Reed Month

Celtic Calendar: Reed Moon Month
October 28 – November 24
The Celtic Moon month of Reed prompts you to withdraw from the outer world, to look within yourself and reconnect with the past.

Reed is typically used to make wind instruments, and this time of year, its haunting sounds are sometimes heard when the souls of the dead are being summoned to the Underworld. The Reed Moon was called Negetal, pronounced nyettle by the Celts, and is sometimes referred to as the Elm Moon by modern Pagans. This is a time for divination and scrying. If you’re going to have a seance, this is a good month to do it.

This month, do magical workings related to spirit guides, energy work, meditation, celebration of death, and honoring the cycle of life and rebirth.

The celebration of Samhain, now known as Halloween, occurs during the Reed Moon.  To the Celts this month hailed the end of the year, a time to cull the livestock and to connect with ancestors.  All around the world festivals that honor the dead are celebrated.  During the Reed Moon, light a candle for loved ones who have died and you may receive a message from the spirit world.

Releasing Old Energy

The Reed Moon is a good time to use divination to gain insights into the year that has passed.  Perform spells that will release old energy, and burn symbols of illness and negativity in your bonfire on Halloween.  Remember the Celtic year does not begin until the Winter Solstice, so use this interval to dream, not to make plans for the future.


In the past, the reed was used to make swift-flying arrow shafts that slew both enemies and game.  In this way the plant was linked to the season of death and sacrifice, in which trees shed their leaves and the energy of nature became more introspective.  Many early musical instruments also used the reed to create a haunting sound that has been connected to rites for the dead and summoning the spirits.

Wind Instruments

Modern-day wind instruments have developed from the same principle used by original reed instruments, whereby a current of air is vibrated to produce a melodic sound.

Other traditional uses for reed include thatching.  Rooftops were thatched with reeds, and as the Celts withdrew into their homes for the winter they honored the plant that gave them shelter, making the reed a symbol of royalty and protection.

In the depth of winter, you need to recharge.  As you tend to stay indoors a lot during the cold season, this is a good time to both focus on and bless your home.


Harness the power of the plant of protection and divination during this lunar month. Using Reed magic can help you to connect with your ancestral roots or let go of the past.

Ancestor Spirit Altar

Use this ancestral ritual to connect with your ancestors and other loved ones who have crossed to the spirit world.

You Will Need:

  • Ancestral images
  • Three white candles
  • Flowers

First, place the ancestral images on a table, with flowers and candles.  Light each candle in turn and offer after each in the following order.

Candle one:

I honor the Ancestors of my Blood.

Candle two:

I honor the Ancestors of my Heart.

Candle three:

I honor the Ancestors of my Tradition.

Meditate, letting images peacefully drift through your mind, and ask for a sign that your loved ones are still with you in spirit.

Protection Charm

Use this reed charm to protect yourself from negativity.

You Will Need:

  • Freshly cut reed
  • A black ribbon

1.  Visualize yourself within a circle of white light.

2.  Tie a knot in a freshly cut reed, as it will be more flexible, and then say, “Royal Reed, plant of protection, keep me safe until the new year.”

3.  Suspend the knotted reed from the ceiling using the black ribbon.

4.  At Christmas, take it down and burn it.

Samhain Reed Spell

If you need help in letting go of something from your past, use a little reed magic at Samhain (October 31).

You Will Need:

  • Knife
  • Pen
  • Sea salt
  • Matches
  • Fireproof dish

1.  Go to a spot along the river bank where reeds grow tall and strong.

2.  Sprinkle sea salt on the surface of the water and say, “River of birth, river of death, I honor you.  Please accept this offering.”

3. Now choose a reed, cut it, and carefully draw a symbol, or write a word, to represent what you wish to release on the reed.

4.  Light the reed in the fireproof dish and, as it burns, visualize the old energy being transformed into light and disappearing.

