Druidry: what is it?

Learning a good bit from “Witchcraft and Practical Magic” – it has so much history included.  Found this interesting about druids.

“There is no central druid theology, but two generalizations about druid beliefs can be made: the first is that there is a belief in a power or energy resident in the earth or in nature, which is often represented as a mother, but is it left to individuals to decide how they wish to look upon this entity; the second is that there is some kind of unified force underlying the manifest world, but again that force is defined by each individual.

Druidism includes a whole spectrum of beliefs, but a love of the earth is what holds druids together.  Druidism is an animistic faith, not a “call of the gods”. Communing with nature means learning to grow, to trust and to hear the response of the earth. Nature as deity is drawn down into the ritual circle and this is experience as joy and love. The internalization of love, joy, and inspiration is called “Awen” in modern druidism, and it is the role of bards, as poets and musicians – to encourage the flow of Awen. Ovates, or vates, have a different function: they listen to the voices of the otherworld using various forms of divination such as tree lore and runes. Ovates are faciliators, healers, “changers of situations”, and their role is to interpret signs and ask questions.

Tree lore is associated with a symbolic language called Ogham (pronounced o’um), which links a tree with a letter of the alphabet, and runes are a series of symbols often inscribed on wood or stone. They are associated with the Norse god Odin.

Modern druidism is a quest for a spirituality that connects the individual with the natural world through artistic expressions and inspiration.”


One of the better explanations of druidism, in my experience.  Does this form of spirituality resonate with anyone?