how things go together.

so, a lovely lady asked me today:

“do you believe it’s not just the astrological aspects that determine your personality, but also your environment/what you grew up in?  that is, nature AND nurture being determinants of who you are?”

first of all.
what a badass question.
she’s a gemini and it rocks.

second — YES.

that led me into thinking about this.  some people wonder why I use so many forms of spiritual connection.  astrology, enneagram, oils, stones, tarot/oracle cards, journaling, prayer, chanting, nature, body stuff….the list goes on.

and here’s why.
everything is energy.
everything is vibration.

right?  right.

when you were born, there was a specific astrological pattern.  those produce tendencies and leanings in people.   so you already have certain possibilities or aspects as you’re born.

then, life happens.  we learn and live and love and grow and fuck up and throw up and do ALL THE THINGS.

and these things shape us as well.

so, our patterns, tendencies, and personalities become a meshed whole of our astrological influences, our experiences and relationships, our reactions, our cultures.

that’s why we all have such different, complex, amazing personalities and inner landscapes.

that’s where soul work comes in for me.

soul work – really looking at my personality and habits and emotions and everything else – it shows me the truth (if I will allow that) of what I was/am/have become and – importantly – possibly CAN BE.

so I do the searching.  my body, my intuition, the cards, the stars, my ancestry, my enneagram type….they all help me connect to myself, understand and search myself more.  sometimes they show me my strengths.  sometimes they show me my shit.  and both are necessary and need to be shown.

and then they also help me see what I can be, and allow me the freedom to decide who I want to be.

so, then the other things come in.  nature, stones, colors, candles, incense, trees, plants, flowers, oils, massage, sound healing, chanting, meditation, energy work, fitness, dancing, loving intentionally, praying, writing….they all change my vibration in subtle or strong ways.  with intention.  I allow them to bring shifts in me, around me.

does this make sense?

the synthesis of ALL the things I love and do…it comes down to learning, knowing, realizing, growing….and then shifting myself to be the best, truest, most connected and sacred version of the self I came into this world to be.  purposefully and with love.

and sparkles. I like sparkles.

and YOUR path could include any of these things, none of them, or some totally new-to-me things!  and that’s awesome.

that is all.

much love.




be kind & careful…full moon in Capricorn – sunday, July 9th

synopsis this full moon:
do kind things (please, seriously.)
be aware of intense emotions
channel said intense emotions into good things
realize that YOU ARE GOOD and be sweet to yourself (stop with the harsh self-talk) & ignore the SHOULDs – they don’t exist.
focus on cooperation, not power struggles.


more detail…

well, the postings about this full moon have been a little frightening – some saying relationship energy can be out of control in a bad way.  so….take it easy, folks.

why’s it so powerful?  (among other things) the full moon is 1 degree away from pluto, the planet of power & intensity that transforms through destruction & renewal.  emotions are not only high, they can be consuming.  these feelings are brought to the surface with the full moon & can cause feelings of overwhelm.  take care not to react strongly to these intense feelings…wait until the rational mind is quieter/calmer and has input.  note: meditate to help calm these waves of emotion, it helps!

if crisis or change comes up now, remember the goal is to transform for the better! to evolve your soul. renovate the self. channel those negative or aggressive emotions into something good….physical and creative pursuits are a good fit here.


“If, at this Full Moon, you notice your self in an unkind self-response, you might ask, How can I say this in another way? How can I feel and respond to this moment differently? The exact moment you’re hurting, the moment you feel afraid or edgy, is the right time for kindness.

You can also try out my loving-kindness pose. Sit with your feet on the ground, back straight, knees bent and your hands wrapped around the front of your shins just under your knees, with your eye gaze relaxed and looking forward. Spend a few minutes in this pose… and receive your good, kind-hearted self.”

“The question posed by a Capricorn Full Moon is, how well are you succeeding—not just with taking care of business, but taking care of your heart?