5.  Once the reed has burned away, pour the ashes into the water and walk away, feeling fully cleansed of the past.

Traditional Magic

Try bringing some reed magic into your life with these traditional rituals:

  • Leap over a small bonfire to leave behind the old year.
  • Eat an apple at Samhain at midnight to dream of your spirit guide.
  • Carve out a turnip or pumpkin as a lantern of protection.
  • Bury an apple at a crossroads as an offering to the spirits of the dead.
  • Use the runes for divination or to gain insight into your current situation.


mercury moves into scorpio today…


“An air of mystery and a measure of control—there’s something so powerfully seductive about those qualities now. From Monday, October 24 until November 12, expressive Mercury may hit the mute button as he joins the Sun in tight-lipped Scorpio. But let us not forget: Words are not the only way to get a point across. For the next few weeks, it’s the pregnant pause, the flashing gaze, or the heat of body language that will speak volumes. And are you prepared to pass that loyalty test? Trust is a must with Mercury in this somewhat suspicious position…but don’t expect anyone to extend the benefit of the doubt. We’ll have to show and prove and pledge our allegiance if we want the keys to the kingdom. If it’s worth it, work it!”

Mercury represents mind, and is a quick-moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless retrograde. This week, Mercury moves from idealistic, relationship-oriented Libra into passionate, intense Scorpio, where it will journey until November 20th. During these two and a half weeks, we have the ability to focus on what’s most important to us on a deep emotional level.  With Mercury in Scorpio, there is a greater interest for everyone in the discovery of hidden information.  One’s powers of perception are enhanced and there is an almost psychic ability to tune into another’s thought. As well as this ability to “read between the lines”, your ability to concentrate mentally is enhanced.

We can get to the very heart of any matter at this time, especially when it comes to conversations we have. We are certainly more passionate about giving real advice or supporting others. We are not satisfied with any superficial connections right now, it’s all or nothing.

For that reason, our mental processes could get a little obsessive. We may also be more suspicious, expecting bad intentions from others. It’s a time that favors reading or writing about intrigue, mystery, and hidden motives. Mercury in Scorpio loves anything that challenges the brain and therefore we are often interested in what makes people tick during this time.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini or Virgo? If so, you will feel a greater need for investigating deeper emotional issues or motives. Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Scorpio? If so, you will most likely feel more chatty and mentally alert for the next 2.5 weeks.

sun’s in scorpio now – ready to go deep?


Today, the Sun changes signs from harmony-seeking Libra to passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio. The guiding principle of Scorpio is “I desire”.  With the Sun in Scorpio our consciousness is drawn towards depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling.

Superficiality simply will not do for the next 30 days. We have the desire to get to the bottom of matters. We are more interested in that which is hidden, taboo, secret or suppressed. Scorpio’s energy is passionate, strong-willed, and intense. Used in its highest vibration, it can be an immensely healing and transformative energy.

With the Sun in Scorpio, depth of perception becomes the norm.  Everyone becomes much more aware of the mystery of life.  We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls, and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us.  With the night of the dead/Samhain, we celebrate these feelings, our perception, and the thinness of the veil between the worlds.

On a lower vibration, Scorpio can express jealousy, vindictiveness, and use manipulative tactics. Bring your awareness towards your feelings, fears and behaviors. As best as you can, embrace all your feelings, let go of your fears and strip yourself from behaviors that no longer serve you.

All this is especially true if you are a Leo or Scorpio Sun-sign or Rising-sign. As a Scorpio, you will feel a good dose of confidence and playfulness in the next four weeks; as a Leo, you are more aware of your own shadow parts…anything that you have suppressed or denied about yourself: integrate all those parts, as best as you can.

Tonight’s Aries Supermoon Is A Supercharged Hunter’s Moon, Too: Here’s What That Means For You

from mindbodygreen

Tonight's Aries Supermoon Is A Supercharged Hunter's Moon, Too: Here's What That Means For You Hero Image

“This is a fiery and potent full moon designed to push through and push forward. It carries a punch that may be a welcome energy for some that perform well under pressure but it may be challenging for those that prefer a softer method. This moon also influences the uncovering of hard to look at truths that may surface during this time. The good news is that the power of this full moon time gives you the tools to embrace truth and allows you to accept, change and move forward.

The year of the monkey is alive and well. Make sure the “monkeys” are not taking over your environment and creating havoc. This is where the boundaries come in. It is best to simply say NO and not beat about the bush when something is not working. Watch for explosive reactions and don’t get yourself embroiled in drama that is not yours. Stay away from conflict if you can and focus instead on something that you are wanting to express in a larger way in your life. This Full Moon can powerfully feed that expansion.

