a big one: tomorrow’s full moon & pisces eclipse

time to:
celebrate the harvest
celebrate abundance and the sweetness of life

also focus on the shadow –
what parts of us are not letting us fully experience abundance?

let the full harvest moon shine light on these places where we can welcome more abundance!


Quick full moon ritual here

“September brings us the Harvest Moon, sometimes referred to as the Wine Moon or the Singing Moon. This is the time of year when the last of the crops are being gathered from the fields and stored for the winter. There’s a chill in the air, and the earth is slowly beginning its move towards dormancy as the sun pulls away from us. It’s the season when we’re celebrating Mabon, the autumn equinox.


  • Colors: Browns and greens, earth tones
  • Gemstones: Citrine, chrysolite, peridot, bloodstone
  • Trees: Bay, larch, hawthorn
  • Gods: Demeter, Brighid, Freyja, Vesta
  • Herbs: Wheat, valerian, witch hazel, skullcap
  • Element: Earth

This is a month of hearth and home. Spend some time preparing your environment for the upcoming chilly months. If you don’t already have one, set up a hearth or kitchen altar for those times when you’re cooking, baking and canning. Use this time to clear out clutter — both physical and emotional — before you have to spend the long winter days inside.

Finally, remember that the harvest moon is a season about reaping what you have sown. Remember those seeds you planted in the spring – and not just the physical seeds, but the spiritual and emotional ones? This is the season where they are bearing fruit – take advantage of all of your hard work, and collect the bounty you deserve.”


from an astrological perspective…

“Gentle motion, flexibility, and floating: These are your survival tools for this Pisces Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Because if there is an astrological equivalent to quicksand, a Pisces eclipse would pretty much have to be it. At times like this, surrender—not struggle—is the key.

There are moments to push and persevere, to climb mountains, but this isn’t one of them. The Pisces eclipse and Saturn square Neptune prescribe a different path, alongside an unchanneled river, where you can hear the breeze rustling through the reeds alongside the bank. And if you step into quicksand along the way, don’t struggle. Enjoy the delicious, slightly melancholy freedom of letting go. Relax, have faith, and wiggle your legs a little bit. In time, you’ll float right to the top.” —mooncircles

“Eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces axis are a precious event full of imagination, intuition and participation in the unified field of the ONE.  Our creativity is at full blush.  Pisces with its Neptune ruler asks us to dissolve polarity and delve into the watery, feminine world of the emotional, the intangible, the spiritual realms that are unmeasurable.  Virgo, on the other hand, draws down our discriminating, organizing, analytical mind with help from Mercury our ruler of mental workings and communication – an earthy, mental energy.  Virgo bestows a strong left brain function of linear clarity, while Pisces grants us access to right brain gifts of knowingness, empathy, and sensitivity to the invisible realms.  And let’s not forget Virgo’s role as Virgin, connecting us to the harvest, the cycles of fertility and the Earth, and the rituals that honor the sacred in our lives at this Harvest Moon.

A lunar eclipse activates our lunar, emotional bodies.  What lies in the shadow or beneath the surface can be set free.  Chiron travels closely with the Full Moon in Pisces drawing out wounds from the past to reveal the treasure and the wisdom they hold.  Chiron seeks to make us whole healing us at any level that is held separate.  Chiron is the bridge from our life of ordinary, daily responsibilities to the world where we create our reality.  Where are you feeling vulnerable, shut down and wearing strong protection?  Out of the wound emerges the teacher, your wisdom, your wholeness.  This Pisces Full Moon eclipse is here to dissolve what holds you apart from Spirit and your true Self.

Mars’ support is pivotal in this chart helping us to use our courage and will to break free of separation from the Feminine.  Open your root chakra at the base of your spine and send down thick roots to the core of Mother Earth to remember who you are.  Draw up her power and nourishment to live your visions and shake off the dogma that holds you small, fearful and believing in scarcity.” —thepowerpath

Lunar Eclipses direct our attention to the “emotional body” and thus to whatever has been suppressed or ignored. Get ready for some big shifts in your life, especially around your relationship with your intuitive self and rational mind. Where do you need more emotional or spiritual healing? What painful memories have you not been able to process yet?