This particular Capricorn Full Moon is in a tight conjunction with Pluto, with both opposed the Sun and Mars in Cancer. During the few weeks each year when Mars opposes Pluto, it is nearly impossible to get our way by employing physical might or sheer willpower. This aspect reminds us that only so much is within our control, however hard we work to change certain things or prevent others from happening.

Throw in the Full Moon and Sun connecting with this aspect, and most of us feel that we’re under a great deal of stress in some area of our lives. It might be problems with family, health, finances, employment – but everyone can probably point to some situation that feels out of their control and where they are receiving very little help.

These are tough times and tough planetary transits, and sometimes that makes us mean-spirited, impatient, and disdainful of weakness. But not always. Recently, I accompanied an elderly, ailing friend on an afternoon of errands. Everywhere we went, people went out of their way to be helpful to us by holding doors, giving up their place in line, or other small kindnesses.

Those who know me are used to hearing me declare (usually after an hour spent in traffic) that people are no damn good. But I’ve always suspected that if I were to keel over on the street, a half dozen people would immediately run over to see if I needed help. That’s just what happened recently when a light plane crashed on a Southern California freeway, and an onlooker rushed toward the flames to pull the passengers to safety.

It’s safe to assume that just about everyone you meet is carrying a heavier burden than they feel they can bear. We are tough with each other these days, because the world is tough, and so many of us are nobody’s children, with no soft place to turn to when we have failed or fallen. But we are still capable of astonishing kindness as well. We’re all trying to survive, and we’re scared we won’t, and that makes us hard. But we haven’t yet completely left behind the urge to break each other’s fall—and that makes us human.”


“This is a good moon to anchor something you have taken action towards especially something that relates to physical activity and the movement of your body. If you have been a slug lately, this would be the day to be more active and to make a commitment to using your body in a more active way. This is also an important moon to focus on your personal environment and take action or reset what you need to in order to provide more nurturing for yourself based on the emotional truth about what you need. Spend time with others but be firm with your boundaries. Work with the Sun as an ally and be inspired by some risk you have taken. When you take a risk you give up your comfort zone and there may be fear involved. Remember you have Mars on your side so use that energy well or it will use you. As childhood fears of inadequacy surface, push them gently aside with compassion and remind yourself the you are no longer that child and that you deserve to have everything you need to move forward in your life.”




I am 34 years old.  and I am still actively learning about friendship.

I am totally going to paraphrase and oversimplify this with no specifics/details, but this was an exchange that happened today.

me: here’s a note/image about your enneagram type to help you be a better you

friend: hmm, that is helpful, thank you

(we discuss how to apply it)

me: here’s the same thing, but for my type.  it frustrates me because it’s hard.

friend: (proceeds to quickly draw/doodle a visual explanation for me of how it happens with me and how to do it better)  here you go, this should help

me: I am still kinda stuck

friend: (proceeds to spend a full hour drawing a mini-book to help me understand and process this) how about now?

me: HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING and I can’t believe you illustrated all this for me.  and it should be shared.  and yes, it does help!
*has idea*
you are very good at explaining things this way.  perhaps I should buy you a sketchbook/journal for MY DOODLES only for stuff we talk about/experience so I can keep it forever.

friend: I am totally down with that!

me: that’s a lot of work. I should pay you.

friend: I mean, I’m a damn artist, I’d accept that.  you could also pay me in kind, with your gifts and skills and passions. help me where I have needs.  “WHICH I THINK IS WHAT FRIENDSHIP IS. I DUNNO.”

