ocean love



God is pleased when your love realizes
it is part of something oceanic
and begins to move with the whole.
The larger love is more real,
being itself reality.

The love you must enter lives in the Saints
and prophets. It is already the ocean, whereas
most loving still filters through the countryside,
enjoying the passage.

The ocean says, Quit pretending to be clear.
That pretense keeps you from receiving
what I can give.

Your water wants to reach the sea,
but landscape keeps holding it back.

The world is a watery shadow of ocean-love.
That sea of light cannot be contained
in single human beings, so leave fragments,
and be the mountain.

As you become existence,
you will distribute creation,
lavishly blessing everybody.

Hold out your apron to catch what comes
with being in the presence.

Excerpts from rumi’s Ocean Love