good or bad energy?

A snippet from Tess Whitehurst’s “the good energy book” that I love…

Everything is one unified field of energy. And, when we become aware of the invisible layers of the appearance of our present life experience, we start to notice that some things appear to have “good energy” and some things appear to have a “bad energy”. However, in reality, Energy is neutral, although it may presently seem to appear as trapped, stagnant, and festering, or flowing, healthy, and vibrant. Trapped energy can be transmuted into vibrant energy, but while it’s trapped it can and does often appear to be bad and attract negative conditions, feelings, and energetic patterns; conversely, vibrant energy attracts positive conditions and energetic patterns. 

You might compare energy to water or air. It is not good or bad in an odd itself, but when it becomes stagnant it can be a breeding ground for unhealthy conditions.
Just as swamp water can attract and foster organisms that make it dangerous to drink, trapped energy can attract negative emotions and toxic conditions. The good news is that we can engage in practices that get the energy moving in a healthy way and transform trapped energy into vibrant energy. This not only enhances our spaces, spirits, and life conditions with positivity and sparkle, it also infuses us with a feeling of empowerment and self mastery, and since everything is connected, also helps heal and transmute the energy of the entire planet.


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