make the most of this taurus full (super)moon!

from the astrotwins


Plant those feet on solid earth: The November 14 supermoon in earthly Taurus grounds us after an emotional rollercoaster of a week.

As a full moon lights the skies in the sign of the tenacious and opinionated Bull, millions of people are still grappling from the shocking results of a historic election that shook the U.S. to the core. Outcome aside, we need to sharpen our knowledge of all sides of the issues at hand, and empower ourselves as advocates for what we most believe in.

We can harness the steady and persistent energy of Taurus, refusing to be silent about injustice. Change is in the air, and this grounding Taurus energy may finally help those of us who’ve been dazed and confused get back into our bodies and sense.

This year’s Taurus full moon is also a powerful and potent supermoon. It’s the largest full moon since 1948 and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until 2034 for the next one. On November 14, the Taurus supermoon will be at its largest and brightest when it becomes full within approximately two hours of “perigee”—the point in its elliptical orbit when it is approximately 30,000 miles closer to the Earth.

Outside of politics, this full moon can also catalyze personal goals that you’ve worked long and hard for over the past six months. If you’ve got your sights set on a target, this might be the day you go after it full-throttle, much like the “toro, toro” charging at the matador’s cape. Sensual Taurus can also help us make like peaceful Ferdinand the Bull, who sat in the field munching clover all day. So get out in nature, indulge your earthly appetites with some shopping or a decadent meal, pamper yourself (who else could use a 90-minute massage?). Don’t hate, luxuriate.

The Taurus supermoon is also called a Beaver Moon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon that falls during the month of November was named after the beaver by both colonists and Algonquin tribes. The Beaver Moon marked the time of year for setting beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm furs that would last the winter.

Remember that full moons are harvesting times, where we reap the benefits of the corresponding new moon that occurred six months earlier. So go ahead and grab those bounties by the er, beaver—in the most metaphorical sense, of course. Check your calendar: The seeds you planted back at May’s Taurus new moon may be ripe and ready to bear their fruit this week. It’s like the old Mexican proverb goes: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”
Bonus: The two weeks following a full moon are an extension of the “harvest” period, so work with Taurus until the end of November (and beyond if need be!) to see what arises. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Of course, under the headstrong and fired-up Taurus full moon, we must guard against even more extreme acts, as people dig their heels in and defend their positions, lessening the chances of productive dialogue. Take care, friends—and follow the mandate of principled Taurus to do the right thing.

In responsible Taurus style, let us all hold ourselves and others accountable for defending everyone’s humanity. And let’s hold America’s new leadership accountable for keeping everyone safe, represented and protected.

Here are eight empowering ways to invite Taurus supermoon manifestation into your life:

1. Know the rules.

Taurus is old-school and also a pragmatist at heart. Instead of reinventing the wheel or bucking the system, try a novel approach: do things the way they were designed. Our culture is obsessed with anything new, and now more than ever there’s a global call to squash the patriarchy. As a result, everything’s gotten annoyingly complicated. The Taurus supermoon reminds us that sometimes, trying too hard can muck up the whole process. At the Taurus full moon, you’ll succeed in your world-bettering and consciousness-raising endeavors with honesty, humility and good old-fashioned hard work. Following simple, thoughtful steps is the fast path to results now. But it’s going to take more than hashtag activism: it’s going to take real nose-to-the-grindstone effort.

2. Practice radical presence.

The idea of “being in the moment” can sound like a platitude; something your yoga teacher says before everyone rushes off post-Savasana to check their iPhones. The Buddhists know that being Zen is achieved by finding the rhythm, flow and grace in the mundane—the notion of “washing your bowl” or “chop wood, carry water.” Taurus governs the zodiac’s house of daily routines and is also ruled by sensual Venus. At the Taurus supermoon, find beauty in boredom, wisdom in waiting, holiness in the humdrum and the test within tolerance. We always joke that enlightenment isn’t measured by how long we can meditate, but that it’s enduring the crazy without losing our cool. Try to breathe through something that seems really dark and just plain crappy right now. Remember: it’s always darkest before the dawn.

3. Embrace your inner material girl (or guy).

Taurus rules the zodiac’s second house of work money, earned income and material prosperity. It may be considered gauche to flaunt wealth, and part of the New Age culture is definitely an unspoken disdain for consumerism—well, outside of approved brands these days (don’t get us started). Understandably, capitalist greed is wreaking major havoc on our planet. But we’re still “spiritual beings having a human experience”…and that means we live in a three-dimensional world, reliant on our five senses. At the pleasure-loving Taurus supermoon, spending money is a way of affirming the universe’s generosity by enjoying its tangible bounty. It sends a message to the universe: I trust you to take care of me! Bonus: We could all probably benefit from indulging in a little retail therapy right now.

If you struggle with fear or scarcity around money, the Taurus full moon is a reminder that money is energy, and we have to put it back into the universal supply by keeping it in circulation.

Indulging yourself is a must under this lunar spell. “Where is the joy in life without a taste of the finer things?” asks Taurus. Treating yourself like royalty sends a powerful message of “I’m worthy” to the psyche. Since Taurus governs our self-esteem, this luxe boost will be well timed. But nothing flashy or over-the-top please. Taurus is about timeless elegance and tasteful choices.

4. When in doubt, follow your nose!

Sensual Taurus knows the power of subtle cues, like the texture of luxe fabrics, the richness of gourmet food, and the olfactory power of a fine eau de whatever. Taurus energy is particularly tuned into the sense of smell. You might head to a perfumerie with a blending bar and develop your own signature scent. If you’re more into the natural, play with essential oils until you find the right combination. Your skin’s pH also makes a difference. Get samples of scents you like and let them sit on your wrist for a few hours to see how they change. A spray from the bottle alone will not be enough to determine if a scent is right for you. Set up a diffuser in your house so you’re bathed in the glorious aromas the moment you walk through the door. Take a deep breath in and allow the aromas to gently relieve the stress and anxiety you are undoubtedly experiencing. Ahh—now isn’t that better?

5. Shout it from the rooftops.

Taurus rules the throat (and the throat chakra) and this expressive full moon wants us to use our voices. Whether you’re campaigning for a cause, singing karaoke, or finally letting someone know how you REALLY feel, verbal expression is the name of the game now.