On the bright side, this full moon supports great transformation and movement in the right direction if you have the courage to go there. The bigger the growth spurt, the more painful the growing pains can be, but worthwhile in the long run.”

from power path

Wild hearts can’t be broken—and neither can their spirits. On Sunday, October 16, the year’s only full moon in courageous Aries will rock the skies. Along with being its fiery, badass self, this year’s Aries full moon is ALSO a potent supermoon—meaning it’s at its closest possible point to earth, causing it to appear up to 30 percent brighter.

The full moon/supermoon in Aries is also known as a Hunter’s Moon or Travel Moon, since it is the first full lunation to follow September’s Harvest Moon. The full moon/supermoon in Aries is set to rise just after sunset and sets near sunrise, making this is the only night in October when the moon will hover in the sky all night long, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. For all you stargazers out there, the moon will reach its full lunation around 12:24 a.m. EST.

The Aries full supermoon will also travel at a close degree to iconoclastic Uranus, making for one liberated weekend. This forthright cosmic energy will draw out our freedom of self-expression and our deepest, most fiery passions. Tip: Just go easy on the “my way or the highway” bluster. Power struggles can easily erupt under these explosive skies. Instead of fighting for world domination, divert your attention to your wildest dreams. Dive into a passion project, or debut the one you’ve been working on since the corresponding Aries new moon this past April 7.

“Know Thyself” is this full moon’s commandment. Say “yes” to what you REALLY want and “no” to what you don’tclarity will be easy to come by as the weekend draws to a close. The Aries full moon/supermoon basically transforms the world into a talent show, putting our most cherished dreams on center stage. Got something fabulous to promote? Save the humblebrags and go big and bold.

Caveat: Competition could get fierce, as Aries has an “all about me” vibe that can never quite get enough attention. Make some room for others to shine, too, instead of fighting for headliner status!

What have you been striving toward since the spring? This is the week to cash in and collect your comeuppance. New moons take six months to reach their corresponding full moon, and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. La luna brings you full circle, baby—a time to see the results of your brave actions.

Here are a few tips for harnessing the heat and manifesting your wild dreams during the super-charged supermoon in Aries:

1. Go big or go home.

Shameless self-promotion is fully sanctioned by the Aries full moon, provided you execute it with both sass and class. The zodiac’s Ram is not one to wait for others to sign its permission slip. Instead, Aries energy is about charging ahead boldly, putting your ideas into the cultural mix. Got something to contribute to the world? (Um, of course you do!) Tweet about it, post an inspiring image or video, and then throw a party to share it with friends. At work, you might harness this Aries full moon/supermoon firepower to get your ideas in front of the higher-ups, or you could take the initiative and write someone you really want to work with a “let’s do lunch” invitation. On the romance front, stop suffering silently through your love joneses. Let your feelings be known in a seductively direct manner. This is a day when big risks yield even bigger rewards.

2. Harness your inner warrior.

The warrior energy of Aries will be flaring with extra intensity under the light of this full moon. Instead of getting into fisticuffs with your aggro neighbor or trying to suppress the natural emotion of anger, find a healthy outlet for release. Kickboxing, sparring, Krav Maga, mixed martial arts—this full moon is all about the fighting sports. You might even sign up for that self-defense class you’ve been meaning to take. Learning how to fight back and stand up for yourself is something the Aries full moon/supermoon is here to teach us. No more taking it lying down! No, we are not recommending that you start any fights, per se, but when push comes to shove, it will be good to know that you can finish them.

3. Adorn your head.

Aries rules the noggin, so the head area will come into focus under this full moon. With the radical energies afoot, you might get the urge to make a bold statement and do something edgy with your hair. Shaving your head—if you feel called to do something so ballsy—can feel like a tribal ritual of sorts. You might just buzz a band of hair a la Rihanna, Pink, and the haute hipster set. If you’re not feeling quite so fearless about your tresses, you could also try a piercing or treat yourself to a symbolically significant pair of earrings, headband, or even a funky hat. You might try earrings with balancing stones in them. Jasper is stabilizing and can help keep you cool in a conflict. Aventurine stabilizes blood pressure and relieves headaches—something the Aries full moon/supermoon can boldly intensify.