*light bulbs come on*

me: holy crap you’re right. we’re giving from our own selves/passions/gifts/skills, and receiving something we both need in the process of being better selves.  I THINK WE JUST CRACKED THE CODE OF FRIENDSHIP.

friend: tells me stuff she could use help with in life

me: dude, I totally got you.  I got skillz.  and I’ll use ’em.  I proceed to tell her stuff I need help with

friend: yes. this is good stuff. I can help.  except this one thing you mentioned that I am truthfully not very good at.

me: glad you’re honest.  wanna have spaghetti friday?

friend: yes.


we then proceeded to figure out my spirit animal and failed.
oh, well.  win some.

thinking about it, this entire exchange was weirdly profound because…

(a) how often do we just tell someone what we need, and ask for help, -and-
(b) how often do they willingly and in a non-bragging way, say “I know I have ______ strengths that could help and I totally will offer them.” -and-
(c) (because this is still important) can we tell people lovingly what we’re not good at?  not try to be everything for everyone?


turning this over in my mind/heart/gut today.  ♥️🙏🏻🤔
p.s. I might have to made edits to this post because she will read it and find all the inaccuracies, cause it’s what she does.  and THAT IS OK.

love life status.

I am writing this mainly for myself so I can keep looking back & being reminded. but also, some of my tribe members can support me in this, I am sure.

at this time in my life…

I am learning to take a softer stance, surrender, have an open heart.  To let others take the lead, and see what happens when I don’t control things.  Gives others a chance to step up.  I know I may feel anxious about commitments & need to NOT push too hard.

In general, this is relationship slowdown time for me…taking steps back, repairing rifts, making sure my heart is really in things.

but this slowdown & review is allowing me to break down intimacy barriers – to process trust issues, old hurts, fears.  I am learning how to not project the past onto the future.

I know I can speak up, and that the risks I take with my heart will be rewarded.  it’s a time my love life can be rebuilt, reborn.


right now via Goddess Oracle card reading

so, it’s been a hard 6 months.  it’s still hard.  but I am trying to move back into what feeds my soul.

and I felt like writing this out, probably to process it for myself better.  gemini and all….

in our most recent new moon circle, I pulled two oracle cards….these two.


our circle theme was intuition, and during this Cancer cycle, it’s all about connecting to our emotions, letting the internal waters flow, listening to that womb wisdom.

and when I tap into that….I hear from Amaterasu:
“look in this mirror.  you are beautiful, and changing, and growing more beautiful.  and it’s time to feel this more.”  this is hard for me to accept sometimes because I feel like I should be more fit, or more desirable. 

and from Pele, I hear:
“there is so much in you to awaken to.  these fires deep in you are stirring, and there will come a point where they blaze out…not in an uncontrolled frightening way, but in a purifying and inspiring one.”  this is just a little scary, because, I mean…fire and shit.

there are some other thoughts that trusted friends have given me intuitively and they’re here in my mind as well…but for now, this is what came from my gut.  so I suppose…it just is.

9 Ways To Channel The Transformative Potential Of Tonight’s Mysterious, Powerful Scorpio Full Moon

9 Ways To Channel The Transformative Potential Of Tonight's Mysterious, Powerful Scorpio Full Moon Hero Image

from mindbodygreen

Have you concealed a few layers of your persona? Overlooked some nuances or key details? The Scorpio full moon will illuminate those on Wednesday, May 10, 2017—charging the air with mystery and seduction all week long. Scorpio is the zodiac’s shaman and the ruler of extremes. It can draw out both our darkest shadows and our most enlightened selves. Ready for a major shift in your life? Turn it over to la luna for some deep processing and healing.

Under the spotlight of the Scorpio full moon, we can expect a lot of interesting intel and colorful confessions to come to light when it reaches its peak around 5:42 p.m. EST. The full moon in May is also known by Native American tribes as the full Flower Moon, a time for burgeoning May flowers and vivid shades of green and pink that follow April’s showers.

Under the light of the Scorpio full moon, a spring fever outbreak could become pandemic, and pairings more permanent. Have you been secretly lusting? Intense attraction will be all-consuming—but these very situations could take a dramatic turn. What starts out as a dynamic spark may turn into a heated lovers’ quarrel, with some Scorpio jealousy thrown in for good measure. Reacting to our quick-fire emotions would be a bad idea this week—especially the ones on the list of Seven Deadly Sins.

But this Scorpio lunar energy might even push promising partnerships past their tipping point, too. The urge to merge will be stronger for many, with playing-for-keeps Scorpio in the mix. Exciting partnerships could become “officially official” before the week is through.

