Flower Power: Honeysuckle

I grew up surrounded by gorgeous honeysuckle vines that bloomed every spring, perfuming the air with their lovely scent – to this day, it’s one of my favorite outdoor smells!  As I learned a bit about magickal uses for the plant this week, I thought I would share.

Honeysuckle is all about:
Passion and sexuality
Strengthening intuition
Attracting blessings


“Honeysuckle’s energetic signature has to do with activating, unsticking, and getting things moving. This includes releasing things that no longer serve to enhance our life flow.

Her heady, sensual scent can help us get out of our minds and into our bodies and to release fears and limiting beliefs about our sexuality. For this purpose, try simply inhaling the scent and spending time in quiet contemplation with a blossoming plant. You might also place a muslin charm bag with fresh blossoms near your bed.

To release blocks to intuition, charge water in the light of the full moon and then use a honeysuckle blossom to anoint your belly, heart, and third eye with the water.”

Honeysuckle is said to have the power to represent ties between lovers, symbolizing the lovers’ embrace with its climbing growing pattern.

Sources: Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2015, occult100.com, and for more detailed info, check out Herbal Riot


Flower Power: Tulip


The tulip’s most potent magickal quality has to do with beauty: physical beauty, emotional beauty, and the beauty of life itself.

Ways to use the tulip:

1. Use as a centerpiece to increase the sensory appreciation of a meal or gathering,

2. Sweep your aura with a few stems to shroud yourself in a veil of magnetism and desirability.

3. Use to assist with grounding – if you’re feeling anxious, plant tulips, spend time with them, or take a few drops of tulip flower essence under your tongue. (The tulip’s substantial bulb and alignment with the physical world helps with that grounding energy.)

4. Tulip resonates with the heart chakra. If your heart – physical or emotional – could use strengthening, add a few drops of the flower essence to your drinking water or bath.

5. As tulip shares qualities with love goddesses (earthiness, beauty, sensuality, heart-centeredness, desirability), she’s a great addition to love goddess altars or rituals (goddesses like Hathor, Aphrodite, Venus, or Parvati).

Notes on recorded “powers” of the tulip:
Romance, lust, sensuality, notoriety (?)
Red tulips: declaration of love
Yellow tulips: hopeless love, making friends, marital bliss, sociability, sunshine and smiles

Anyone particularly love tulips?  I haven’t always been a huge fan, but this year have started to appreciated their strong feminine quality and sleek beauty.

 (Source: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2015)