Caveat: full moons are highly emotional times, so if an unfiltered rush of feelings could cause a meltdown, vent to a neutral third party before storming off on a tirade. Remember that the raging Bull can do damage upon seeing red. A little anger management goes a long way. How can you get your point across in a way that is proactive rather than destructive? Meditate on that, then speak your piece.

If your words haven’t been getting the response you desire, use the Taurus supermoon to bring your throat chakra back into balance. Chanting and singing can help with this, as can drinking lots of water to bring more flow to the throat. This chakra is associated with the color blue. Wear a choker with blue stones or slip on an azure turtleneck. Make more of a point to listen this week too (even when you don’t agree with what you’re hearing), as gathering information from all sides can help you better shape your words.

Toning, or sound therapy, is also a great healing modality. For something really cutting-edge (and oh-so Taurus), check out The Integratron, an amazing structure built on a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojave Desert, where visitors experience an hourlong “sound bath” from quartz crystal singing bowls played at waves to match each chakra. (We visited ourselves on 11-11 last year and it was like we’d been called home to the Mothership).

6. Affirm your values.

What do you believe in and stand for the most? It’s time to get behind it! Be it gender equality, women’s rights, human rights or civil liberties, Taurus governs self-esteem and values. No, you don’t have to be bullish about your morals (especially since the Taurus full moon falls barely a week after Election Day). But having a guiding principle or two can give your life shape and direction. Be sure to practice what you preach—and if you’re preaching, make sure that you are informed. If you’ve been loosey-goosey about your values, ground yourself in a mantra or a simple set of ideals that lend you some dignity.

7. Find out what’s REALLY going on.

Because the Taurus supermoon moon falls during investigative Scorpio season, people can get riled up in an effort to expose what’s really going on behind the scenes. Often, the no-bulls*** Bull can take down one of society’s “sacred cows.” While we love Taurus energy for its sensible, bottom-lining approach, too much of this can veer into bullheadedness or black-and-white thinking—or even bullheaded acts of rage that are outright scary and unacceptable.

However, the Taurus supermoon does push us into uncomfortable terrain, asking us to look beyond idealized views. It’s time to open our eyes and to step outside our bubbles. The Taurus full moon, at its highest vibration, can help us champion integrity without destroying anyone’s character along the way.

8. Be a treehugger.

You don’t have to be a patchouli-wearing hippie to get down with Mother Nature today (although that’s fine…if you promise to employ a light touch on the body oil). Earthly Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and rules our rootedness, helping us develop the ability to build and manifest from a solid foundation.

Nothing represents that kind of stability better than a hundred-year old tree towering over our heads. If you can’t bring yourself to wrap your arms around that trunk, sit underneath it or lean on it for a bit. Visualize yourself absorbing its strength, security, ability to grow and regenerate. Thank the tree for its lessons, take a picture of it to remind you that nature is resilient and abundant—and so are you. And hey, if you want to meet a friend for a matcha and vegan tapas afterwards, we wouldn’t blame you a bit.


three ways to harness this supermoon energy

from the amazing sage goddess

Three Ways to Harness the Energy of the Supermoo

On Monday November 15, we will experience the power and energy of a Supermoon, a full moon closer to Earth than it has been in 68 years. The moon’s proximity to Earth on Monday means it will appear brighter, larger, and more beautiful. It will also offer us the most intense lunar energy many of us have ever worked with in our lifetimes.

This is serious.

How can you take advantage of this energy? Here are my three tips for harnessing and maximizing the energy of this spectacular lunar occasion.

  1. Work some money magic
    This Supermoon is in Taurus, the sign of financial prosperity and good business decisions. And November is one of two ‘money months’ in the calendar year when money magic is well aspected. The day of the month (14) is a ‘5’ day, the number of money and wealth. So one way to harness the energy of this day is to set a powerful intention for financial prosperity and well being. In my community, we are gathering online to work with the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and you can RSVP to join us here.
  2. Charge your crystals and tools
    Moonlight cleanses and activates crystals and minerals, and the light of the Supermoon because it’s more intense and potent will be especially strong and useful for this work. To charge your crystals, tools (and jewelry too) simply place them on a tray in a location outside where they will receive direct moonlight. Take them inside before the sun rises as some crystals fade when placed in direct sunlight. As you charge your items, set the intention that the full moon energy will enhance, activate, and empower them to guide, support, and teach you.
  3. Celebrate what’s full in your life
    Many people underestimate the importance of gratitude and celebrations of what you already have, but gratitude launches the cycle of abundance; in short you won’t receive more from the Universe until you are genuinely grateful for what you’ve already been given. So light a candle under this Supermoon, reflect on all that has come to pass for you this month, this year, and then say “thank you thank you thank you” out loud. You’ll be amazed at how much faster your intentions manifest when you begin from a place of deep gratitude.

Luna is coming close to us, shining brighter than ever, as a strong reminder of our own power and our own light. Shine without apology, dear one, and remember now and always that what is empty can become full again. It all begins with you. Aho, amen, so it is.

the message on this Taurus full moon…

this is helpful…

from sandra at strong eye astrology


“After an election in America that feels to many like a massive step backwards, we seek direction. Amid the chaos, there are many reactions. When considering the election result, many People of Color who have experienced the lifelong effects of racism are not surprised. Many Liberal white people who don’t have to walk this walk on the daily are in shock.

Women, People of Color, the LGBT community, immigrants, Muslims, and the disabled are in need of safe spaces, and are more aware than ever of their vulnerability. The media is back-pedaling and finger-pointing. Pollsters are re-evaluating. Trumpers are thrilled. Republicans who don’t like Trump but voted for him anyway are hopeful and silent.

As a reader of astrology and out-there, old soul, witchy sh*t, I am assuming that you are among the forlorn and aching choir. That, like me, you are seeking understanding, collective and personal healing, and a plan of action. Let’s see if Astrology can help with at least some of these points.

The Taurus Full Moon in Taurus is the first lunation in the wake of the election. As such it is shedding its light on a path forward. During a Full Moon the energies of two opposites meet to bring us awareness of the whole. The meeting of two opposites can feel like a head-on collision, or it can feel like an epiphany. This Taurus Full Moon is illuminated by the full light of the Sun in the opposite sign of Scorpio.


