mercury moves into scorpio today…


“An air of mystery and a measure of control—there’s something so powerfully seductive about those qualities now. From Monday, October 24 until November 12, expressive Mercury may hit the mute button as he joins the Sun in tight-lipped Scorpio. But let us not forget: Words are not the only way to get a point across. For the next few weeks, it’s the pregnant pause, the flashing gaze, or the heat of body language that will speak volumes. And are you prepared to pass that loyalty test? Trust is a must with Mercury in this somewhat suspicious position…but don’t expect anyone to extend the benefit of the doubt. We’ll have to show and prove and pledge our allegiance if we want the keys to the kingdom. If it’s worth it, work it!”

Mercury represents mind, and is a quick-moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless retrograde. This week, Mercury moves from idealistic, relationship-oriented Libra into passionate, intense Scorpio, where it will journey until November 20th. During these two and a half weeks, we have the ability to focus on what’s most important to us on a deep emotional level.  With Mercury in Scorpio, there is a greater interest for everyone in the discovery of hidden information.  One’s powers of perception are enhanced and there is an almost psychic ability to tune into another’s thought. As well as this ability to “read between the lines”, your ability to concentrate mentally is enhanced.

We can get to the very heart of any matter at this time, especially when it comes to conversations we have. We are certainly more passionate about giving real advice or supporting others. We are not satisfied with any superficial connections right now, it’s all or nothing.

For that reason, our mental processes could get a little obsessive. We may also be more suspicious, expecting bad intentions from others. It’s a time that favors reading or writing about intrigue, mystery, and hidden motives. Mercury in Scorpio loves anything that challenges the brain and therefore we are often interested in what makes people tick during this time.

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini or Virgo? If so, you will feel a greater need for investigating deeper emotional issues or motives. Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Scorpio? If so, you will most likely feel more chatty and mentally alert for the next 2.5 weeks.


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