4. Ask for what you want.

Aries is the zodiac’s most entitled sign, and while too much of this energy can sometimes seem obnoxious, there’s something to the whole “squeaky wheel gets the oil” theory. What do you really, really need support with in your life? What have you been too timid to ask for, fearing that people won’t like you? The Aries full moon/supermoon urges you to summon some chutzpah and speak up! Courage is this zodiac sign’s specialty, so be a gallant hero for yourself, a loved one, or a cause. What could you ask for today, even in the face of your own fear?

5. Flaunt your independence.

Aries is the sign of the self, the star, the solopreneur. It’s time to go forth and bravely do your own thang. If you’ve been sticking around in a bad situation, you might want to cut your losses and move on. This is your day to evaluate: Do your efforts since the spring justify pouring any more energy into this?

Caution: We’re not suggesting you rashly cut people out of your life or march into your job and flip your boss the bird. Thoughtful consideration is a must before you act this weekend, especially with la luna’s close contact with radical Uranus, the planet of individuality and sudden changes. FYI: Aries is one of the zodiac’s most headstrong signs. Look deep: Is this hotheadedness…or is there truly some merit? Anger is definitely on the rise at this full moon/supermoon. The key, however, is not to REACT but to make a self-affirming and soul-affirming move…to act FOR what you want rather than against what you don’t.

6. Make a return to innocence.

Aries is the zodiac’s “baby” since it is the first sign. It’s never touched a hot stove, had an idea shot down, or second-guessed itself. Much like The Fool card in a Tarot deck, which depicts a merry traveler walking off a cliff, there’s an air of blissful ignorance that has its merits. Go into your bubble for a day. Write down whatever you’ve become jaded, hardened, and skeptical about. Let go of your past, even if you can just suspend it for an hour. What becomes possible for you now?

7. Burn something—carefully.

Arson charges? Oh, hell no. But an angry letter that you need to get off your chest? That picture of a hateful ex? A rant about how unfair something is that you just can’t get over, no matter how much yoga you do? Light the matches and burn, baby, BURN. Aries is a fire sign. And while fire destroys, it also cleanses. So get whatever it is that you’re raging about onto paper, or into a heap, and let the inferno purify the energy. Better yet, get a group together and burn your intentions with friends! Want to try a moon circle or learn more about how to connect with this powerful energy? Read our post on how to create your own new and full moon rituals.


totem: fox

Red Fox

For the past year or so, I have felt a draw to fox – maybe even longer.  fox energy has come to me in meditation, in person, in art, and in pop culture.  as I looked into fox as totem/spirit medicine, here’s what I found fox can be about…

-swiftly finding a path around obstacles

-quick thinking, problem solving



-physical &  mental responsiveness

-increased awareness

-highly curious

-cunning, discerning, seeing through deception, seeing what is not obvious

-affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

-independence and strength in being alone, but also partnering for life and being very loyal


“The Fox spirit is the grand problem solver. She will guide you to solitude and silence until the way out is shown. A healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that picks apart a problem until it is solved.”

If Fox is your totem:

You are intensely loyal. Often you are a joy to watch or to be around. You are energetic, outgoing, personable, and very flattering. While not exactly social butterflies fox people can use that sly energy, their keen sense of camouflage to “fit right in”. You are also a keen observer and skilled at remaining unnoticed. This means that you blend into your environment and move around unnoticed in any kind of company or society.

You adapt and portray yourself as whoever you need to be in a given interaction. This affinity for fitting in often means you are a jack of all trades, taking interest and educating yourself superficially in great number of areas while mastering none. This allows you to chat or small talk with ease whenever you care to. This does not mean you are disingenuous. It simply means that you really do care and take an active interest in the feelings of those around you.

You are also a very creative problem solver and can seem eccentric because they are quick to think outside the box. Quick thinking or wit is definitely common tool for you.


more info on these links:

Fox Spirit Animal

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Balance Your Chakras With Aromatherapy & Crystals

lovin’ this post from MindBodyGreen – keeps it simple!

How To Balance Your Chakras With Aromatherapy & Crystals Hero Image

We are energetic and electric beings that send signals and frequencies out on a second-to-second basis. One of the most basic and subtle energy systems is called your chakras, which are major energy points in the body. There are seven of them, starting at the base of your spine and going to the top of your head.