The Taurus Full Moon and it’s Message
Peeling an orange.
We are working to get to the sweet fruit that is inside. There is a bitter rind. We must keep peeling. Keep working. Keep taking off the layers to get closer to the truth. Keep sustaining ourselves with sweetness. Keep nurturing. Keep taking care of our bodies, and keep diving deep into our emotions.

TAURUS is your strength; your body, your resources, your self-worth. SCORPIO is union; your strength melded with another person’s strength. Emotional, spiritual and physical. Both signs are Fixed. They show us the value of persistence. They remind that we must keep digging in to achieve progress.

The Taurus Full Moon is helping us know our strength, to unite, and to keep our eyes on the long game.

A deeper look at the signs at play.

TAURUS is the sign that rules our material world. It is our body, house and resources. It is our natural talents. Taurus teaches us how to stay alive AND that we deserve to be alive (because our talents are of value). This sign yearns to impart the wisdom of abundance. When Taurus is afflicted, it can cause us to fear scarcity until we remember our inherent worth. Taurus done right is as steady and stable as bedrock. The strength of Taurus comes from it’s championing of value; value of body and value of self.

SCOPRIO is yours and mine together. Scorpio is merging. Union. Scorpio reaches out to understand the emotions of the other person. Because of this inter-personal sharing of emotions. Scorpio rules both control and letting go. It can be hard to surrender control for the purpose of emotional, physical, and spiritual union. But the wisdom of Scorpio teaches that we must. You must let go so that you are light enough to move into the next stage of your evolution. One of Scorpio’s symbols is the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Scorpio reminds us that there must be destruction before we can break open to progress.

When the Taurus understanding of self-worth and abundance is intact, Scorpio is secure enough to easily let go of competitive control and merge. This is the gestalt of the two signs.

The Taurus Full Moon reminds us that if we want to evolve, we must do both Taurus and Scorpio well.

We can do the Taurus things. We can believe in our own personal strength. We can own our part in this, by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We must use our resources to create positive change. We must use our bodies to resist. We must build safe-houses for people who need physical, emotional or psychological shelter. We must defend everyone’s right to material security and abundance.

And we can do the Scorpio things…We can reach out to understand another person’s emotional and psychological perspective. We can look into the eyes of the murderer and see the humanity within. We can gaze boldly into our shadow. We can let go of control and feel our feelings. We can notice if fear is encouraging us to be controlling. We can forgive when we are ready.

We can be the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.


Below are suggested areas of self-inquiry for each sign. If you know what house in your birth chart 22 degrees Taurus is in, also read for that house.

Aries or 2nd House
What is the one thing on which you know you want to take a stand? How can you use your natural talents to do so?

Taurus or 1st House
What have you struggled with that you’ve learned how to master? This is something that makes you unique. Can you see yourself guiding others to master this same struggle?

Gemini or 12th House
What have you been refusing to see when it comes to your relationships? Your well-being at soul level? The world around you?

Cancer or 11th House
What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Can you add more detail to the picture? Who can you reach out to?

Leo or 10th House
Do you feel empowered to have the career of your dreams? If not, what belief stands in your way? How is this belief keeping you playing small?

Virgo or 9th House
Research a philosophical perspective that can guide you and soothe you. Write down what speaks to you and keep this piece of paper in a place where you’ll see it often.

Libra or 8th House
Are there any feelings that you have been stubbornly holding onto? Is there room for movement now around this issue?

Scorpio or 7th House
Finish the sentence “A relationship is…” fifteen times. Write it down in list form.
A relationship is _______________
A relationship is _______________
A relationship is _______________ (etc.)
Notice what different words and ideas come to mind when you contemplate what relationship means to you.

Sagittarius or 6th House
Can you pinpoint the potential cause of overwhelm in your life? Write a list of simple things you can do to address this, and commit to tackling one per day.

Capricorn or 5th House
Experiment with different mediums for self-expression. Write a blog post or record an Instagram story about what’s in your heart.

Aquarius or 4th House
What would you say to your inner child? Write some ideas down. If any feel like positive affirmations, read them out loud to yourself before you go to sleep.

Pisces or 3rd House
Collect facts that can help you ease your mind. As you consume media and news, ask if what you are taking in is improving your mindset.”

Tonight’s Aries Supermoon Is A Supercharged Hunter’s Moon, Too: Here’s What That Means For You

from mindbodygreen

Tonight's Aries Supermoon Is A Supercharged Hunter's Moon, Too: Here's What That Means For You Hero Image

“This is a fiery and potent full moon designed to push through and push forward. It carries a punch that may be a welcome energy for some that perform well under pressure but it may be challenging for those that prefer a softer method. This moon also influences the uncovering of hard to look at truths that may surface during this time. The good news is that the power of this full moon time gives you the tools to embrace truth and allows you to accept, change and move forward.

The year of the monkey is alive and well. Make sure the “monkeys” are not taking over your environment and creating havoc. This is where the boundaries come in. It is best to simply say NO and not beat about the bush when something is not working. Watch for explosive reactions and don’t get yourself embroiled in drama that is not yours. Stay away from conflict if you can and focus instead on something that you are wanting to express in a larger way in your life. This Full Moon can powerfully feed that expansion.

On the bright side, this full moon supports great transformation and movement in the right direction if you have the courage to go there. The bigger the growth spurt, the more painful the growing pains can be, but worthwhile in the long run.”

from power path

Wild hearts can’t be broken—and neither can their spirits. On Sunday, October 16, the year’s only full moon in courageous Aries will rock the skies. Along with being its fiery, badass self, this year’s Aries full moon is ALSO a potent supermoon—meaning it’s at its closest possible point to earth, causing it to appear up to 30 percent brighter.

The full moon/supermoon in Aries is also known as a Hunter’s Moon or Travel Moon, since it is the first full lunation to follow September’s Harvest Moon. The full moon/supermoon in Aries is set to rise just after sunset and sets near sunrise, making this is the only night in October when the moon will hover in the sky all night long, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. For all you stargazers out there, the moon will reach its full lunation around 12:24 a.m. EST.

The Aries full supermoon will also travel at a close degree to iconoclastic Uranus, making for one liberated weekend. This forthright cosmic energy will draw out our freedom of self-expression and our deepest, most fiery passions. Tip: Just go easy on the “my way or the highway” bluster. Power struggles can easily erupt under these explosive skies. Instead of fighting for world domination, divert your attention to your wildest dreams. Dive into a passion project, or debut the one you’ve been working on since the corresponding Aries new moon this past April 7.

