magical home items

some other new witchy haul items from Starry Eyed Supplies!

  1. “that witch gives serenity” spell cauldron candle


    Designed around the divine message of Serenity; the energies within are for serenity, peace of mind, aiding in meditation, inner thought and discovery, peaceful dreams and sleep, personal recovery and inner peace, helping you to walk your path and discover who you are in a calm and peaceful manner.

  2. starry pillar – Avalon by Starlight

    The “Avalon by Starlight” pillar has been created to take you to a place of deep healing, to be immersed in the healing waters of Avalon by night, reflected in the light of the stars.
    This energy is for deep healing and working with the shadow self, for healing of deep seated illness, memories and negative emotions.

    To aid healing the mind and the body. Can aid with depression, fear, anxiety and pain.

    ‘In the clear cool darkness, step into the lake of Avalon, submerge yourself in the healing water and let all hurts wash from you. Look skyward and see hope reigning up above – the majesty of an inky black sky lit by stars. Hope returns to you as starlight bathes the lakes waters. You are whole and healed once more.’

    Take yourself into a peaceful journey to Avalon and let the whispers of this Sacred lake soothe your soul.

  3. healing salts of Avalon

    These salts have been created to encourage healing energy in all areas such as physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing.  

    The spell salts contain all natural ingredients and are designed to used as a spell within the bath – add to a sachet and pour under running water or simply add a spoonful to your bath.

    The salts have been imbued with a quartz crystal – which is included within the spell salts as well as this beautiful jar that will make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. This large jar is over 500g total weight and will last many moons (depending on how much of the beautifully scented product you add to your bath!)

    Simply soak with these incredible bathing spell salts to find yourself surrounded by the healing waters of Avalon.

  4. meltkin – ‘smudge a smidge’

    Starry Meltkins are beeswax pumpkins with their own individual style and scent.
    These are an alternative to candles, flameless candles that can be melted to give off a wondrous scent and their own magickal intention.

    Smudge a Smidge is a cleansing sensation that has been imbued for purification, healing, cleansing the aura, banishing negativity and embracing positive energy.


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