How do we integrate Pisces with Virgo? This may seem challenging, given Virgo’s detailed, analytical understanding, versus Pisces call to open our heart and allow for paradoxical truths to co-exist. In fact, there is no separation, everything is interconnected — we need both left- and right-brain.

The mind acts like a filtering mechanism that helps us to focus and function more efficiently — but in doing so, it can also greatly narrow our view and understanding of the world. Ask yourself: What is my mind seeking to change or improve? What does my heart want to open to? What might come through if my heart and mind worked together in unison?
Any spiritual practices (such as meditation, breathing exercises, mindful exercise, etc.) can open the doors of our perception. The same is true of spiritual/energetic healing modalities like Reiki, “access consciousness bars”, shiatsu, acupuncture, etc. Creative flow through dance, singing, music, sound, etc., can also connect us to “the all”, as can positive emotions such as love, gratitude and compassion.

What tools can you use to expand your view of reality from duality to unity? Ask yourself: Does my inner dialog serve as a support or a distraction?

This powerful Full Moon also highlights the importance of developing, expressing and trusting our feminine energies — connecting to our feeling side for example, or following our intuition. We need to allow for the flow of things… Just like the tides, just like our breath, we need to allow for feelings/thoughts/sensations to move in, and move out again — without fearful reactions or judgments.

This Full Moon invites us to tap into our hearts first, so that our mind can be of service to something vaster and more beautiful than we were taught is possible. What if the greatest gift we could give ourselves is liberating our heart-energies? What if we allowed ourselves to move with those energies like a breeze on a summer day?” –sonja francis
“Eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces axis are a precious event full of imagination, intuition and participation in the unified field of the ONE…
What lies in the shadow or beneath the surface can be set free.  Chiron travels closely with the Full Moon in Pisces drawing out wounds from the past to reveal the treasure and the wisdom they hold
Out of the wound emerges the teacher, your wisdom, your wholeness
This Pisces Full Moon eclipse is here to dissolve what holds you apart from Spirit and your true Self.

Let go, forgive, surrender.”

