right now via Goddess Oracle card reading

so, it’s been a hard 6 months.  it’s still hard.  but I am trying to move back into what feeds my soul.

and I felt like writing this out, probably to process it for myself better.  gemini and all….

in our most recent new moon circle, I pulled two oracle cards….these two.


our circle theme was intuition, and during this Cancer cycle, it’s all about connecting to our emotions, letting the internal waters flow, listening to that womb wisdom.

and when I tap into that….I hear from Amaterasu:
“look in this mirror.  you are beautiful, and changing, and growing more beautiful.  and it’s time to feel this more.”  this is hard for me to accept sometimes because I feel like I should be more fit, or more desirable. 

and from Pele, I hear:
“there is so much in you to awaken to.  these fires deep in you are stirring, and there will come a point where they blaze out…not in an uncontrolled frightening way, but in a purifying and inspiring one.”  this is just a little scary, because, I mean…fire and shit.

there are some other thoughts that trusted friends have given me intuitively and they’re here in my mind as well…but for now, this is what came from my gut.  so I suppose…it just is.


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