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some other new witchy haul items from Starry Eyed Supplies!

  1. “that witch gives serenity” spell cauldron candle


    Designed around the divine message of Serenity; the energies within are for serenity, peace of mind, aiding in meditation, inner thought and discovery, peaceful dreams and sleep, personal recovery and inner peace, helping you to walk your path and discover who you are in a calm and peaceful manner.

  2. starry pillar – Avalon by Starlight

    The “Avalon by Starlight” pillar has been created to take you to a place of deep healing, to be immersed in the healing waters of Avalon by night, reflected in the light of the stars.
    This energy is for deep healing and working with the shadow self, for healing of deep seated illness, memories and negative emotions.

    To aid healing the mind and the body. Can aid with depression, fear, anxiety and pain.

    ‘In the clear cool darkness, step into the lake of Avalon, submerge yourself in the healing water and let all hurts wash from you. Look skyward and see hope reigning up above – the majesty of an inky black sky lit by stars. Hope returns to you as starlight bathes the lakes waters. You are whole and healed once more.’

    Take yourself into a peaceful journey to Avalon and let the whispers of this Sacred lake soothe your soul.

  3. healing salts of Avalon

    These salts have been created to encourage healing energy in all areas such as physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing.  

    The spell salts contain all natural ingredients and are designed to used as a spell within the bath – add to a sachet and pour under running water or simply add a spoonful to your bath.

    The salts have been imbued with a quartz crystal – which is included within the spell salts as well as this beautiful jar that will make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. This large jar is over 500g total weight and will last many moons (depending on how much of the beautifully scented product you add to your bath!)

    Simply soak with these incredible bathing spell salts to find yourself surrounded by the healing waters of Avalon.

  4. meltkin – ‘smudge a smidge’

    Starry Meltkins are beeswax pumpkins with their own individual style and scent.
    These are an alternative to candles, flameless candles that can be melted to give off a wondrous scent and their own magickal intention.

    Smudge a Smidge is a cleansing sensation that has been imbued for purification, healing, cleansing the aura, banishing negativity and embracing positive energy.


from aromatherapy for chakra balancing

How I Use Aromatherapy To Balance My Chakras (And You Can Too)


Aromatherapy is deeply connected to chakra healing, and using the two in concert with each other can be enormously beneficial.

Essential oils are not just a combination of alcohols, phenols, and terpenes. Each oil is also considered to have its own pranic—also called chi—energy, and frequency, and these silent sounds or vibrations make our chakras “sing” again, when, otherwise, they might remain silent or mute. Think of essential oils as tuning forks for your chakras.

Essential oils change our emotional profile and can help charge our energy centers, not just because their sweet smells charm our senses but also because their small molecules penetrate our blood-brain barrier—which otherwise keeps most everything from coming into contact with our neurons—to effortlessly target our brain on a biochemical level. It’s almost like chocolate for the nose.

Never forget the importance of following your nose. Just as we are drawn to certain flowers, colors, and even animals, we are also intrinsically connected to certain scents. The more you dive into the smells you are attracted to, the more clues you will get from your soul about what it craves, what serves you and what does not, and what you need more of to live in line with your purpose.

Experiment, play around, screw up (one day I accidentally covered myself in basil oil instead of sandalwood; I smelled like pizza all day)—and use whichever method ends up being best for you.

Many of the essential oils associated with each chakra overlap, so it may be a good idea to keep notes on which oils and blends you use for each one. Remember that people do react in different ways to essential oils, so it is important to use your intuition and try different blends.

By influencing our emotions through aromatherapy, we bring balance and wholeness back to our bodies’ energy centers, removing hidden blockages, fine-tuning our emotional and physical harmony, and connecting with the scents our souls crave on a deep, spiritual level.

So, oil up, soul searcher!

Create Your Own Bathing Ritual

 I love the blog posts Sage Goddess does – this one resonates with this new year/new moon purifying energy!

