sun signs & moon signs – what is what?

I get this question often when looking at charts.  I truly didn’t understand myself well until I understood the play of my sun AND moon sign together, so I recommend other people know both!

Short answer:
your Sun sign describes your basic ego, core personality, outer appearance and mannerisms – how you express
your Moon sign describes your emotional inner self – how you feel and react instinctively

Your Sun Sign

Let’s begin with the sun in our solar system. It reflects the center. All the planets rotate around sun. We have a focal point. An integration point. All energies or planetary frequencies flow into the sun. We can also see it as the big flash light in the sky. The sun powers all life processes on Earth.

Understanding Your Sun and Moon Signs - The SunFrom that observation we can look at the symbolic meaning of the sun in astrology in the same way.

The representation of the sun sign in your astrology chart shows us how the soul is going about creatively actualizing itself. Giving it personal form and adding light to your journey here on earth. It is also the reason we all know our sun signs. Think about it… On your birthday, when the sun is shining on you, where is all the attention? On you! You are the center of attention. The sun also reflects an outward force. Your creative spark. It shows how you creatively actualize yourself. HOW and WHAT you are becoming.

The Sun symbolizes your basic personality. The Zodiac sign it occupies describes your character’s essential qualities. This sign is also usually the easiest to find. It’s what you mean when you tell someone “I’m an Aries,” or “I’m a Capricorn.”

The Sun, by sign and house position, describes your ego’s central traits. To an astrologer, your Sun sign describes your core personality. Many say it’s the most important sign you have, but that’s not entirely true.

Sun Sign indicates the primary karmic shaping that is to be undergone in this lifetime. We respond at the deepest level through the filter of our Sun Sign, which is a mark of the soul’s developmental needs in this incarnation.

I like to say it this way: your sun sign is WHAT YOU ARE BECOMING AND HOW YOU ARE EVOLVING.

Your Moon Sign

Understanding Your Sun and Moon Signs - The Moon

In astrology, the Moon symbolizes your inner self, the part of you that responds from habit, feelings, and instinct. If you are a sensitive or emotional person, you may recognize your Moon sign qualities more readily than your Sun sign. These traits are “who you are inside” … an intimate side of your character only you and those close to you really know. In fact, your Moon sign may be very different from — or even in conflict with your Sun sign traits. (And there’s another reason why people are so complicated!)

Moon governs the mind and emotions and thus one’s Moon sign would indicate about the inner self of a person.

Forecasts based on your Moon sign reveal what’s happening in your private life, your inner world, with your family situation and living conditions … and how life’s shifting tides could affect your security, foundations, and feelings. Because they target your experiences literally “where you live” you are apt to relate to readings that involve your Moon sign much more directly than those based on your Sun sign alone.


Now that we have a grasp on these two luminaries, let’s see how we can put them together.

The purpose and of the sun and moon in the birth chart will then reflect how you will be creatively actualizing your sense of ego structure. How you will be go about expressing (sun sign) – your inner self-identity & emotions (moon sign).


For example, my sun sign is Gemini, but I am not 100% Gemini. I am:

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign places you in a class of true “personality people.” Your interests are so varied, your tastes so inclusive, your attitudes so tolerant, that you have a very broad appeal to many different people with whom you come in contact (that’s gemini). An apparently happy-go-lucky nature (leo) conceals a core of sound good sense (gemini), just as the apparent fickle (gemini) in your nature hides deep-seated loyalty and fidelity (leo). You may be changeable (gemini) in many ways, but when you settle to person or a course of action, you stay settled (leo). Your mind turns from one subject to the next, from one relationship to another, but sooner or later the wavering and fluctuating stops, and you establish yourself. People have difficulty understanding you, not so much because you are complex, but merely because you are so hard to pin down (gemini). When your mind is made up to go after something, however, you don’t hesitate (leo). Your warmth and amiability make you the life of many parties (leo). You are confident of the impression you make on people and you are a study of joviality and good nature (leo). You can get along very well in life with your kind of personality. Even when people don’t agree with what you say, they admire the way you say it (gemini). Oddly, a somewhat brooding spirit can invade your personality when things (especially romances) don’t come together as you feel they should (leo). Nonetheless, you are blessed with a good personality, a good level head, and more than your fair share of good luck.”

Helpful for anyone? I have a basic interpretation of all the sun/moon combos on file if you need it!



Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant Sign – Just What’s Going on Here?





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