Legend has it that there are three “phases” of Scorpionic energy. There’s the low-vibe, ground-dwelling Scorpion (the symbol for Scorpio), who stings every threatening passer-by; then the observant eagle, taking in its sweeping view from high overhead. The most transcendent Scorpio form is the phoenix, which rises from the ashes of destruction and shows us the remaining signs of life.

Here are a few ways to channel the mysterious and powerful Scorpio full moon to your advantage:

1. Illuminate what’s been hidden.

Open closet, exit skeletons. With the illuminating full moon beaming into Scorpio, ruler of secrets, la luna reveals all of the “secrets” we’ve been keeping—including hiding your own inner light. If you have a lesser-known talent, bring it out of hiding. If you’ve been too frightened to explore a part of yourself, go THERE. Regenerative Scorpio is a deeply creative water sign with a gift for making everything old seem fresh again. Tap your inner alchemist: Reinvent something old into a striking new idea. Don’t be afraid to stand out by boldly baring your most intimate truth…or by wearing it on your sleeve.

2. Dare to be vulnerable.

Intimacy is soul-fusing Scorpio’s domain. It rules the eighth house of fusion, that energetic space where we merge our energy and resources with another person’s. That sounds romantic, but it can actually be rather intimidating. Joint finances, cohabitation, allowing someone to see your vulnerability, learning to trustthese Scorpionic acts may not be easy or comfortable, but they’re what true intimacy requires. (Check out our favorite-ever books on love and intimacy here.) Scorpio is also known as the sex sign, and rightly so (anyone who’s been with a Scorpio will attest to this sign’s addictive powers…hello, soul-communing sex). The Scorpio full moon is known for delivering pregnancies, marriages, divorces, or just the best romp of your life. Rrowr!

3. Let your control freak flag fly.

Scorpio is the sign of power and control. These traits get a bad rap, but the truth is, to be a mortal IS to be a control freak of sorts. So rather than try to change this utterly human trait, decide what’s worthy of getting all worked up about instead. Find a pursuit to obsess over, something that makes the world a better place. The way your chin looks on a video chat? Nope. The person who doesn’t return your texts? Hell no. An event that will raise money for a children’s charity? That’s more like it. A shot at a leadership position that lets you decide how to use your community’s natural resources sustainably? Don’t be shy—let that (control) freak flag fly!

4. Don’t hate, reincarnate.

Scorpio is the ruler of psychic and mystical phenomenon, including reincarnation. If you haven’t read Scorpio Brian Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters, it will change how you think about death and the soul—in a good way—forever. Explore past-life regression theory, or read up on your North and South Nodes to learn more about your own past-life karma and future destiny, by the stars.

5. Harness your sexual prowess.

Shimmy those hips, rock that pelvis, and awaken your second chakra (the ruler of money AND sex, both Scorpio terrain). Try a burlesque class, pole dancing, or invent your own sexy striptease. Perform it for yourself in the mirror, ‘cuz YOUR turn-on is the most important one. Check out “sacred seduction” expert Kitty Cavalier’s workshops—she even offers an online class on how to woo…and be, well, woo-woo.

6. Tune in to your soul.

We live in a world of high performance, achievement, competition. But everyone could use a little support from the spiritual realm. Tuck away that superhero cape and ask spirit guides, guardian angels, God, and the universe, whatever you want to call it…for a sign. Close your eyes and be where you are. Whether you do a moving meditation, a guided meditation (check out the astrologically inspired ones by Terri Cole), or take a few moments of silence, this practice has been shown to boost brain health and literally change the brain—putting you in the serene state of flow that Scorpio loves.

