situations and internal habits such as long-held tension in the body or staying stuck in our thoughts about things past or constant worry about the future. As a result, a chakra can become either deficient or excessive.  Therefore this chakra is imbalanced. Practicing mantras that correspond to each chakra can release these blocks and clear the path to more joyful living. Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

Manipura, The Solar Plexus Chakra

About Solar Plexus Chakra:

This chakra influences how you show up in the world and your sense of pride and self-worth. When balanced you recognize and support your needs, values, emotions, and intentions as your own best advocate. The third chakra influences ones ability to participate fully and engage in life, and to take action. Just make sure it’s what you really value otherwise you may become a workaholic.

If this chakra isn’t working properly you may you feel as though the world is against you and everything is out of your control.

Location: Navel is located at the solar plexus (between belly button and bottom of rib cage).

Intention: Emancipation

Your Rights: Your Right to Act

Self-work: Self-definition

Identity: Ego Identity

Affirmation: I am free

Color: Yellow-gold

Element: Fire

Sense: Sight

Healing Stones: Amber, topaz, citrine, yellow calcite, yellow jasper

Third Chakra Mantras:

  • May I be true to myself
  • May I express who I am without fear
  • I honor myself
  • I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly
  • The fire within me burns through all blocks and fear
  • I honor the power within me
  • I can do whatever I will to do

“We have no reason to harbor any mistrust against our world, for it is not against us. It has terrors, they are our terrors. If there are dangers at hand, we must try to love them. And if only we arrange our life according to that principle which counsels us that we must always hold to the difficult, then that which now still seems to us the most alien will become our most intimate and trusted experience.” – Rainer Maria Rilke