How To Create Your Own Bathing Ritual

Everything you need to know about spiritual bathing practices

At the new year, I often talk about creating a fresh start – coming clean and washing away any stagnant energy or heaviness that has built up in our spirits from the past. These concepts conjure images of crystal clear, soothing water, and with good reason! Water is a healing and rejuvenating element that is instrumental in clearing away anything that no longer serves us, making it an ideal ally for these intentions. I have found sacred bathing rituals to be a powerful means for harnessing the power of water magic, and today I feel called to share with you how to create your own bathing rituals to support your clearing and emotional healing in 2016.

Bathing rituals immerse your body in water – an elemental force of magic which creates movement in your world. This force is felt physically but also energetically. Water teaches us to allow all forms of energy – money, health, happiness, relationships, experiences – to flow with ease and come to us effortlessly. Water is the ruling element of the emotional realm, and of your innate creativity. Water urges you to receive, to love, to create, to feel deeply, and to embrace your emotions with a compassionate heart. There’s a reason our bodies ⅔ water! Even the moon influences our physical functions, given the intimate connection between the moon and water.

There are many tools you can use to create your own sacred bathing rituals. You can infuse your bath water with sacred essences like essential oils, bath bombs, or soothing milks and bubbles to embrace the magical properties of plants and herbs. Your bathroom can be quickly transformed into the most sacred of spaces when filled with magical treasures. The flickering light of an intention candle, the soft spiral of sage’s white smoke, and the gentle vibration of your favorite gems at the edge (or inside) of your tub all work in harmony to open your spirit to water’s healing flow. I adore my personal time in the bath, and I know you will too. It invokes the ancient priestess in all of us. I encourage you to invest in personal healing and self-care in the new year with this sacred bathing ritual:

For this ritual I work with my January Month of Magic Bath Set which includes a bath bomb, a body scrub, body oil, and tealights and are scented with my Fountain of Youth perfume. I also use a washcloth and a small cup or pitcher. I have experienced powerful healing from this ritual and invite you to try it for yourself:

Sage Goddess Cleansing Bath Ritual:

  1. First, set a soft mood in your bathroom. Dim the lights and put on your favorite relaxing music (I enjoy Shaman’s Dream Pandora station).
  1. Then, place a tealight at each corner of your bathtub and light them. Start drawing your bath, filling the tub with warm water. While it’s filling, remove your clothing, sit near the edge of the tub and close your eyes. Listen to the rushing sound of the water from the faucet in meditation. Call in the Eater Elemental Spirits to join you in your space.
  1. When the bath is full, drop your bath bomb in the water and stir it in an infinity symbol with your hand, mirroring the cyclical movement of this sacred element. Breathe deeply and evenly as you sense the water passing through your fingers.
  1. Now, gently get into the bath, submerging yourself in the warm, healing water. As you breathe deeply, take in the aroma of the candles and water.
  1. Take your cup and fill it with water from the bath. Then, start a cycle of pouring the water over yourself, wherever you feel needs clearing. Ask Water to wash away any stagnant energies, letting anything that no longer serves you rush out of your energy field with its current.
  1. When you feel your field is cleared, lather your body scrub in a washcloth and gently massage your body. This will clear any remaining energy, and soften your skin!
  1. Take your time enjoying the waters of your bath, meditating on the sensations and visualizing Water surrounding your body, carrying all negativity away from you. When you feel your ritual is complete, send gratitude to Water and your guides for their support. Open the drain and let all the energy you released be drawn down the pipes, leaving you lighter and at ease.
  1. When you step out of the bath, dry yourself with a soft towel and massage your skin with your body oil for a nourishing treat. This oil will seal the work you’ve done in the ritual, ensuring the healing power is held within you. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel heavy or in need of release.

I hope this ritual brings you deep peace and renewal. Self-care is so critical, especially after the holidays, when we often overextend ourselves energetically. I encourage you to explore the infinite possibilities of working with water magic by trying different bath products to serve your needs. I have many beautiful creations in the shop that I am sure you will love, and I can’t wait to hear what magic you experience!