From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her Lua Astrology:
“The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is an emotional high tide. It makes me think of being on a surfboard, scudding across a beast of a wave as the crest begins to fold and you’re wondering whether you’re going to stay upright or be flung head over heels by the force of the water.
The Moon is in a tight conjunction to Chiron which means we are very sensitive to being hurt. In Pisces we are wide open with no defenses, especially as the Moon squares warrior Mars.
In fact, it may be the case that we are pushed to let down our defenses and really allow ourselves to feel.
So often we try to tough it out, brave it, stiff upper lip it until our mouths are drawn so tight we can’t speak and our bodies so rigid with tension that we feel like we’re going to snap.
But this watery Moon says, we have to go with the flow, wherever the flow goes because we can’t avoid what hurts.
Chiron is both the one who wounds and the one who heals the wound. The wound itself is the way to healing – like cutting open an infected sore until it bleeds clear…knowing that sometimes the path to healing must begin with a painful cut…
And our part is to surrender, to accept that healing is needed and necessary, to put trust in the universe that what comes is for our benefit.
Wide oppositions to both retrograde Mercury and Jupiter (out of sign now in Libra), suggest that it may be hard to see the benefits and difficult to think about or articulate.
But some things can’t necessarily be put into words. Some things can only be felt at soul level. Let go of trying to find an explanation. Accept what is.
It may be that the wound or pain is centered around old anger with the square to Mars but a semi-sextile to Uranus suggests that what is awakened now can offer a new perspective.
A trine from the Moon to Vesta is like performing ceremonial ablutions, washing ourselves with holy water in preparation for further dedications.
There is something sacred about this painful process. The Gods haven’t abandoned us, they are carrying us. The are the giant wave beneath our feet…
Chiron represents the archetypal shaman who drinks intoxicating and poisonous herbs in order to see the world beyond the one we see. The spirit of the plant becomes an ally on the shaman’s spiritual path.
Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus and therefore is the bridge between limitation (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus). Sometimes pain is the breakthrough.
None of us like pain. We seek to avoid it at all costs but during this lunation, the challenge is to go towards it willingly – to go back to the source, especially as this is a South Node eclipse.
We have to accept the pain to dissolve it. It’s about actively (Mars) seeking out where we inflict pain upon ourselves through ignoring old hurts or leaving conflicts (internal or external) unresolved.
It’s about knowing we are braver than we ever imagined.”
© Copyright 2016 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
From SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk:
“…this is an emotionally energized eclipse with a cathartic edge. 
Whilst some emotional catharses can clear the air in the long run, others may complicate an already difficult situation and we must stay present to know one from the other.
With passions aroused we may mistakenly think it’s all about us, forgetting other people are also feeling the strain!
To avoid too great a focus on the self, it will help to acknowledge a collective process of clearing and realignment rather than identify too deeply with what is, in fact, a wider issue.
This eclipse reminds us the emotional realm may not be as personal as it first appears, for we each process our karmic share of the unified field, albeit within the unique emotional landscape of our life…
This is a time of rebalancing, of silenced selves whispering of past loves and lives lost, reawakening passions once denied.
With all this emotion around we may be tempted to take life extremely seriously. But lightening up, seeing the funny side, remembering ourselves as a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos can all keep things in perspective.
As can reflecting before reacting and not allowing fiery emotions to dictate our every move; for once they’ve died down – as they certainly will – we may find more damage than anticipated and reparation may take more time than we have to spare.
A minute taken to center ourselves will be infinitely more valuable now than the transitory relief of self-expression. Knowing when to speak and when to stay silent is key.
We may sense that a sacrifice is called for. If so, we will know what it is and why. Most likely we should have released it long ago and yet somehow we still cling on. A person, a job, a home, a habit, a belief, an object….
Whatever it is, however big or small, this eclipse asks why do we cling, what do we fear, how do we maintain a connection whose time has passed?
It may still be beyond us to let go at this point, but it will help us shift some energy, cut a few ties, take a half step away from bondage and toward freedom.
Perhaps the best advice at this eclipse is to cultivate compassionate patience… with ourselves, with each other, with the unfolding of life and destiny, whatever that means to us.
It is time to manifest a gentle and loving heart which enables deeper exploration of those things which trouble us, whilst knowing we are not bound to resolve them all in one go.
The very act of turning toward pain is the start of a healing journey; simply wondering ‘how would it be if I change this thing in my life?’ invites new possibilities to shape our future selves.
A sensitive and emotional eclipse, we owe ourselves and each other time and space to embrace its message and reflect on all it has to say. 
Both intensely personal and integral to collective realignment, it heightens our emotions, transforming them into the most intimate language of the soul.”
© Copyright 2016 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


From DIPALI DESAI from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“With the Full Moon phase highlighting the emotional level and the subconscious, there may be hidden auto-pilot tendencies that are being pointed out in some way through an interaction or situation.
This is helpful yet it may stir up waves in the emotional level…
Irritations and agitations are way-showers now as to where the inner critic (egoic mind) is running the show and things are off-balance.
…You may not like what surfaces from the depth of your emotions and hidden crevices yet, bring it to the light of awareness for healing.
Transiting Chiron in Pisces is very closely aspected to this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. This suggests the calling for healing and transforming the wound into strength by using the elixir of love.
…be fully compassionate and gentle with yourself and others. Allow old illusions to dissolve and be willing to perceive clarity and the truth of your life and situations.
There are new glimpses of things appearing yet if you cling to the old way of perceiving it may not make sense.
Be willing to surrender the old choice and trust that the Divine is there as your guide and internal compass.”



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