this week in the stars: jupiter moves to libra, saturn/neptune square


After a year of obsessing, editing, planning and working our fingers to the bone, we could all use a little more joie de vivre. Playtime’s a-coming!

On Friday, September 9 expansive Jupiter leaves Virgo’s efficiency-obsessed grips and floats on to lighthearted Libra until October 2017. So early this week, wrap up the OCD fixations. Carefully paint on that final coat of polish; give every project one more eagle-eyed edit or fine tune. Then, release the doves!

And while you’re at it, find a complementary force who can take some of that work off your hands. In Libra, partnerships of all manner will be charged up with Jupiter’s audacious “why the hell not?” daring-do. Jupiter’s abundant influence can bring results fast, and in Libra, all things “couple-y” or “artsy” will have the gift of his blessings.

But here’s the rub: Jupiter’s energy is innately free-spirited. So forget about melding into a Kimye portmanteau. The most successful mergers will be a union of two strong individuals who both shine brightly in their own right. Existing relationships will soar when you’re supporting each other’s respective dreams—not trying to force a hybrid compromise that leaves both of you dissatisfied. Be willing to stretch and allow more freedom into your bond. Absence CAN make the heart grow fonder.

On Saturday, structure-hound Saturn locks into a tense square (90º angle) with Neptune, the planet of surrender and release. This tangled angle has driven up tons of anxiety AND escapist tendencies. One minute, we’re freaking out and trying to control everything; the next, we’re running off on (potentially self-destructive) escapes to the tune of “to hell with it all!” But the lesson of squares is to find a happy medium, not veer to one extreme or the other. With Saturn in expansive Sagittarius and Neptune in boundary-blurring Pisces, a failure to set limits could be the true culprit behind our stress. As much as we hate to miss out on a good thing, scattering our energy in too many directions will water down our efforts.

Saturn demands mastery while Neptune brings divinely guided inspiration. Focusing on less—but doing an impeccable job with the tasks we do take on—is the name of the game.

Being too understanding is also an issue. Compassion is great—but not if we are justifying other people’s dominating or inappropriate behavior. The Saturn-Neptune square can straighten up our backbones, pushing us to stand up for ourselves and give a bully the what-for.

What’s also crucial to remember this week? That “No” is a complete sentence. Use that magic word judiciously…no need to explain your reason for taking a pass. Just turn down the offer with gratitude and acknowledgment. (“Thanks for thinking of me, but no, I won’t be able to do that.”) And if people STILL aren’t respecting limits the third time around? You have ample evidence that there’s a pattern going on here—and all the justification you need to extract yourself from such unhealthy situations. After all, “Bye” is a complete sentence, too.




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