“Know Thyself” is this full moon’s commandment. Say “yes” to what you REALLY want and “no” to what you don’tclarity will be easy to come by as the weekend draws to a close. The Aries full moon/supermoon basically transforms the world into a talent show, putting our most cherished dreams on center stage. Got something fabulous to promote? Save the humblebrags and go big and bold.

Caveat: Competition could get fierce, as Aries has an “all about me” vibe that can never quite get enough attention. Make some room for others to shine, too, instead of fighting for headliner status!

What have you been striving toward since the spring? This is the week to cash in and collect your comeuppance. New moons take six months to reach their corresponding full moon, and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. La luna brings you full circle, baby—a time to see the results of your brave actions.

Here are a few tips for harnessing the heat and manifesting your wild dreams during the super-charged supermoon in Aries:

1. Go big or go home.

Shameless self-promotion is fully sanctioned by the Aries full moon, provided you execute it with both sass and class. The zodiac’s Ram is not one to wait for others to sign its permission slip. Instead, Aries energy is about charging ahead boldly, putting your ideas into the cultural mix. Got something to contribute to the world? (Um, of course you do!) Tweet about it, post an inspiring image or video, and then throw a party to share it with friends. At work, you might harness this Aries full moon/supermoon firepower to get your ideas in front of the higher-ups, or you could take the initiative and write someone you really want to work with a “let’s do lunch” invitation. On the romance front, stop suffering silently through your love joneses. Let your feelings be known in a seductively direct manner. This is a day when big risks yield even bigger rewards.

2. Harness your inner warrior.

The warrior energy of Aries will be flaring with extra intensity under the light of this full moon. Instead of getting into fisticuffs with your aggro neighbor or trying to suppress the natural emotion of anger, find a healthy outlet for release. Kickboxing, sparring, Krav Maga, mixed martial arts—this full moon is all about the fighting sports. You might even sign up for that self-defense class you’ve been meaning to take. Learning how to fight back and stand up for yourself is something the Aries full moon/supermoon is here to teach us. No more taking it lying down! No, we are not recommending that you start any fights, per se, but when push comes to shove, it will be good to know that you can finish them.

3. Adorn your head.

Aries rules the noggin, so the head area will come into focus under this full moon. With the radical energies afoot, you might get the urge to make a bold statement and do something edgy with your hair. Shaving your head—if you feel called to do something so ballsy—can feel like a tribal ritual of sorts. You might just buzz a band of hair a la Rihanna, Pink, and the haute hipster set. If you’re not feeling quite so fearless about your tresses, you could also try a piercing or treat yourself to a symbolically significant pair of earrings, headband, or even a funky hat. You might try earrings with balancing stones in them. Jasper is stabilizing and can help keep you cool in a conflict. Aventurine stabilizes blood pressure and relieves headaches—something the Aries full moon/supermoon can boldly intensify.

4. Ask for what you want.

Aries is the zodiac’s most entitled sign, and while too much of this energy can sometimes seem obnoxious, there’s something to the whole “squeaky wheel gets the oil” theory. What do you really, really need support with in your life? What have you been too timid to ask for, fearing that people won’t like you? The Aries full moon/supermoon urges you to summon some chutzpah and speak up! Courage is this zodiac sign’s specialty, so be a gallant hero for yourself, a loved one, or a cause. What could you ask for today, even in the face of your own fear?

5. Flaunt your independence.

Aries is the sign of the self, the star, the solopreneur. It’s time to go forth and bravely do your own thang. If you’ve been sticking around in a bad situation, you might want to cut your losses and move on. This is your day to evaluate: Do your efforts since the spring justify pouring any more energy into this?

Caution: We’re not suggesting you rashly cut people out of your life or march into your job and flip your boss the bird. Thoughtful consideration is a must before you act this weekend, especially with la luna’s close contact with radical Uranus, the planet of individuality and sudden changes. FYI: Aries is one of the zodiac’s most headstrong signs. Look deep: Is this hotheadedness…or is there truly some merit? Anger is definitely on the rise at this full moon/supermoon. The key, however, is not to REACT but to make a self-affirming and soul-affirming move…to act FOR what you want rather than against what you don’t.

6. Make a return to innocence.

Aries is the zodiac’s “baby” since it is the first sign. It’s never touched a hot stove, had an idea shot down, or second-guessed itself. Much like The Fool card in a Tarot deck, which depicts a merry traveler walking off a cliff, there’s an air of blissful ignorance that has its merits. Go into your bubble for a day. Write down whatever you’ve become jaded, hardened, and skeptical about. Let go of your past, even if you can just suspend it for an hour. What becomes possible for you now?

7. Burn something—carefully.

Arson charges? Oh, hell no. But an angry letter that you need to get off your chest? That picture of a hateful ex? A rant about how unfair something is that you just can’t get over, no matter how much yoga you do? Light the matches and burn, baby, BURN. Aries is a fire sign. And while fire destroys, it also cleanses. So get whatever it is that you’re raging about onto paper, or into a heap, and let the inferno purify the energy. Better yet, get a group together and burn your intentions with friends! Want to try a moon circle or learn more about how to connect with this powerful energy? Read our post on how to create your own new and full moon rituals.


libra new moon: inquiry for your sign

New Moon :: Friday September 30, 2016 :: 8.11 PM EDT :: 8 degrees 15 minutes Libra

The New Moon is a time to set intentions—and the Libra New Moon wants you to initiate balance. Libra represents connecting people and ideas. Take this moon as a reminder to listen and share, to give and receive. To breathe peace. Within this balancing act, acknowledging what you need is so important. This Moon is a reminder that you deserve to get your needs met.


But you also have a responsibility to expand your thinking to include the other person’s position. To become an expert at walking with one foot in your own shoes, and one in someone else’s. So be humble. But don’t deny yourself in your humility. Seek to be satisfied with yourself too. The Libra New Moon offers big bright bold expansive rays of love and joy. This moon wants to help you fill your heart with joy. And from that place of joy, do the kind thing for someone else.