All of the seven chakras are important and interconnected. Usually, balancing one chakra will create change in another chakra. It is important, though, to balance the root chakra first, before we proceed to others, or we will lack the stability and rootedness necessary for true transformation and personal growth. We cannot grow and change unless we feel safe and secure.

Here’s how to balance your chakras using aromatherapy and crystals in tandem:


Crystal: Amethyst

Essential Oil: Lavender

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra at the top of the “chakra ladder,” which starts from the root (that grounds us on the Earth) and progresses upward to the Sahasrara.

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience oneness with everyone and everything in nature. Both an amethyst crystal and lavender essential oil will help you connect to your inner consciousness. By putting a small piece of amethyst under your pillow each night, and spraying a lavender mist on your sheets, you’ll simultaneously balance out your crown chakra and get an amazing night’s sleep!


Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Essential Oil: Rosemary

The third-eye chakra is located just above the eyebrows in the forehead, and this is the area of the body where your “visionary abilities” emerge. It is sometimes called the Ajna chakra in Eastern traditions and is also known as the brow chakra, as it is located at the brow in the center of the forehead. The third-eye chakra meanings pertain to the concept of “seeing,” especially in a spiritual and psychic sense.

Having a stronger sixth chakra allows you to access your inner guidance easily, which comes from enhanced intuitive abilities. Meditate on a lapis lazuli while burning a rosemary candle to awaken your intuition.


Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

The throat chakra is the voice of the body. It is a pressure valve that allows energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked, it can affect the health of the other chakras. When it is in balance, we can express what we think and what we feel.

Ritual bathing is cleansing and rejuvenating. Place a blue lace agate crystal on the side of the tub, and add in 10 drops of eucalyptus oil into your bath—this aromatherapeutic addition will help you speak your truth, and activate your ability to understand the unsaid.


Crystal: Rose Quartz

Essential Oil: Rose

The heart chakra is known as Anahata in Sanskrit. The word anahata means “unhurt, un-struck, and unbeaten.” Imagine feeling like nothing can hurt you, and you are on top of all situations in your life—that is the provenance of the heart chakra.

Wear a malachite bracelet while you diffuse rose essential oil to promote compassion, love, and self-acceptance.


Crystal: Citrine

Essential Oil: Lemon

The solar-plexus or Manipura (lustrous gem), is located just above the navel and below the rib cage. It is our energy, radiating vital life energy (prana) throughout our entire body. It is where our willpower comes from; our ability to achieve, self-esteem, raw emotions, and self-discipline are all governed by the Manipura. It is where we can have a mental understanding of our emotional self.

Use a citrine stone and lemon essential oil to accept your place in the universe, and a create great appreciation for all the people in your life. Inhaling lemon promotes healing, and helps combat insecurity.


Crystal: Carnelian

Essential Oil: Orange

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity, while its element is water, characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed to the principle of pleasure. It’s found about three inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly.

Reignite your passions and create an aphrodisiac blend with 3 drops each of orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rose, and sandalwood essential oils in one cup of grapeseed oil. Leave your piece of carnelian (a crystal for life force and vitality) in the oil overnight to supercharge its properties.


Crystal: Red Jasper

Essential Oil: Patchouli

The root chakra is the first chakra located at the base of the spine. It is literally “the root” of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment, and the earth. Your fight-or-flight response is initiated from this chakra, such is its primal, animal nature. The energy of this chakra allows you to harness courage and resourcefulness.

Ground yourself, and rub the earthy scent of patchouli oil on your feet. Put a small piece of red jasper in your shoe to give you the stability and rootedness necessary for personal growth.

my next adventure


Over the past couple of years, I’ve been doing some soul searching about my own purpose.  I am amazed by people who know they have a singular purpose that drives them.  I have never quite felt that, and it’s been a source of confusion for me.

At some point, I realized that worrying so much about having a purpose was maybe just me getting in my own way.  I decided I’d just welcome more flow into my life, to go with my instincts and use my gifts in ways that felt meaningful.

I started organically planning gatherings for women – spaces for being social, learning, tapping into something larger than ourselves, celebrating the wheel of the year.  It felt natural, and important for my own heart and soul.   That was my norm for a few years, with some lovely times!