7. Create financial abundance.

A huge segment of the population (including us) deals with debt. After all, we live in a culture of accumulation and instant gratification. It’s easy enough to get there. But debt can drain our energy and steal from our souls if not managed. Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house of wealth and joint finances. It’s the money we borrow, inherit, and owe. Today, pay a debt, even if it’s just a small piece of one. Make a plan for how you’ll pay any outstanding debts off, even if it’s a little monthly amount. The energy and intention are what sets the momentum forward. Feeling bold? Cut up a credit card. Are you debt-free and financially solvent? Make a donation. Do it even if you’re not. Scorpio is a karmic sign—what goes around comes around! If you haven’t read the totally relevant 1937 classic Think and Grow Rich by Scorpio Napoleon Hill, it’s the grandfather of all books linking money and energy.

8. Find clarity where there’s been a fog.

The devil is in the details, and Scorpio’s laser vision never misses a thing. Where in your life have you left things a little fuzzy around the edges? It could be affecting you more than you realize. Take tangible actions: Make a call, send an email, apologize to someone, tell the truth, whatever. Just DO it. Precision is the Scorpio aim.

9. Rise from the ashes.

Scorpio rules power, control, and transformation—it’s the mythic phoenix that rises from the ashes of destruction. What in your life needs to symbolically “die” so that something new can be born? Let it go—or at least, release your grip—and allow the Scorpio full moon to transmute it. Having trouble releasing? You might download The God Box mobile app, which allows you to write wishes and release stresses, which you type into your smartphone and release with the touch of a “Let It Go” button. Don’t worry—they’re saved if you ever want to look back, as we have, and realize, “Oh! That one got resolved on its own.”

full moon in scorpio, may 10

*FULL MOON* in SCORPIO opens a gateway to our truest depths, where we can really tune in to our hearts deepest desires, and gleam our truest reflection.
If we can take this time to sit with ourselves, and be truthful about all we reject and deny, we can uncover, untangle and reclaim ourselves in our fullness.
We are both light and shadow, dancing and meeting each other in each other, to be ultimately reconciled within.
Scorpio reminds us to take take pleasure in the journey and allow our watery depths to surface, cleanse, heal and empower.
“…what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to another.
Whilst this sign is linked to sex, the intimacy here is not necessarily sexual – it’s about feeling understood, known, heard and seen. But before we can truly be seen by another, we need to connect with ourselves…
…the Moon’s sextile to Scorpio ruler Pluto. This is a supportive aspect that encourages us to get rid of dead wood, to challenge ourselves to change.
Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio is not quite so well placed as he is waxing to a square with Neptune.  Underneath everything we may be feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of ourselves. Motivation may be dissipating or perhaps you’re just unsure of the goal you are trying to achieve.
As the Full Moon is trine to Neptune though, intuition is riding high – you just need to trust that inner voice. Can you trust it?

Mercury is just past a conjunction with Uranus; mentally, we’ve been getting a wake-up call and we’ve begun to see things differently. Flashes of knowing and light-bulb ideas stimulate the desire to break free. Under a change of perspective, old loyalties begin to wane.

Juno is conjunct Pluto and therefore also sextile to this lunation. Juno conjunct Pluto is about the power of commitment.  Consider what it would take to commit to your own vision, to wrestle back control, to stand up for what you truly believe in. Look to where you may need to change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself and/or others in order to be able to live your truth.
The sextile shows that the opportunity is there but you have to take the first step.
Deep down, you know what is right for you. Trust yourself.“
From PAT LILES from The Power
“Full Moon in Scorpio is that one time in the year when the Moon reflects back to us in full glory our deepest, feminine water power.
Water is the element most impressionable, most reflective, most emotional, most empathetic, most patient…
With uniquely having three totems, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix, you have a choice as to how you will express your emotional power outwardly.
Will you sting self and others, will you fly above the daily pettiness and observe from your lofty perch utilizing perfect force and timing, or will you conquer personal obstacles by rising from your own ashes and being spectacularly, almost miraculously reborn?