Stretch yourself to be generous with your words. Look for ways to balance out injustice. This moment is a reminder to find joyful and exuberant balance. Just remember: balance requires discipline. Requires us to be steady. Through disciplined actions now, you can create a sense of balance that will help you to expand.

The Libra New Moon feels secure. You can allow yourself feel secure enough to simple be yourself. To connect to the part of you that is untamed. To defend who you are, and defend the rights of others to be themselves too. By knowing yourself you will be reminded to trust in the goodness of all humanity.



What can I do to be more emotionally open in my partnerships? Am I challenging my assumptions about what it means to be in a relationship?

What is one thing taking up my time and energy that is not a priority? How can I change it to become more efficient?

How can I make more space for fun in my life? Am I prioritizing this enough? Am I celebrating my success?

Am I naming my feelings as they come? How can I allow myself more space for all of my feelings?

How am I engaging mentally with the world? When was the last time I was playful? When was the last time I was curious?

Do I believe that life is about the journey or the destination? If it is about the journey, then how can I allow myself to feel rewarded in the moment?

How am I showing up as a leader in my life? Am I truly saying Yes to what I want and No to what I don’t want?

Can I give myself some more free time? Am I prioritizing time for meditation? How easy is it for me to do nothing?

How can I make more space for my hopes, dreams and aspirations? What is my brightest future vision for the collective?

Have I defined my goals and the steps necessary to achieve my goals? How can I link the steps of each project to a desired emotional outcome?

What enticing new philosophies am I being exposed to? Do I trust myself to speak my truth?
Or is ti time to re-evaluate some of my beliefs?

Am I feeling all my feelings? How can allow myself to surrender emotionally? What makes it safe for me to let go of control?

edited by the numinous


How Tonight’s Aquarius Full Moon + Penumbral Eclipse Can Help You Revolutionize Your Life

How Tonight's Aquarius Full Moon + Penumbral Eclipse Can Help You Revolutionize Your Life Hero Image

from mindbodygreen


Free your mind, and the rest will follow! A revolutionizing Aquarius full moon on August 18, 2016, stirs up our righteous urge for freedom and social change.

As the only Aquarius full moon of 2016 brightens up the skies, these high-minded moonbeams help us dream outside of the box. Wish upon a double rainbow: This full moon is also a penumbral or “almost” eclipse, which has the near potency of a change-making, full lunar eclipse.

Aquarius is the sign of collaborative groups, teams, and humanitarian efforts. It’s all about the love of our brothers and sisters, and the creative impulse to fight for what we believe in. The Water Bearer can get nervous under the heat of too much passion, emotion, and one-on-one connection. This is friendly, convivial energy at its best — platonic, playful, and decidedly NOT romantic. But who cares? Aquarius is irresistibly fun, likable, and adorably goofy — making this liberating lunation a good time to be shared by all.

With Aquarian energy in the cosmic mix, this star map helps us visualize our ideal futures and then connect to the right people who can help us bring the big picture to life. When in doubt, take the unconventional route! Aquarius is the sign that governs teamwork and technology. There will be group victories to celebrate this week — or a deep desire to find our soul tribes. Turn on the searchlight: Those kindred spirits could be revealed within the next two weeks!

Feel like making the world a better place? (Hands raised.) Power-to-the-people Aquarius energy guides us toward humanitarian missions. Whether your big-hearted endeavors involve global activism or a little community cleanup, there is strength in numbers, too. No good deed is too small … but why not go a little bigger, inviting your social network to get in on these kind acts?

You say you want a revolution? Make some wishes or intentions (see our guide to new/full moon rituals here) and get the movement under way. Meantime, here are seven star-powered tips to liberate yourself at the Aquarius full moon:

1. Get weird.

So you secretly believe that aliens inhabit the earth and live among us (come to think of it, that strange neighbor of yours does fit the profile …). You put hot sauce on your dessert. You don’t believe in monogamy but you’re certain unicorns exist. Whatever. The Aquarius full moon urges you to stop hiding the parts of yourself that might be quirky, eccentric, or just not in perfect harmony with the people around you. Because Aquarian energy is all about “live and let live,” this full moon is great for authentic sharing — without forcing your ideas on anyone else.

2. Take two steps forward, one step back.

Uber-rational Aquarius is a master of emotional objectivity. Where do you have your teeth and claws sunk in so deeply that you can’t see the forest for the trees? The Aquarius full moon is a great day to practice the Buddhist principle of non-attachment. Yes, you may WANT something with every fiber of your being. But do you also understand that if it doesn’t happen, you’ll still be OK? If you think you can’t survive without a person, an outcome, or whatever you’re hooked into, this lunar light helps you release that fear. Let go, and the Aquarius full moon will bring a better long-term resolution to your issues.

3. Envision a utopian world.

Got a radical idea? Aquarius is the sign of the future and even rules sci-fi. It’s the forward-focused mad scientist who envisions a quirky, idealized world — or perhaps one populated by aliens, cyborgs, and a code of radical individualism. Author Ayn Rand was an Aquarius, and her philosophy of objectivism — controversial as it is — champions reason, fighting for liberation, and minimal government meddling (no sloppy sentiment in there). Of course, that can edge into scary Tea Party territory, but that’s why most philosophies are more interesting on paper than in practice.

While your beliefs may not be quite so stark and stripped of emotion, consider what the perfect world would be like if you could create it. What does it look like — and how can you bring a healthy drop of that to your daily life? Maybe it’s to the tune of Burning Man, where every day is a costume party and people share their talents, goods, and services without exchanging money. You might want to read up on some New Age and shamanic ideas (like the “Hopi Prophecies”) or even deepen your knowledge of astrology — all Aquarian themes.

Browse for books or sites about reforming society — notions like a “gift economy” (check out Lewis Hyde’s The Gift) or author/blogger Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? which takes a stand for art over cold industrialism. Or, head to the otherworldly zone that Aquarius loves and read theories on aliens (no judgment here under this broad-minded moon!), like Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. All you need is a curious, open mind.

4. Carry your own Olympic torch.

Aquarius is the zodiac’s team player, encouraging you to show pride for a group you belong to — and haven’t the games in Rio shown us just that? Whether the activity you’re involved in is sporty or stationary, wave the symbolic flag and wear the uniform. But don’t sit in the stands, spectator-style. The gold medal goes to those who move their bodies! Aquarius is all about kinetic energy, and this full moon is the perfect time to commit to a sports league, train for a 5K with a team, or attend a group fitness class. The next two weeks are an especially rich time for jumping in with both sneakered feet. Summon your social network! Getting your friends into the fitness groove with you will keep you motivated.

