in the flow…

I enjoy synchronicity. It’s so easy to go one way or the other – to think something is just a coincidence or nothing special, and other times it’s so obvious that synchronicity is happening because you are in the flow of the universe.

My husband decided last year that we can only have professional family photos taken every two years – he just felt awkward doing it every year. I am good with that, and I like photos during late summer and fall, so (literally) months ago I scheduled this year’s photos for today, September 22.

At some point I realized I had inadvertently scheduled them on Mabon. That felt cool, to have photos of us together on a day of perfect balance of light and dark. On the verge between his favorite season and mine.

We also finally booked a vacation for just the two of us, to a resort in Mexico, leaving two days after Mabon. So, in preparation for that, I made appointments to get my hair, nails, and makeup done, both to be ready for professional photos, and for our lovely trip.
I have been on a long process of becoming a redhead, it just feels right. Several months back we started adding some purple and maroon pieces, but I knew this month I wanted to add a lot more purple tones. That also fits, as one of the colors of Mabon is dark purple. Fun!

When I looked into the position of the stars today, I realized today is also the day the sun enters Libra, in my fifth house. The fifth house rules glamour and passion, among other things. When I woke this morning, no kidding – astrostyle app said: 

“Hey, good lookin’! It’s officially Libra season, as the energizing Sun heads into your glamorous and passionate fifth house until October 22. El sol’s entry could spark a few sartorial dares, inspiring you to don vibrant colors or to change your hair dramatically. You might even want to greet the new season with a mini makeover, especially if you’re in need of a confidence boost.”

Really?! The one day that I should greet with a mini makeover, and it’s been in the works for months now without me knowing. A great moment of knowing I am in the flow.
It’s also amazing that this trip’s timing worked out the way it did. When the hubs passed all of his promotional tests in February, we decided to book this trip as a sort of celebration for getting all of that done.  But, we decided to wait until September for the trip so he would be good to actually move to a new position over the summer. Of course, things changed, and we got word that his promotion would happen in September.  His helmet ceremony, when they officially promote him – is – no kidding – the day before we leave for Mexico. It worked out to be a literal celebration of his promotion within hours of the ceremony.
And since Mabon is a time to celebrate abundance and look back at what we’ve created for ourselves and achieved, how lovely to recognize his hard work now! 

in the flow, I tell you!


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