10 Ways to Celebrate Lammas

Definitely using a couple of these ideas for upcoming Lammas!

Moody Moons

The harvest has begun, the weather is warm and fall is just on the horizon.

Lammas always sneaks up on me, so this year, I’ve decided to give us all a head start.  Don’t let it pass you by this year—plan something really cool to celebrate!

10 ways to celebrate lammas

Here are just a few ideas to make this year’s Lammas spectacular.

1.  Have a popcorn party.  Make it from scratch and make loads of it.  This is a great theme for a Lammas party if you’re involving kids.  There’s all kinds of nifty crafts you can make with it.  Or, for grown-ups, you can try making one of the gourmet varieties, like Parmesan Rosemary or Gruyere-Porcini.  Lammas is all about the grain harvest, and popcorn is an easy way to highlight this.

2.  Make beeswax candles.   The bees have been working furiously all summer long.  Celebrate their glory!  Beeswax…

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