three dark goddesses

from sagegoddess

The Dark Goddesses of October –
Lilith, Hecate, and Morrigan

We honor Hecate, Lilith, and Morrigan – The dark goddesses from various pantheons – at October’s full moon. As we move into this season of darkness and shadow, the Veil between the worlds becomes thinner. In the Northern Hemisphere, we shift to the dark half of the year, and thus we move into the deep personal work of engaging with our own darkness. This month’s triple goddess full moon ritual kit honors the three dark goddesses so that we can call in their various energies as we go about our work leading up to Samhain.

Hecate is the Greek goddess of the in-between, the place between life and death, and acts as the guardian of the crossroads. She was often depicted with a torch bringing light and wisdom to the world, as well as keys to open the gates between the worlds and access to the hidden knowledge beyond. Call on Hecate to see what is unseen and to guide you through indecision.

Lilith originates in Sumerian tradition, appearing in The Epic of Gilgamesh. She appears again in the Kabbalistic tradition as the first wife of Adam. She was created as his equal, and demanded she be treated as such – a demand which cast her out of Eden. Associated with the dark moon, her themes are freedom, playfulness, sensuality, and sexuality. Call on her to invoke your inner wild woman.

Morrigan comes to us from the Celtic tradition, and she has been known by many names – Morrigu, Morgana, the Morrighan, and Morgan Le Fey – wife of Merlin. She is The Witch Goddess, known for her ability to shapeshift (most often into Crow), and is associated with water. She is believed to be the Lady of the Lake, and is a triple goddess herself, with embodiments of maiden, mother, and crone.

We tap into the gifts of these three goddesses this month for our own work in the shadows. Hecate’s guidance and protection at the crossroads and the in-between, Lilith’s potent sexuality and empowerment, and Morrigan’s shape-shifting and magic. You can invoke their energies to connect you to your deepest self, to guide you as you journey into the darkness, and to empower you as you tap into the infinite reservoir of Divinely infused power within you.

If you would like to learn more about these dark goddess archetypes and how to work with their energies, you can join my Magical Sabbatical program.

You can find a set of tools aligned to the energy of our Dark Goddesses, and don’t forget to join me on October 16th online or here at SGHQ when we meet for our ritual to honor the Full Moon and the dark goddesses.

If you missed my previous Full Moon Goddess rituals, you can watch them on my YouTube channel


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