By chance, I ended up attending a yoga+soul retreat over the summer with a group of maybe 12 other women.  I expected to relax and to love the yoga – I didn’t expect to find so much goodness in the gathering and holding sacred space with other women.  It was lovely.

When I returned from retreat, I missed that connection, so I attended a new moon circle for women. I had no real expectations, but sort of fell in love with it.  Sacred space, astrology, oracle cards, meditation, journaling, heart shares…what an amazing thing to have in your life on a regular basis.  What a great space to meet other people who may be a part of your soul tribe.

After the evening, I researched the organizer, and saw she’s part of the Wild Woman Project. My eyes immediately landed on “Wild Woman Project Leader Training” – the opportunity to be a part of it, to build these circles and help others connect.  yes!  a chance to use gifts, to give back!

And yet…I didn’t say yes.

and really, for good reason.

Some people struggle to be “yes” people. I am generally ALWAYS a “yes” person – even when it’s impulsive, not thought out, or super fast – I just go.  That’s not always a good thing, and I am learning to sit with things, to let them evolve organically.  To let things flow instead of forcing action everywhere.

So, I let it ride.

I attended a few more circle events.  Within hours of the most recent one, I had a text from a friend asking if I had considered leading circles.  I had.  And, somehow, in the moment, I knew it was just time.  I was in the flow, and the universe was nudging me. Synchronicity.  It simply was, without having to ask again.

I did it. I signed up.  For someone who signs up for new experiences often, you’d think I would just feel like it’s another notch on the belt, but it doesn’t.  It feels important, and meaningful, and powerful.  It feels like something that matters.  I am a bit nervous.  What if no one comes to Circle?  What if people don’t think I do a decent job?  What if I can’t help them connect, after all?

And yet, it excites me.  So I follow the fun.  Even though I’m a bit afraid, I want to do it, to put myself out there and do something a little scary.  Even if it’s a total bust, I am learning a lot about myself, and connecting to my own heart, so it wouldn’t be anything to consider a failure.

But if my hopes align, women with big hearts and open minds will be drawn to the space.  We will share, and build, and learn, and grow, and make soul friends, and celebrate great things, and express sad things, and maybe even dance.  The current circle gathering is on the south side of the city, and I am hoping this one can build on the north side, so we’re surrounding the city in some terrific wild woman love.


So, that’s my next adventure.  On we go…

I train through late November, and circles will be scheduled around each New Moon in 2017 at that time.  If you feel called, I hope you will join one…


Ayurvedic Rituals To Help You Stay Grounded & Embrace Change This Fall

from mindbodygreen


According to Ayurveda, as the seasons change and fall arrives, Vata Dosha increases. Fall is a time of change, instability, and sensitivity, and keeping your Vata Dosha in check is key to staying healthy through fall and winter.

What is Vata Dosha?

Vata has many positive aspects. The combination of air and space is mobile, creative, light, airy, great for communication between people as well as the communication with the internal environment inside our body. Vata is what makes our systems move and flow. It’s the poetic phrases of the writer and storyteller. It’s the fantasies of the artist that are expressed through paintings, collages, or metal. It is the cool breeze and dry deserts.

But everything in moderation. When Vata increases excessively, it dries out our tissues. It creates wind in our bowels, manifesting as constipation and bloating. There may be a lack of appetite, too — either from the digestive upset or because the creative mind has become too anxious and worried to eat. People with deranged Vata can feel unstable, unbalanced, and ungrounded. People with deranged Vata are the daydreamers who cannot connect to daily life with the people and environment they live in. They become flighty and changeable, maybe unable to sleep.

Although some people have more Vata Dosha, air, and wind in their constitution, we are all susceptible to an increase of Vata in fall. Fall is the season of change — just like Vata. It shares the same air and spacelike qualities. And fall is indeed changeable — one day there’s rain; on the next there’s sunshine, it’s windy, and we observe the season change from summer to winter. The leaves of the trees change color.

We cannot change our external environments, but we can balance our internal environment through our daily routines, diet, and herbs.

 Vata is dry, light, irregular, rough, mobile, cold, quick, and changeable. To reduce Vata, we reduce those qualities in our daily lives and routines. We can also start to complement with opposites to calm any excess. The dry, rough, and light qualities can be reduced with oils, ghee, and milk.