May you enter the year clean and clear,


3 Sacred Aromas To Open Your Chakras & Cleanse Your Aura

Another great post I had saved from MindBodyGreen – link here.

Lavender-scented products used in spa treatments.

Lavender-scented products used in spa treatments.

Whether it’s the smell of soil after a rain shower or freshly cut grass; the enticing aroma of flowers or the misty odor of the sea, there are some fragrances which can suspend us for a moment in time. Sometimes even our imagination takes flight — to our past memories, or sometimes to our favorite place or fantasy.

There are certain aromas that can trigger the release of neurochemicals in the brain like serotonin, helping us heal physically, mentally and spiritually. Aromatherapy works on this same principle.

Since time immemorial, sacred fragrances and essential oils have been used in religious and spiritual sanctuaries to purify the space and connect with the higher self. Aromatic herbs contain vital energy and exceptional vibration, and are key tools to use on our spiritual journey.

By experiencing the relaxing effects of these aromas on our body, mind and spirit, we can begin to access the divine. Add oils to your bath or maybe just soak your feet after a long, stressful day. Get a long, soothing oil massage. Take steam from a bowl of hot water mixed with drops of oils or powdered herb.

You can also use an aromatic lamp or diffuser to receive the calming effects of sacred aromas. Some herbs are even available in the form of incense, and you can make an arc around your body with the smoke, to cleanse the aura. Even the flowers of aromatic herbs are used in spiritual practices.

If applying oil to your body, be sure to do a skin patch test first to check the sensitivity of the oil on your skin. Mostly, oils are used in diluted form. Incense sticks or cones and powdered herbs should be all-natural and contain zero synthetics.

Here are my three favorite sacred aromas to help you on your spiritual journey:

1. Lavender

Lavender is gentle, loving and caring. It is used to gain inner peace and positive energy. It purifies the space and helps in meditation. If you are in need for comfort and looking for clarity during emotional turmoil, lavender is the magic potion. It opens our Crown Chakra as well as aligns it to other chakras.

Hang lavender flowers at your front door or place dried flowers in your spiritual zone for peace, luck and love. Put drops of lavender oil on your temples and the back of your neck to ease headaches. Put two drops on a cotton ball and put it inside your pillow case for a more relaxing, restful sleep. Research shows that lavender fragrance is beneficial in treating insomnia and depression.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is the holy flower of Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love. It is considered an aphrodisiac and hence, good for nurturing love. It is associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Jasmine fragrance is helpful in creating tranquil atmosphere to meditate in, and also for stimulating Kundalini energy, helping us access a higher consciousness. It is believed that wearing it as perfume or carrying the flower with you attracts love and wealth. Adding few drops to the bath before going to sleep is believed to give you future visions in dreams.

Some research shows that jasmine is also beneficial in reducing depression and helps upsurge the positive emotions. Inhale a few drops of oil in water to clear any respiratory irritations. Put few drops in a diffuser to fill your room with energy that lifts your spirits. Have a cup of jasmine tea for calming your nerves, staying young and reducing cholesterol.

3. Frankincense

Frankincense holds the wisdom of universe. Using it calls upon angelic protection and spiritual enlightenment. It has power to cut cords from the negative past and connect you to your divine self. It keeps you grounded. Burn it while doing pranayama breathing exercises.

It’s a miracle herb. It can help fight cold and respiratory disorders, has anti-aging properties, relieve you of menstrual cramps, reduce pain due to arthritis and much more.

There are hundreds of such magical potions. Use your intuition to help you judge which ones suit you best. Make these herbs a part of your life! Let these sacred aromas heal you and enhance your spiritual experiences by raising your vibrations.

I have incense for all three of these – I think I am feeling some frankincense tonight as I do my nightly in-bed reading ritual time!  Any other favorites out there?