5. Host a workshop.

Idealistic, intellectual Aquarius revels in the realm of cutting-edge ideas. The Aquarius full moon creates the perfect space for a workshop or salon. Gather your brain trust for a topic-centered discussion, potluck-style if you can, since group-centric Aquarius parties are even better when everyone contributes. You might even play a film like No Impact Man or watch a TED talk to spark the conversation. Who knows? With the Aquarius full moon ruling the skies, the night could end with a plan for the New World Order.

6. Geek out.

Aquarius rules technology, so circle this full moon for spreading a message through social media and digital platforms. Ready for a job upgrade? The Aquarius full moon prompts you to up your technical know-how. Check out courses from or General Assembly, where you can get both virtual and in-person instruction. This full moon is a great time to launch an online marketing, crowdfunding, or social networking campaigning, too. Ready, set, go viral!

7. Take a breath of fresh air.

As any yogi will attest, there’s nothing more centering than a deep inhalation of oxygen. Aquarius is an air sign, so breathe deep! Many of us won’t take a sip of water that isn’t filtered, so how about giving our air the same attention at the Aquarius full moon? Plug in the air purifier, deionizer, or dehumidifier. Try an essential oil mister for a fragrant and soothing blast. Just go easy on the patchouli — a fan favorite of this bohemian Aquarius full moon, but a strong whiff for the average sensory citizen. Grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and other citrus oils are uplifting and energizing. Perfect for the Aquarius “mad scientist” moments that could keep you up working on your master plan till the wee hours of the morn’. Check out Bach flower essence blends, like the ones from Seed to Blossom and the flower/gemstone blends from Hawaiian company Shanti Kai — two of our personal faves.

Aquarius Full Moon: Purification Ritual

from mooncircles

The mid-August Full Moon is in the air sign of Aquarius, opposite the Sun in the fire sign of Leo, offering the elemental interplay of fire and air.  Both elements can be used in rituals of purification: fire flames up and out, burning to ashes what obstructs. Air refreshes, blowing away what is old and stagnant.  Purification rituals are especially powerful during the waning cycle, which begins with the Full Moon.  Now is the time to banish useless habits. With the Sun still in Leo, you might especially want to banish any fixed and outworn notions of yourself — those mental attitudes that prevent you from living out of the authentic core of your being.  Think of this core as being like a flame, passionate, mysterious, forever changing its shape, as it dances and plays with the surrounding world.

Sometime before sunset, gather a small candle, a large plate to put underneath it, several small pieces of paper, and a pen.  Bring them to a quiet place where you can protect yourself from distractions and interruptions (or a wind that might whip or extinguish your candle).  Ideal would be a spot that allows you a good view of  the eastern horizon, where the Moon will rise just after sundown.  As this is a ritual celebrating the elements of fire and air, you may wish to bring some sage or a stick of incense to place on your altar.  Reciting a prayer or sacred phrase from your particular tradition will help to calm your spirit and call in divine energy.  Watching the breath—inhaling in, exhaling out—will further deepen this sacred space.

In this gently focused state, wait for the first sign of the Moon.  When you spot her brilliant light at the horizon, attune your heart to her presence, and light your candle.   Then tune into those reverent ones scattered around the world who, like you,  are also lighting a candle to celebrate the full moon.   How many hundreds of thousands of candles, flickering on hundreds of thousands of altars must the Moon be seeing tonight!   With this image, join in the interplay of Leo and Aquarius:  feel yourself as one creative being united with the collective energy of others, in a spirit of reverence for earth, humanity, and the starry cosmos.  As you light your incense or sage, inhale the sacred energy in the atmosphere, wafting on the smoky perfume.

Personal Ritual: Now survey your life with an eye to what is obstructing your true self from flaming out in all its radical brilliance and beauty. Perhaps you are plagued with doubts about the value of your work. Maybe you are filled with unreasonable fears, or persistent feelings of anxiety. It could be that you have held onto anger over an unfair situation, or a person who has slighted you. Often, negative habits persist that block us from accomplishing what we most desire: we procrastinate on fulfilling what we sense is our soul’s purpose, ignore our friendships, or, swamped by the minutia of life, forget the deeper side of life. Choose one or more of the traits you want to banish, then write them down on a piece of paper. Folding it up in the palm of your right hand, place your left hand over it and say “Begone in the fire! Begone in the air!” Then burn your piece of paper in the candle flame (making sure that your holder catches the pieces of burnt ash).

Collective Ritual: Now survey the world with an eye to those problems that cause suffering in the world. Of all the difficulties that riddle the human condition, what are the ones that stir you most deeply? Perhaps it is the environment, now suffering from raging wildfires and erratic weather patterns. It could be human rights, and the lack of fair treatment for prisoners of conscience around the world. Maybe it is the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the problem of homelessness, or violence. Choose what you feel most strongly about, write it on a piece of paper, fold it up in the palm of your right hand, then place your left hand over it. Taking the energy that you have freed up from your personal “banishing” ritual, vow to consecrate it to healing this particular issue. Then burn your piece of paper in the candle flame (making sure again that your holder catches the pieces of burnt ash), saying “Begone in the fire! Begone in the air!

Bringing your hands together in a gesture of prayer, close your ritual with a prayer of thanks. Ask that your Full Moon “banishings” be in accord with the Divine Plan. Then extend your blessings to yourself, your close friends and loved ones, and the rest of the world.  Extinguish your candle.  And bow to the moon!

notes on tomorrow’s full moon in Aquarius

“Liberation energy comes on Thursday when the only Aquarius full moon of 2016 brightens up the skies. These high-minded moonbeams help us dream outside of the box. Wish upon a double rainbow: This full moon helps us visualize our ideal futures then connect to the right people who can help us bring the picture to life. When in doubt, take the unconventional route! Aquarius is the sign that governs teamwork and technology. There will be group victories to celebrate this week—or a deep desire to find our soul tribes. Turn on the searchlight. Those kindred spirits could be revealed within two weeks of Thursday. Feel like making the world a better place? (Hands raised.) Power-to-the-people Aquarius energy guides us to humanitarian missions. Whether they involve global activism or a little community cleanup, there is strength in numbers. No good deed is too small…but why not go a little bigger, inviting the social network to get in on these kind acts?”


