love life status.

I am writing this mainly for myself so I can keep looking back & being reminded. but also, some of my tribe members can support me in this, I am sure.

at this time in my life…

I am learning to take a softer stance, surrender, have an open heart.  To let others take the lead, and see what happens when I don’t control things.  Gives others a chance to step up.  I know I may feel anxious about commitments & need to NOT push too hard.

In general, this is relationship slowdown time for me…taking steps back, repairing rifts, making sure my heart is really in things.

but this slowdown & review is allowing me to break down intimacy barriers – to process trust issues, old hurts, fears.  I am learning how to not project the past onto the future.

I know I can speak up, and that the risks I take with my heart will be rewarded.  it’s a time my love life can be rebuilt, reborn.



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