animal totem: angelfish

As part of the Good Vibe Tribe online community, last week’s web chat meditation involved being at the bottom of a lovely lake, and allowing a watery totem to come to us, specifically to give us some guidance about our own divine creativity.

What came to me: angelfish.


So, what does angelfish medicine impart to us? (my thoughts in blue)

“The image of an Angelfish swimming into your thoughts means that you are feeling inquisitive about some happening in your real life. (accurate, I am always super curious by nature)

The Angelfish is always aware of its surroundings. This symbolism means that you should always be aware of people near you who may be in need of your help in their journey of life. You can help them only when you realize their problems. A second symbolism related to the awareness of the Angelfish is that, you should be attuned to the emotions of the people around you so that you do not hurt their feelings and in turn they do not hurt yours. (interesting for me, as part of my journey is about learning how to give to others more, and I do have a tendency to be blunt or rational at times when people need emotional support…lessons)

Another symbolism of the awareness of the Angelfish means that you should also be aware of people around you who can extend a helping hand to you as you go forward in life. Your bright behavior should attract those people who would like to help you. (also learning about being vulnerable)

The Angelfish is very curious and fearless when approaching anything which it sees in the water for the first time. It does not show any fear when it sees a completely unknown object like a diver in the water observing sea-life. (no fear!)

The symbolism of the Angelfish signifies that you should be brave and courageous enough to face all kinds of situations that reveal themselves in life. Running away without facing the facts only increases your inability to handle what affects you. The Angelfish is adept at swimming or changing directions very rapidly. The thin plate-like body of the Angelfish helps it to navigate the water currents very easily and helps it to skim very fast through the water. This symbolism teaches you to navigate smoothly through the various currents in the ocean of life with the help of your intuition and imagination.

The Angelfish can come into your thoughts when…

  • You are feeling gloomy.
  • You are not able to concentrate.
  • You are unsure of getting help.
  • You are not sure of whom to help.
  • You are feeling bogged down.

You can call upon the symbol of the Angelfish when…

  • You want to reach out to people around you.
  • You want to find out the persons ready to help.
  • You want to locate people who may be in need of your help.
  • You want to navigate the problems facing you with comparative ease.
  • You want to feel fearless to face all kinds of situations.




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