Good day for spontaneity, flexibility in your schedule, and being social. Do something different and say yes to some eccentric opportunity that may show up for you. If you have been working hard, take a break today. If you have been overly serious in your efforts to heal, balance, get your life on track and organize your work and your environment, take a break and focus on play for a change.

Aquarius is our teacher to lift us beyond the personal, emotional realms and point us toward the farther reaches of consciousness. Aquarius helps us see a bigger picture, to value the freedom to experiment with all manner of behavior, expression, lifestyle and extend that experimental attitude forward to others believing all beings should enjoy the freedom and self governance to walk their own chosen path.

Aquarius is ruled by the eccentric planet, Uranus, discovered late in the game, 1781, during highly revolutionary times. With the Full Moon here we can more easily detach from our personal responses and aim our sites to a more humanitarian and egalitarian point of view. The air signs give us mental objectivity and the ability to set goals for the long view. With strong detachment, Uranus is very instrumental in breaking up the old, status quo to make way for the new and modern ~ a necessary influence in a time of transition like we are now experiencing. As we slowly begin the Age of Aquarius, a 2000 year period, the shadow side of Aquarius is exposed ~ the fanatical, anarchistic and unpredictable side that destroys but without providing a more innovative or progressive solution to current issues.

Uranus in Aries is in position to be a positive support to the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon. We can harness the energy of change and make it work for us with added clarity and strong witness. Intuitive flash comes easily under Uranian/Aquarian influences. Pay attention to your synchronicities and brilliant inventions. Practice thinking on the fly. It’s not so much thinking as intuitive inspiration and right timing. You have to trust that it will be there for you. Reform and innovation are strengths of Uranus/Aquarius, so ask yourself what part of your life needs some radical revamping? Or maybe you’re feeling a need to work with others for major social change – no sign is more given to serving the collective good to re-balance injustice and intolerance.

Venus will be in her most practical and earthly manifestation as integrator of body, mind, and spirit when she meets Jupiter also in Virgo on August 27th. Watch for these two benevolent influences joined in the night sky in the west just after dusk. Jupiter is soon to leave Virgo on September 9th after a year in this sign. Spend these remaining weeks organizing, sorting, eliminating and taking stock, repairing and maintaining, and committing to healthy eating, good digestion and improvement of your mental and physical health. By the last weeks of August we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and North Node all in Virgo. Look to your gut level reactions as your guide and watch your tendencies for perfection that lead to judgment and criticism. Yes, we have a desire for improvement, but our critical voices have a way of separating rather than drawing us closer to love.


Aquarius Full Moon: Dream Catchers and Dream Posses

The eleventh is the natural house of Aquarius, associated with visions and dreams, hopes and goals for the future, friendships and allies. When I first began studying astrology, the eleventh house was enigmatic. I’d think: A planet in the house of “wishes?” Well, sprinkle pixie dust and spin me three times. Over time, I realized the way to properly understand this assortment of descriptors was through Aquarius’ golden rule: The right network of allies always help you achieve your goals and dreams. There is a universal truism here: We may be outsiders, aliens or iconoclasts but we never arrive at a future we want, alone.

A truism is true for a reason. I can trace every accomplishment that’s ever really mattered to me to people who have helped to make it happen. Like a string of pearls, each of these precious people had everything to do with my personal and professional success. I didn’t necessarily personally know those who aided and abetted my future self- not at first. Aquarian friends and allies are not your best friends (that’s Libra; although they came become your besties), but they are your friends. They are the people you get to know, through your interests, joining up in collective concerns, through other people you know.

Aquarius Full Moon is a time of nurturing both our visions for our future, and the friendships and alliances that help us get there. According to Robert Cole’s book, The Book of Houses, this is the house of the visionary. Eleventh house/Aquarius holds that kind of dreamy magic and of harvest, of dreams-do-come-true. When we plant seeds and water them with friendship and support, they do.

Every year when the full moon alights in Aquarius it is a time for both planning and harvesting dream seeds. Where do you want to go next? Who is already where you want to be? Ally with a person or group who is doing what you want to be; that’s a strategy for getting there. Is a dream coming true for you now? If so, thank your lucky stars, and the friends and allies that surely played a role in your harvest’s arrival.

Jupiter and Uranus form a quincunx at this full moon. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, is the planet of visionary progress and invention, Jupiter, possibility, faith and hope. Quincunx energy holds slippery magic, subject to wild changes of fortune and circumstance, and wooed by entertaining possibilities on the outer edges of reason. Build a dream catcher. Even if of wishes for “something better than this”, fairy wings, band-aids and rubber bands, this a hopeful vision for your future self to explore and, perhaps one surprising day, step into. Celebrate your harvest, and your tribe. They are your Aquarian dream posse. And as that famous Beatle sang about his own dream posse: We all get by with the help of our friends.


intuitive astrology: july full moon

july full moon astrology 2016

July’s Full Moon is going to send a beam of self-love, which will give you the confidence and strength you need to create the life of your dreams. 

from foreverconscious

July has really been a month of rest and self-care and the Capricorn Full Moon on the 19th is only going to amplify this even more.

Earlier this month we had a very gentle New Moon in the emotional and watery sign of Cancer. This New Moon was the first breath of fresh air we have had out of the cycle of digging and cleansing the past.

Now that the cleansing part of the cycle is finished, the Universe has been guiding us to turn our attention to accepting what is and simply just loving ourselves.

If you have been burning yourself out, if you have been ignoring the warning signs from the Universe; if you have been pushing ahead without any consideration for your true feelings, this Full Moon is going to gently remind you about the importance of balancing your energy.

The Capricorn Full Moon is very gently going to hold out its hand and remind you to slow down and think a little more practically and methodically before moving forward.

The Capricorn Full Moon is going to hold out its hand and provide for you a place to rest if you need it.

During this time, your subconscious thoughts and feelings are also going to be illuminated.

Mother Moon is going to shine a light from within and guide you to become clearer about what it is that you want to achieve moving forward.