Here’s how you can find balance


Reduce any dry, light, and cold foods. This includes raw salads, fresh juices, and cold foods straight out of the fridge. Many cereals share the dry, light, and rough qualities of Vata when eaten with cold milk as breakfast.

Instead, start eating warm, cooked meals. Nourishing foods such as kitchari, casseroles, or soups are perfect Vata-reducing foods. They are easy to digest, too, for the sensitive Vata digestive system. Add warming herbs such as ginger, cumin, cloves, and cinnamon. Adding ghee or oil to your meals is an excellent way to reduce the dry qualities of Vata. These ingredients oil up the digestion and any dry skin.


The spontaneity and excitement of Vata can have many benefits, but an excess increases Vata Dosha. Too much traveling, movement, and change increase the quality of mobility and change. Especially air travel. We can consider how we choose to travel, and if we can, find ways to do so in nature with the feet on the ground. Internet surfing, social media, and emails all increase Vata.

Fall is a good time to reduce those activities — or at least do them during the earlier part of the day so they don’t influence your sleep.

Start waking up and going to bed at the same time. One of the best Ayurvedic ways to calm and nourish excessive Vata is with Abhyanga, or self-massage. Use a warming oil such as sesame or a specific Vata-reducing massage oil. Apply it firmly to the body before your shower. If you can’t make the time for a full-body massage, apply the oil to your feet before bedtime.

The oil counteracts the dry, rough qualities of Vata. When applied to the skin, the skin gets soft and smooth. But the qualities enter the Dhatus, our tissues, and our whole being. Massaging your skin also grounds and calms down an anxious mind, moistens cranky joints, and soothes a sensitive Vata digestion. To stay grounded, get out in nature, put your feet on the ground, and breathe.

Living Ayurvedically simply means to live in balance with our internal and external environments. We learn to listen to our bodies and how they respond to the time of day, the seasons, our food choices, and our lives in general. Take time to check in with yourself, breathe, and enjoy staying in the flow of continuous change.


three dark goddesses

from sagegoddess

The Dark Goddesses of October –
Lilith, Hecate, and Morrigan

We honor Hecate, Lilith, and Morrigan – The dark goddesses from various pantheons – at October’s full moon. As we move into this season of darkness and shadow, the Veil between the worlds becomes thinner. In the Northern Hemisphere, we shift to the dark half of the year, and thus we move into the deep personal work of engaging with our own darkness. This month’s triple goddess full moon ritual kit honors the three dark goddesses so that we can call in their various energies as we go about our work leading up to Samhain.

Hecate is the Greek goddess of the in-between, the place between life and death, and acts as the guardian of the crossroads. She was often depicted with a torch bringing light and wisdom to the world, as well as keys to open the gates between the worlds and access to the hidden knowledge beyond. Call on Hecate to see what is unseen and to guide you through indecision.

Lilith originates in Sumerian tradition, appearing in The Epic of Gilgamesh. She appears again in the Kabbalistic tradition as the first wife of Adam. She was created as his equal, and demanded she be treated as such – a demand which cast her out of Eden. Associated with the dark moon, her themes are freedom, playfulness, sensuality, and sexuality. Call on her to invoke your inner wild woman.

Morrigan comes to us from the Celtic tradition, and she has been known by many names – Morrigu, Morgana, the Morrighan, and Morgan Le Fey – wife of Merlin. She is The Witch Goddess, known for her ability to shapeshift (most often into Crow), and is associated with water. She is believed to be the Lady of the Lake, and is a triple goddess herself, with embodiments of maiden, mother, and crone.

We tap into the gifts of these three goddesses this month for our own work in the shadows. Hecate’s guidance and protection at the crossroads and the in-between, Lilith’s potent sexuality and empowerment, and Morrigan’s shape-shifting and magic. You can invoke their energies to connect you to your deepest self, to guide you as you journey into the darkness, and to empower you as you tap into the infinite reservoir of Divinely infused power within you.

If you would like to learn more about these dark goddess archetypes and how to work with their energies, you can join my Magical Sabbatical program.

You can find a set of tools aligned to the energy of our Dark Goddesses, and don’t forget to join me on October 16th online or here at SGHQ when we meet for our ritual to honor the Full Moon and the dark goddesses.

If you missed my previous Full Moon Goddess rituals, you can watch them on my YouTube channel