Scorpio is where our healer resides…our abilities to recuperate and heal ourselves are part of Scorpio’s rulership…

We’re just beginning to feel the forward movement of Mercury that began May 3. All that revisiting and reorganizing and regrouping are beginning to pay off.
The past has reared its head and been seen in a new light. Who are we now? If you’ve managed to free up some space in your life, cleared the deck in some energetic way, you will now feel a welcome surge of movement.
Mercury is still traveling with the powerful planet Uranus. When these two get together, you have the potential for powerful mental energy – genius, inspiration like a lightning bolt where insights, solutions and ideas fall out of the sky.
We have the opportunity to suddenly shift our old ways of thinking and wake up to where we are in this moment. What happened?! We woke up and a huge chunk of time has passed.
Time to sweep the carcasses of the past out, free the magnificent phoenix within, and begin to tell a new story that is our life reborn. The truth and the releasing of that old, deep well of feeling will set your wisdom free.
Saturn is helping this shift by making its second of three passes trining Uranus (expect another in September). It’s nine months of masterful support to bring change into your life.
Saturn is here to test you and to support you, as any good father figure is wont to do. Of course, at the same time, Saturn has also just finished its squaring of Chiron working to heal what festers within our souls, but also to bring us out to be a bridge between the old ways and the new.“
And from PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal:
 “This is the Wesak Full Moon, defined as the first Full Moon of the year while the Sun is in Taurus.
According to legend, at Wesak the Buddha and the Christ come together to link the East and West, uniting the world’s major religions in a shared holy day.
It is a sacred event for many, and a time when we all may choose to tap into the spiritual qualities of Love, Compassion, and Unity.

full moon in Libra 4/11/17

*FULL MOON* in Libra brings a heart+mind alignment so we can better navigate the delicate balance of me and we within all our relations.


Universal energies have definitely been moving fast these last few months, but after the April Full Moon, things are going to start slowing down. The April Full Moon falls on the 11th in the air sign of Libra. Libra is all about partnerships and balance, Libra is all about learning how to see both sides of the coin.

When the Moon is in Libra, it is the perfect time to put yourself in the shoes of someone else. How can you be more compassionate? How can you be of service to the world?

april-full-moon-astrology-2017The last few months have all been about setting goals and dreaming big. The Universe has been asking you to get clear about what you want, and about what you want the rest of the year to look and feel like.

Now however, the time has come to turn your attention onto others and onto your greater global mission. How can you serve the world? How can you benefit others?

There is no right or wrong answer here. In fact, the best way that you can serve others and the world is by being true to your authentic self.

In order to be true to your authentic self, you first have to love yourself. It is only when you love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, that you know who you really are. And when you know who you really are, that is when you can be of the greatest service to the world.

The April Full Moon is definitely going to be guiding us to get to know ourselves a little better. We will all be asked to slow down and reflect on the bigger picture mission behind our goals, dreams and wishes.

We have made big plans and planted our dreams, but now it is time to step back, slow down and be patient. Now it is time to let things marinate for a bit before moving forward again.

This is especially true seeing that this Libra Full Moon has some wildcard energy. This wildcard energy is nothing to fear, instead it is important to embrace it.  Slow down around the days leading into and after the Full Moon, and take the time to plan before forging ahead.

full moon libraBe patient and gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to process and release any lingering emotions. In fact, emotional energy will be high around the time of this Full Moon, so just be kind and loving with yourself.

Perhaps make time to do something relaxing and pampering and try your best to be patient, supportive and loving towards others.

With Venus and Mercury also in retrograde, you may have to be extra cautious about what you choose to share and how you choose to present things to others.

The energy of change has been in the air, but change is simply necessary for growth and this April Full Moon will be helping all of us to grow and embrace the changes that have arrived.

Trust and know that any changes you have been dealing with are simply there to push you out of your comfort zone into something bigger and better.

While the April Full Moon does bring its challenges and will be triggering us to grow, it also brings many rewards.

Around the time of the Full Moon, the Universe is going to be offering you a gift. Almost like reward for all of your hard work for the years gone by.

the Universe is going to be offering you a gift

Your hard work and the growth that you have already achieved has not been ignored or forgotten by the Universe, and in April it is going to be celebrated.

If something has changed or come to an end recently, whether it is a job, relationship, or the end of a journey, really make time to reflect and celebrate. Really make the time to congratulate yourself and to honor yourself for all of your hard work.

