goddess Ma’at

The Goddess Ma’at

from SageGoddess

“Ma’at is not only a goddess of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, but her name literally represents a concept of truth and justice, which came to shape ancient Egyptian law and society. Ma’at is the daughter of the Egyptian sun God Ra, and she is the wife of the moon god Thoth. With Thoth, Ma’at has eight children, one of them being the important fertility god Amun. In mythology, Ma’at was the one who helped her father Ra steer his boat across the sky each day, thus bringing guidance and purpose to his direction.

Ma’at is known as one of the highest respected Egyptian gods, because even the Gods must follow her laws and judgements. Her energies of balance and order were necessary to the ancient Egyptians, because she provided an explanation for the forces of the Universe. The Egyptians strongly believed that the universe was ordered and rational. The regular rising and setting of the sun, the flooding of the Nile, and the predictable course of the stars in the sky reassured them that there was a permanence to their existence, which was central to the nature of all things. However, the forces of chaos were always present and threatened the balance of Ma´at, thus each person was duty bound to preserve and defend her, and the Pharaoh was perceived as the guardian and Earthly keeper of Ma´at’s balance and law.

It was Ma’at who maintained the momentum of the stars and planets, the changing seasons, and the balance between the worlds. This equilibrium is the natural state of being, but of course, there is a duality, and the opposite to Ma’at was known as Isfet, or the principle of chaos. Without one, the other could not exist, and so these forces are codependent on each other. Ma’at helps us to see the Universal Truth that says for one thing to exist so must its opposite. It’s no coincidence we will work with her during the month of Mabon – the Autumnal Equinox; the day of balance between light and dark.

You can find a set of tools aligned to Ma’at’s energy here, and don’t forget to join me on September 16th online or here at SGHQ when we meet for our ritual to honor the Full Moon and the Goddess Ma’at.

If you missed my previous Full Moon Goddess rituals, you can watch them on my YouTube channel.”


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