If July’s New Moon was all about emotions, July’s Full Moon is all about grounded practicality. It is about honouring your emotions but also leaving room to make practical decisions that are based in logic and truth.

Balancing these aspects and making sure there is room for both in your life, are going to help you to move forward on your highest path.

There has been a lot of confused and stagnant energy floating around in the cosmos in recent months and now things are starting to shift and become clearer.

As these shifts occur, we are going to feel a little all over the place and perhaps even pulled or pushed in a different direction. We may even feel nothing, and be left wandering around to figure out where to go next.

No matter what you are feeling, remember that this Full Moon is all about making practical decisions on what you want your life to look like. It is about getting clear on the best way to move forward in order to achieve the life you desire.

We have all been releasing and letting go of things, and now it is time to think about what we want to harvest for the months to come.

July’s Full Moon is the perfect time to sit down and work out what emotions you want to create in your own life. Joy, happiness, laughter, adventure, whatever it is, write it down and begin shaping your life around them.

You have the power to co-create your reality and with the ambitious energy of this Capricorn Full Moon, we are all going to be given pens to write and crayons to colour with.

If you are unhappy with the shape and direction of your life, this Full Moon will also help you to develop the confidence and belief that you need to make some changes.

It may also bring to your attention things that are no longer working for you or self-limiting thoughts that are blocking you from achieving the life that you truly desire.

If life has been flowing smoothly, this Full Moon may also bring some new, wonderful opportunities particularly when it comes to your career or education.

July comes as a reminder that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are.

It also comes as a reminder that when we truly love ourselves and believe in ourselves, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

If you are in doubt about where to turn on this Full Moon, turn within, for that is where all the answers are buried inside of you, like little jewels just waiting to be found.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice (from sage goddess)


Gold Fashion Model Dress, Woman In Golden Silk Gown Flowing Fabric, Beautiful Girl on Stars Sky looking up

What is Summer Solstice

As the passing days grow steadily longer, we prepare to welcome the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year in the North, and the longest night of the year in the South. In Pagan tradition this day is known as Litha. The Summer Solstice is a Divine midway point; it is a portal into the third space, and the great divider of time and space. It represents balance between light and dark, both outside of and within you. Balance is what we all seek, and at the two Solstice points of the year (summer and winter) we are offered access to a doorway in time, one which our ancestors have historically viewed as sacred and holy. It’s not just the season changing; in the North, it is all of nature surrendering to the fire of light, while in the South, nature surrenders to the shadows to welcome back the returning sun.

When we practice magic, we do little more than mirror nature to work with the natural cadence of life. In summer, the drumbeat is deep and strong, pulsing within and through us. The energies of South and Fire bring courage, passion, enthusiasm, fearlessness, confidence, and control. These are the energies of the Solstice.

This year, the Summer Solstice aligns with June’s Full Moon. How exciting is that? I invite you all to join in my June Full Moon Ritual, which will take place on the Summer Solstice and will honor the Goddess Asherah, Queen of Heaven. The last time this occurred was 1948, and there will not be another full moon on the exact day of the Summer Solstice until 2054! This is a special one, beloveds. Honor it. (Visit the Farmer’s Almanac to further explore the history of the moon and solstices.)

What Summer Solstice energy means to me

I feel the Solstice before it comes. I am attuned to its energy, and I feel a shifting, a renewal. A turning of the Great Wheel propelling us forward into a future which holds infinite possibility. It’s a time of great anticipation, marked and honored by our ancestors since time began. To me, the Summer Solstice is a bridge between the first and last halves of the year; it is our wake-up call to get moving. If 2016 isn’t quite turning out the way you intended, this is the time to ask yourself, “What can I do now to change the outcome of this year?” You are steering this ship. Where are you leading it? This is the day to honor past, present, and future.

Do not focus too much on the coming darkness of harvest season; instead, focus on the fire and light which we have in the present moment. Be mindful, be focused, be clear. Summer is the time of celebrating all that will come to fruition during this season of warmth, as days grow longer and our energy is boosted by the warmth of the sun. My Litha Summer Solstice Ritual Kit is intended to help you both celebrate and welcome the summer, to help you connect to sun energy, and the creative growth of this time. Perform your ritual on June 20, as well as the days preceding and succeeding the holiday, to capture the energy in its fullest form. Use it to light the flame within you. The Earth warms to the caress of Grandfather Sun, and all of nature is alive in this moment. The plants, herbs, and flowers are in full bloom, and we see the newborns of spring mature with each passing day.

A Solstice Full Moon Ritual

What does it mean for the Full Moon to fall on the exact day of the Summer Solstice? This is rare, and I believe this is a grand portal of energy, space, and opportunity, opening for you to connect with your deepest sense of Source or God to ask the big questions about your life. Step out in faith, and imagine what is fully possible for yourself in 2016. Dream an expansive vision for your life which, as the darkness slowly returns, can be harvested come autumn to sustain you through the ever shortening days. Use this powerful portal to let go of fears, doubts, and insecurities. Release anger and sadness to the Solstice fires as the full moon energy calls for completion.  Here are some simple tips for a powerful Solstice ritual you can do alone or with a group:

  • Smudge, and open your circle.
  • Anoint yourself with Solstice Perfume, or another ritual blend of summer herbs such as orange, sunflower, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and angelica root.
  • Light your Litha, Summer Solstice, or Full Moon Candle.
  • Work with Solar Plexus Chakra stones such as citrine, honey calcite, or yellow aventurine.
  • Visualize yourself crossing a bridge – the land you leave on one side is what has already been. The land you approach is all that awaits you. The bridge is all that is right now.
  • Ask yourself: What does your future look like? Who are you taking with you into the months ahead? Who or what are you leaving behind? What new opportunities, experiences, jobs, and connections do you wish to experience?
  • Visualize what might come to pass as you gaze into your candle’s flame.
  • Ask the Universe to bring your dreams to life, for the Highest Good of all. Claim balance and alignment on this midway holiday.
  • Close your ritual and circle with the conclusory affirmation “Amen, Aho, and So it is.”

This is a great night to divine what lies ahead in the year for you. Read your tarot, scry in your spheres and mirrors, ask of your pendulum, and see what insight comes to you. Set your intentions on your summer altar, with these Litha tools, to see your dreams come to fruition as the sun begins his journey south.

Solstice blessings,