how things go together.

so, a lovely lady asked me today:

“do you believe it’s not just the astrological aspects that determine your personality, but also your environment/what you grew up in?  that is, nature AND nurture being determinants of who you are?”

first of all.
what a badass question.
she’s a gemini and it rocks.

second — YES.

that led me into thinking about this.  some people wonder why I use so many forms of spiritual connection.  astrology, enneagram, oils, stones, tarot/oracle cards, journaling, prayer, chanting, nature, body stuff….the list goes on.

and here’s why.
everything is energy.
everything is vibration.

right?  right.

when you were born, there was a specific astrological pattern.  those produce tendencies and leanings in people.   so you already have certain possibilities or aspects as you’re born.

then, life happens.  we learn and live and love and grow and fuck up and throw up and do ALL THE THINGS.

and these things shape us as well.

so, our patterns, tendencies, and personalities become a meshed whole of our astrological influences, our experiences and relationships, our reactions, our cultures.

that’s why we all have such different, complex, amazing personalities and inner landscapes.

that’s where soul work comes in for me.

soul work – really looking at my personality and habits and emotions and everything else – it shows me the truth (if I will allow that) of what I was/am/have become and – importantly – possibly CAN BE.

so I do the searching.  my body, my intuition, the cards, the stars, my ancestry, my enneagram type….they all help me connect to myself, understand and search myself more.  sometimes they show me my strengths.  sometimes they show me my shit.  and both are necessary and need to be shown.

and then they also help me see what I can be, and allow me the freedom to decide who I want to be.

so, then the other things come in.  nature, stones, colors, candles, incense, trees, plants, flowers, oils, massage, sound healing, chanting, meditation, energy work, fitness, dancing, loving intentionally, praying, writing….they all change my vibration in subtle or strong ways.  with intention.  I allow them to bring shifts in me, around me.

does this make sense?

the synthesis of ALL the things I love and do…it comes down to learning, knowing, realizing, growing….and then shifting myself to be the best, truest, most connected and sacred version of the self I came into this world to be.  purposefully and with love.

and sparkles. I like sparkles.

and YOUR path could include any of these things, none of them, or some totally new-to-me things!  and that’s awesome.

that is all.

much love.




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