If health issues have arisen for you this year, also make the time to celebrate your body and to pay gratitude for the healing process.

In many ways, the April Full Moon is going to remind you that you have a lot to celebrate. As long as you can open your heart to this idea, the flood gates of celebratory energy will flow.

To navigate this wildcard Full Moon, gratitude is key. Use the energy of gratitude as your driving force for the month ahead – be thankful for all that was and for all that will be.

2017 is a year to build foundations and dream big, and the energy of the April Full Moon is simply reminding us to slow down, pause, reflect and be grateful for all that we have achieved.


Air signs are mental; so expect both some emotional objectivity along with excessive emotional analysis even obsession by the mind. An air sign Moon teaches us flexibility, to bend like a tree in the wind and to fly above the earth and gain perspective, neutrality and clarity.only major, radical social and political change is upon our planet but also the necessity of inclusion of our spiritual source.


CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“In the aftermath of the long 2012-2015 Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn, we are now engaged in the hard work of bringing our ideals about the future into our collective life.
And so these same group energies are active again, and can be used in positive, conscious ways or in mob-mentality, destructive ways.
Instead of thinking of this as a fight, think of it as Rising Up to our royal natures and taking responsibility for each other…
This Aries/Libra Full Moon is packed with power…
With the Sun in Aries, we seek a strong sense of self-identity– who am I and what am I here to do in this lifetime?
With the Moon in Libra, our unconscious seeks a balance through relating to others – can we allow others to be themselves without judgments and expectations?
Can we be ourselves when we’re with others, or do we need to hide ourselves behind ‘appropriate’ masks?
Can we be ourselves in partnership? Can we find the right partners for us?
These questions get supercharged at this Full Moon.  Let your unique genius rock the day.

© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved

CHAD WOODWARD from his Kosmic Mind:
“Luckily, the Full Moon in Libra conjoins Jupiter. That helps to open up new possibilities, opportunities, and connections for us at the right moment.
However, don’t overestimate what you can handle. Don’t be surprised if the universe throws you quite a lot with this Full Moon. Your job is to mindfully discern what it is you’re capable of taking on.
To start, take a deep breath (don’t forget to exhale). Find your center of calm or your happy place. Sit there and gather yourself.
Transitions are often stressful; that’s a natural consequence of change. 
This social Full Moon can give you a helping hand. Consider reaching out and putting yourself out there to truly benefit, but first, make sure you’ve found some place of balance within yourself.
That might not be reflected in your external life, but you can always find it within…
The need for freedom and authenticity is strong, which can go against cooperation or compromise in certain situations.
This Full Moon equally asks that we find some balance between the need to be true to ourselves and the need to integrate with others.
That’s a point of frustration, but again, consider new possibilities you’ve yet to encounter.
Put yourself in a place of receptivity and trust that you will find a new solution that’s truly out of the box.
And lastly, Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon is currently stationing and conjunct Chiron. That might accentuate heart wounds, shadows, and defects in our relationships, but realize that whatever pain you may encounter can be quickly transmuted with a change of attitude and a change of heart.
You have the power to rise above anything you encounter with others, by seeing it from a different perspective, or even focusing on bigger thing.”

virgo full moon: meaningful habits


This Full Moon is in Virgo, the sign associated with those routines that comprise most of our days— working, running errands, preparing meals—as well as the habits we form through repetition of those routines. For the most part, we regard these habits and routines as entirely separate from our spiritual lives, a perspective this extends to our astrological lore, which relegates poor Virgo to the role of hapless drone while conferring spiritual honors upon its opposite sign, Pisces. In fact, the practices we identify as “spiritual” tend to be those traditionally associated with Pisces—meditation, bodywork, yoga, all of which have acquired increasing cachet while the homely tasks associated with Virgo are denigrated, and when possible, delegated.

But something is being lost, I think, in our determination to avoid these humble occupations; it’s often these small, ordinary tasks that offer the most accessible route from unconscious habit to mindful ritual, as well as the most frequent opportunities for attempting the journey.

Nag your child to finish her homework; do it every single weeknight (whether or not she actually has homework assigned), and soon you’ve got yourself a habit. Set aside half an hour each evening to sit with your child and talk about school, her assignments, and her experiences there, and you’ve entered the realm of ritual. You can immediately sense the difference between the two approaches; yet, both habit and ritual involve doing particular things at regular intervals in a particular way. What distinguishes them from one another?

Intention, and consciousness. You can sweep the kitchen floor each evening and hardly notice doing it, beyond a vague desire to have it over with as quickly as possible. But imagine you instead give your full attention to sweeping the floor carefully and thoroughly, visualizing the debris and disorder of your mind being swept away with the bread crumbs. Feel the difference?

Why make such a big deal out of sweeping a floor? Because we don’t live forever. Do you really have five minutes every day—more than thirty hours each year!—to waste on meaningless, unconscious activity? And yet the floor needs to be swept– a consequence of inhabiting a body that walks on things, eats things and spills crumbs. If you don’t occasionally sweep up the debris, pretty soon it offends the senses. So why not enjoy sweeping the floor, clearing it of life’s thriving, lively messiness? Why not use those five minutes as a sort of practical prayer, to celebrate being alive?

Honoring the Invisible

Virgo is the sign of habit, but equally the sign of ritual. Ritual is not magic; it is ordinary, everyday action performed with magical intention. It is the union of practical and spiritual, Virgo’s practicality and Pisces’ sensitivity. It is honoring spirit through the offering of our humble earthly abilities—modestly, with love and devotion.

Ritual is present in a house of bereavement, where friends and neighbors show their concern for the grieving with practical gifts of lovingly prepared food. It is present when I use my grandmother’s 75-year-old masher to prepare the Thanksgiving potatoes. It was present when my husband’s cousins spent the first days after their father’s death building an exquisite casket from wood their father had saved for this purpose.

Ritual is ordinary action carefully performed with extraordinary intention. It is how we honor the invisible with visible gestures.

From Habit to Ritual

During the two weeks between the Virgo Full Moon and the March 27 Aries New Moon, ferret out those circumstances that bore you, irritate you, or overwhelm you. Where in your life do you encounter drudgery, the feeling you’re “just going through the motions”? Where are you most likely to be annoyed or short tempered with others? What ordinary situations make you feel so overwhelmed, you no longer know how to untangle them? These are situations that suggest unconsciousness. They are situations which, if approached with intention rather than a sense of distasteful obligation, present the greatest avenue for your spiritual growth right now.

For instance, a client was overwhelmed by the idea of literally getting her house in order. She disliked housework, yet craved the order and serenity of tidy surroundings. What were her options? Here are a few that spring to mind:

  • Forgo cleaning the house, and grow increasingly dispirited by the disarray.
  • Hire someone to clean the house (not always an option).
  • Jump right in and start cleaning the house, gritting her teeth and cursing with every stroke of her scrub brush as her mind wanders to all the things she’d rather be doing.
  • Initiate this daunting project by tackling a single, well-defined task—say, cleaning one closet. Putting a favorite CD on the stereo, pouring something nice to drink, and taking the first, satisfying step toward restoring order and sanity to her home.

Which of her options sounds most spiritually energizing? Which carries the seed of spiritual expression? Which honors the invisible with a mundane but visible action?

The price we pay for too much unconscious, habitual activity is boredom, drudgery, fatigue, and irritability. So I invite you to experiment, at this Full Moon fortnight, with offering up whatever practical, Virgo skills you possess in the daily service of spirit and intention. With all the love and attention you can muster, bring order and attention to your abundance by balancing your checkbook. Honor your mobility and independence—wash your car! Bring serenity to your home by cleaning your house, one room, even a single drawer. Do these things not as a kind of hairshirt to prove your spiritual worthiness, but to celebrate and honor the spirituality that inhabits the everyday, the simple, the here and now.